Sunday, May 14, 2006











I just wanted to wish everyone out there...that is a mom, that want to be a want, that are waiting to be a mom, or that are a mom in some way shape or form....

A very very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

May your BLESSINGS be many and your JOY over flowing.


Friday, May 12, 2006









I know, I tend to go missing once in a while..but to be honest-when Allen was away...stressing about being here without him really threw me for a loop. We have never been having to go from tuesday to sunday and not see him had me riding that edge.

He and my son Eric had a nice time visiting our other son AJ at his boot camp graduation. I am very proud of what he has accomplished. He is still at Fort Jackson for his AIT training...his MO is something along the lines of computer personnel...the army gives him a laptop but they told him that if he had his own he would probably be better off because the army's computers are not exactly up to par. He has alot to still go through. This time it is for 12 and a half weeks...but I think he is thrilled to be finished with boot camp.

He said when he gets done training he will come home for a bit so that I can see him...I cannot wait. Now Allen cannot take pics to save his life...not good at all...I was abit annoyed. But I did manage to fix up a couple so that I could show you all.

Above is AJ in one of his dress uniforms...while they were on grounds they were not allowed to smile. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!! So that is why he looks so serious.
But the one below he took of himself at a restaurant and Allen got to get him to smile a bit and relax...

My hunnie said that the family day was a HUGE disappointment, the food and the arrangements and so that put a bit of damper on things. And of course my mother in law was whinning the whole time (my hunnie's words not mine) because she was JEALOUS of AJ spending time with his twin Eric.She tried to make everything about her...drove Allen crazy...and truly had her lil tantrums about everything. I am so glad I was not there for that...WWIII would have taken place. She always puts on these lil shows.

ANYWAY....I am glad my hunnie and son are home safe...they have been working on cars ever since they got back and doing whatever lil things around. They left about an hour ago to go fishing. THANK GOD...they needed to go out and exhaust themselves because they are driving me crazy.LOL

So the wild daughter and I are playing on puters and creating and chatting the night away...and enjoying the peace and quiet.

The day after Allen came home we had to run some errands...YES believe it or not- I actually went out. It was nice...we ate out..and we bought mega dog food for the crew...and stopped by a BIG LOTS store..I found some fun stickers and stamps to play with. Unfortunately I think I did way too much because it took about 2 and a half days for me to stop hurting. My hips and legs were in such pain. One of my doctors thinks it is because I have been on steroids for so long for my lungs that it is eating away at the bone joints..yes a lovely side as a result I just laid back on the recliner and rested..sitting at my puter was just too painful.
But at least I did go out and for that I am so grateful. No anxiety attack, no regrets.

Well...Just wanted to catch you all up on my lil news..I shall return...
Remember To Be Good To Each Other!!!

Thursday, May 4, 2006






Of course I am still here....Just feeling totally exhausted. Again sleeping my life away. Geez... I like to sleep but this is getting ridiculous. ANYWAY... as you all already know I am extremely agoraphobic....well that being said...change is not an easy thing to deal with...more so. hunnie and son are in South Carolina waiting to go to our other son's army boot camp graduation. I so wish I was "normal" so I could have gone...but fear has gotten the best of me. So with my hunnie gone...of course that change in my life schedule and him not here to run interference for me...leaves me totally stressed out. The anxiety attacks are out of control right now. He is not here to answer the phone or door or check out whatever is going on outside. My daughter is here...but she is in school all from 6:30am to 2:50pm...I feel crazed.

Okay...onward...I finally got my daughter to take some pics of the angel statue that her and my hunnie gave me for Mother's Day!!! I absolutely love it:

I think she is beautiful...if I get a better picture I will upload it...but for now this one will have to do.
Have you heard about the wild fires happening around here? Again fire season is on the rise...they have been closing and opening two major roadways here for the past two days...hopefully the fires will stay exactly where they homes have been affected (tho it has come close) no one far just alot of brush has burned.

I have read some journals that post 10 good things....I think I am going to try that next time...I actually have to think about it. I think it would be a positive thing for me to definitely post 10 good things on a steady basis...make my mind think upon happy thoughts...

Well I hope you all have a TERRIFIC thursday and remember to be kind to never know just how much that may heal them.