Thursday, September 8, 2005


Yes it has been awhile....but I keep popping up....Once school started down here, life has become a bit hectic with schedules and projects and homework. I am sure you all get the idea. Well Ophelia is east of me....interesting....hurricane season is getting worse and worse every year. I thought I had it bad last year until I saw the devastation that Katrina has caused those beautiful states. I CANNOT even watch the news anymore because it actually hurts my heart to watch the insanity there.....we donated...and prayers are constantly being said....yet that helplessness feeling remains. Now they are talking about who to blame....... I think there will be PLENTY of time in the future for that kind of politics to jump in...... right now I just wish all governments were doing more....this is just beyond words. Here are a couple of links in case you all feel like donating....


I also lost a friend a couple of weeks ago to cancer....never knew she had it...she was quite brave in handling it....she touched my life with such kindness and I will forever remember her...broke my heart!!!! But she is enjoying the peace and beauty of Heaven!!!

  Okay enough of the sad news....I really need to get my mind on positive things such as: crafts. I have jumped in with both feet into a craft realm called Artist Trading Cards...better known as ATC. This is a type of collage art form of anything you want to use that is made the size of 2.5 x 3.5, the skyis the limit and the possibilities are endless. So I have been trying to keep my head busy with crafts like that ....I guess I am trying to avoid reality but right now I am not able to handle much at all. If any of you are interested in collages and just going crazy with it....let me know and I can direct you to two awesome groups that swap cards and really have alot of fun. There is some GREAT news and that is my puter finally after how many months is fixed....I saved what I could and the puter techs gave me recovery disks to reformat my puter and all is well now. So I have been slowly but surely installing programs and collecting graphics and such like I had before. I am thrilled to be back at my desktop and not on the laptop....Do Not Get Me Wrong...I love my laptop but it is just not the same. Well I have caught you all up on news now....and of course I am off and running to find more digital graphics to use for ATC'S.... You all take care and remember to HUG someone you LOVE