Thursday, August 28, 2003


Sorry to say folks.... I have been quite under the weather and it is quite difficult for me right now to sit at the computer and do anything. I have only been getting on long enough to delete email and that is it. I am too tired and frustrated with being sick at this point. I do not mean to bring anyone down. Just being honest. The week has been slow here. Trying to keep ahead of the homeschooling aspect of life here. That has not been too bad...just alot of research. I hope to be more lively soon. I hate feeling sick and worn down but that is where I am at right now. I hope everyone is doing great. I promise to write more another day.  PEACE!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Monday was a quiet day. One son came home sick with a headache and stuffed up head so I guess now that cold is going around. Allen went and bought things to redo our bathroom tiles, he has never done this kind of stuff before so this should be interesting. I, on the other hand slept. At about noon time for some reason I felt totally exhausted and could not for the life of me stay awake and sure enough I went to bed and slept all day and night. It felt wonderful and was well worth it. I guess my body knew it was tired and finally gave up the ghost. All else went well, so that is a blessing... hopefully the rest of the week will be quiet and uneventful. PEACE!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2003


The weekend is finally over...Truly nothing exciting has happened over the weekend. The nephew and I have been sick with a cold so that was a bit of a drag. Also it has been raining all weekend here.... some of the storms have really gotten bad. So that did not help much. Well I will say that for the first time I sent one of my sons to the store with plenty of money and a grocery list. Well first I must explain that I do all the grocery shopping because I am always looking for a bargain. When you have a household full of people and friends dropping by for the weekend you definitely need food and other supplies. WELL for the first time I really am not feeling up to par to go shopping, just tooo sick and so I sent my son. He just got his license and loves to run errands. Sure enough he did a SUPREME job. Wow now I can send my kid to do grocery shopping and avoid all the hassles. He did so well, I am shocked. Also he is the same son who just made the varsity football team at his high school. So now we are all going to order School Spirit Jerseys that look like the teams' practice jerseys to go to games and act like fools and cheer on the team. WOWOWOW a place to legally be silly. Works for me. Well that is the news from the weekend, hopefully this weekend will be filled with good news too.  PEACE!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2003


Finally friday is here...I could use the break from the week of schedules and school and everything else that has happened. Still feeling abit under the weather. The storms here have gotten a bit hairy with alot of tornado warnings in our area, but I guess that is par for the course. The kids are all doing their own thing, it is keeping track of everyone that can age a person. Allen is still trying to fix up our motorcycle so that we can take off. This has been a long process, and expensive, but I just keep thinking of those long midnight cool breeze rides and I tend to hold on a little bit longer. I have dozens of different projects going on at one time and yet it seems I cannot catch up or get anything complete. Procrastination could be the main problem but lack of motivation sure fits in also. I think I am getting punchy with the spurts of lil sleep I have been getting. I am sure that does not help either. Hopefully this weekend I can get a bit more organized...yea right-like I would know what that would be like. Well enough of my babbling- I feel an attack of sarcasm hitting so it's best I end this entry here.....PEACE!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Again I am falling behind in my entries but to be honest nothing has happened here at my end of the world. Kids going to school, all is quiet, no major catastrophies have broken out so I guess we are having a very successful week here. I took the plunge and downloaded aol 9.0. It is very difficult from all the other versions of aol but I am enjoying it. I am still trying to figure out how to use everything but I am having fun. There is so much to do in emails now and Im's hopefully it will be for the better. I really have no big plans for this week. I am still under the weather and staying awake has been a battle but it is so typical of my life now since my illness started that it is not unusual for me. What is sad I guess is my family is also very used to seeing me sick and not being able to do the things I used to do that it is just taken as the usual. I can never be the same and they know that so we have all changed our lives around that fact. Well enough of a downer..... hopefully I will have more things to talk about tomorrow.     PEACE!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2003


Sunday was extremely quiet..I slept most of the day ... really not feeling up to par. Thanks God the kids are old enough to keep themselves busy and love having Anthony around to play with...they adore having their cousin here. Of couse in the evening things became slightly hectic because everyone was concerned with getting school things organized but it went alot smoother then it did last sunday. Things were more in their places. When I am not feeling up to par...and I get that exhausted feeling, I tend to miss the entire day but that is nothing new in my world. Well.. I am sorry there is not much to say..that is what happens when I sleep and I miss all the action. PEACE!!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2003


