Wednesday, December 31, 2003


I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very HAPPY and JOYFUL and PROSPEROUS New Year. I truly HOPE that all your DREAMS and WISHES come true. I think at this point in my life I need to make some serious New Years' resolutions and keep them..I am falling behind in everything. Hope to hear from all of you soon!!!! PEACE ALWAYS

Thursday, December 25, 2003


I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very very Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Glorious New Year. Family has shown up and of course life is crazy but everyone is having a good time so it is well worth it. Dinner is cooking and everyone is doing their lil part so I have the day off-best gift ever. I hope that your home is filled with as much love and warmth as mine...thank you all for making a difference in my life and being apart of it- PEACE ALWAYS!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2003


I thought that I was already having quite the insane week.....but nooooo someone up there has a great sense of humor. Last night my son decided to take my van (the only vechicle we have running) to the corner store to fill it up with gas. It was a surprise. But the surprise was on him because the transmission went totally out on it. Yes you heard it here first...we have NO VECHICLES... I have to laugh because if I do not I will wind up crying... I truly think Christmas is going to be a bust...we have not even gotten anything for our kids...our kids know that money has been tight and they have asked us not to get them just use the money to pay what we have to...I have some incredible kids...but that really is not Christmas for them. Well I am hoping all this gets straightened out by tomorrow, the stress is starting to get to me. hunnie's mother and sister are coming up for Christmas (OH JOY) So that will just make the holidays even more stressful and insane for me. I know I have to be understanding...but I just cannot take the mistreatment of my kid from them anymore. Now the good news is No dogs have escaped ... or dragged me around the house .. or attacked anything-so this is a good sign. The even better news is that I have a son who lives up north and he has taken a surprise trip down here to see his lil sister (my daughter)-so she is all excited about seeing her big brother and spending some time with him. I am thrilled for her-she really needed this in her life. Okay-I have bored you all enough with my lil family stories so I will sign off for now and catch you all later---PEACE!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2003


WOW...counting down to Christmas and I am definitely not ready yet. It seems like I just cannot get it together enough to get ready. Well the flu is still running wild here. It seems like someone starts feeling well one day then it is twice as worse the next day.  I feel bad for my kids because this is a terrible way to spend the holidays. Have I mentioned yet that the dog saga is not over with. Yes it can get worse... now the other female pup and the grown female dog are both in heat. Well I cannot take all the hormones flying around this house. Our male dog is going nuts...and he is definitely not easy to calm down. But what would a day be like without something insane going on at my house. That is why I keep a journal I think. I just have to write down all these incidences so that I can look back and say WOW I survived all that...LOL. Well believe it or not I have not gone to bed yet and it is about 6 in the morning I am making this one short...I am falling asleep at the keyboard. But I should be returning-hopefully just to write about borning things...LOL I really do not think I can take much more excitement.  PEACE!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2003


I have discovered that if I did not know me I would think that these entries were made up...but nooo I do know me and my life simply is a soap opera. When it rains it pours. The newsest scoop is the lil guy (my nephew) came homefrom school on thursday happy as could be because they handed out gifts to all the kids. So he was in heaven. But after being home for about an hour or so, he complained about his left side hurting the minutes went by it was hurting him more and more. Now he is in tears...finally he lays on his stomach and goes to sleep. I wait until his mother gets here because I have no idea who his doctor is and I have no authorization to get him medical treatment. I called her at her office but alas she was gone...three hours later she decided to show up at home. God only knows where she was and I was thoroughly aggravated. We told her what was going on with the little one and she took him to the hospital. I tried to tell you that I thought it might be a gas pocket and get him to drink some 7-up. BUT nooo she does not want to listen-she wants to make a show of everything and runs off to the hospital. Well NINE hours later and the kid is fine. The doctor said "he probably had a gas pocket- next time give him something like 7-up" Well of course that threw her for a loop because I was right and she kept that baby up all night long. They did not get home until 6 in the morning. Now friday he woke up and is sick as a dog. I have no idea what came over him other than being in a waiting room for that long with so many people who had the flu. He has no voice left and is totally stuffed up. Needless to say I am not happy with his mother and I had nothing to say to her all day...I think she got the hint I was upset. Well...that was enough adventures for me. I am done with the excitement. My daughter and one son also woke up I think this Christmas everyone will be in bed...well that is different-PEACE!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Hi Everyone--yes it is me and I am back...I do apologize from the bottom of my heart...sometimes when things are chaotic I tend to withdraw. It is a bad habit of mine that I am trying to improve upon...but I would like to THANK all of you that leave such GREAT messages for me under my entries and another THANKS to those of you that wrote to me reminding me to move my is so APPRECIATED. Now Believe it or not I have been trying to write this entry for two days and everytime I do-I either get kicked off or an error I am hoping that it goes through this time. Well now life here has gotten totally out of hand...the company that is staying with us (remember?) well alot of issues are coming up and alot of conflicts. It is causing life in the house to be awkward. I am trying to resolve all this asap but I am afraid my hunnie will lose his cool before I come up with something. Anyway.... we are officially down to one vechicle-and this is causing alot of rescheduling and shuffling around. More chaos. Hunnie is off for the next two weeks (THANK GOD) I love having him around 24/7. So he is working on his bronco to get it going so things won't be so nuts. Like I said I love having him around but the only negative thing is that another one of our puters has bitten the dust. Right now we do not have the money to get it fixed. So now my hunnie is sharing mine and that is cutting into my online time...THIS definitely adds stress to me. My puter is one of my major contacts to the outside world because I really cannot go anywhere unless it is highly preplanned and well prepared. The best news is that my daughter who had my first grandchild sent me pics.... as soon as I figure out how to scan with this darn machine I will post the pic...that was the BEST christmas present I could have ever gotten. More later--PEACE!!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2003


WOW...I must apologize to all you wonderful friends...I am sorry I have not been around. I have allowed the insanity at my house to get the best of me. It has been really stressful and the only way right now that I can handle it is to keep to myself and just hide. I know that sounds so FOOLISH for a person my age..but the more I worry the more my muscles tighten up in my chest and the harder it is for me to breath with my lousy hiding is the next best thing. Please forgive me...and if you ever want to check on me just email me...yell at get back on the ball... sometimes everyone needs a push. Anyway...another car incident-like I have had enough already-we are down to one vechicle. My hunnie's truck that he just got finished fixing is dead. Yes I said it...with all the vehicles in the household junkyard and now everyone has to use my van...oh lordy!!! Just to add a lil spice to of my sons got a job-I was so excited until he told me that it was to deliver pizza. He needs a vehicle for talk about playing musical cars--it is getting a bit too much. Wait I can even top that one...for two nights in a row..our 5 rotties have gotten loose...we did not realize that they had dug a major hole under the fence and are causing chaos in the neighborhood. Not they are not attacking anyone or anything...they are just barking like mad when they see other dogs. Of course this does not happen during the day when no one is sleeping---NOOOO it happens at 2 or 3 or 4 in the morning. Needless to say it was not fun looking for them and I am not a happy camper with them right now.--Hopefully I will have more time later to write more about everything--PEACE!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2003


Finally the holiday is over and all has returned to normal more or less. I really thought this thanksgiving was going to be quiet but I was wrong. My hunnie's daughter from his first marriage came for the holiday.... she is 15 years old....and a delight to have around...I just love this child. Well my hunnie had to drive down south to pick her up...about a 3 hour trip. While he was down there-his sister asked him to fix her van.(his sister and mother live near by the daughter). Well one thing turned into another and the van could not get fixed totally because the sister bought the WRONG parts. So he told him when he brings his daughter back he will fix it but she needs to get the right parts... LONG story short again wrong parts were bought... return trip that should have taken no more then 8 hours turned into 36 hours and AGAIN our vehicle had to also be repaired while he was down there...something about the universal joints...but don't ask me.... I was too worried about them. Again another adventure concerning cars and it is slowly driving me crazy. BTW--the sister's van got fixed and so did hunnie's truck. But it all just made the holiday end in insanity. As for Thanksgiving itself...we had a GRAND time together....lots and lots of eating and picture taking and FUN and laughs and tons of hugs and more was PERFECT. I hope everyone else's holiday was grand also. More later----PEACE!!!!