Yes I know a day or two are missing.... very very tired at this end, I am still tired but I wanted to write what has happened this weekend before I forget, my memory is not what it used to be. Allen managed to work on his motorcycle all weekend, he is trying to get it all revved up so that we can go riding late at night. That is our favorite time because traffic is minimal and the air is cooler. Hopefully this weekend he will wind it up, who knows. Anthony had to go with his mom to the doctor to get his updated shots. That of course was not a pleasant experience for him and it turns out he had to be held down. Now he is aching but he seems to have gotten through it.The house got picked up a bit so that is a saving grace. The kids have been doing their own thing, riding their go karts or scooters or vechicles that they are fixing up. Of course I slept through most of this, I just cannot seem to stay awake long enough to get anything accomplished. Allen and I a couple of weeks back went to goodwill - we love that place looking for whatever we can find, and sure enough I came across these brass looking goblets, very very heavy so we got them because I have alot of brass items. Allen this weekend finally got around to cleaning them and they came out SPECTACULAR. They are so gorgeous and have beautiful detailed work on them. I am thrilled of course. Well I guess that is all the exciting new, ....PEACE!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2003


WOW....... Thursday was pretty easy to get major problems or techinical difficulties so that is a good thing. Allen and Crystalyn and I too Anthony out yesterday morning at 7:30 to catch his bus... of course you know that I had to take pics of that..... he is just tooo cute waiting for the bus and getting on...the steps are bigger then he is..Anyway-after the day was done no one was in the mood to deal with dinner so we decided to go out last night to our favorite restaurant which is called Hong Kong Buffet...we got there so often that everyone that works there knows is pretty funny. We all stuffed ourselves and came home and mellowed out. The kids all watched movies and such and I just tired to do much of anything. Like I said no major problems and a great evening spent with the family-just like I like it. PEACE!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2003


Okay..... my kids are growing like weeds and I thought I was past all the little elementary life things of school...well now my cute lil nephew just started school and yesterday was his first official day....what a trip. His mother got him all signed up and he was assigned a teacher and brought to his new classroom and then all HECK broke out.... he threw himself on the floor screaming and calling out for my daughter and dragging his body on the floor. It was a sight to be seen. But I received no phone calls from the school and he came home on the bus for the first time and did great! He loved the bus and all the whole thing of school. He loves his teacher and the kids and could not wait until today to do it again. Lord-a major fit for no reason...that boy sure knows how to use up energy. Other then that- the day was quiet and all else went without incident so that is a saving grace. I hope you all are having a great's raining here-PEACE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Today started off on a great hunnie came home from work and decided he wanted to take me out to breakfast...WOW no kids, just hunnie and I and peace and who could turn that down. So off we went and it was wonderful. Even if we did not have anything else to say at some point the silence and just the presence of only us was wonderful. I think I will keep this man...he is just full of wonderful surprises. We then decided to take care of some banking needs instead of waiting at the end week so that way we were ahead of schedule. Then we decided to stop by walmart (my most favorite store in the world) and pick up a few things in the area of food so that we were set for the week. It was nice because no kids were there to chase us down and ask for a million and one things...I loved it... and of course Allen actually went and got some groceries for me to help out...I think he enjoyed it. Everything went great and we were in the car when I realized that I did not have my cellphone... I knew exactly where it was...on the electric wheelchair I used to get around the store...well the love of my life being the wonderful man he is chased that chair all over the store and an elderly man had it....the man was laughing because he could not figure out where the muscial tones were coming from. He was so sweet and I truly Thank God that it was found..... those lil phones can get way toooo expensive. So off to home and much to our surprise no kids were home....WOW-the whole house to ourselves...I thought I was dreaming...we put groceries away and enjoyed the quiet and watched a movie in our bedroom and fell asleep to the peace and quiet....until the chaos came storming in around 8 pm.... everyone came home at the same time...WOW... talk about waking up to reality... but it was worth the joy of the peace.... and I missed my kids (ugh-what am I saying). Well of course the rest of the night was getting dinner ready and everyone catching up on news and getting ready for tomorrow. I am exhausted just thinking about it. I have no idea what wednesday will bring but it was a WONDERFUL tuesday!!!  Peace!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003


Finally monday is over! Well two kids off to school and two at home. My daughter kicked butt in completing alot of work..I am very proud of you. My son who is being homeschooled decided he was going to do his own thing until I told him I was not giving him credit for the day for any work and then he panicked...I think tuesday I will see different results from him. The day consisted with alot of running around and picking up one son from football practice and actually getting lost on the way..that just added to my day-thank God for cellphones. The same son made some absolutely delicious homemade chili for everyone... wow everyone just pigged that was a treat. Tuesday I have alot of small errands to run that will just eat up time but hopefully I can get them all done in the morning. Too tired right now to write much more...PEACE!!!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2003


Well sunday got pretty much out of hand. For those that do not know, Florida starts school in August... acutally the 11th to be precise. We start early because we end early and also our hurricane season goes on until November 1st... so we start early for those reasons. So all day I spent the day running around trying to get things organized for school starting. Allen jr and Crystalyn are going to be homeschooled so that is taking up 90 percent of my time doing research and such. And then Eric is going to his last year of high school and joining fall football so there was a ton to do for that...on top of the typical paperwork. And Anthony my lil nephew is starting school, kindergarden... of course his hair had to get cut and his name had to be put on everything and special clothes had to be bought and supplies and of course... no matter how much I planned ahead during the summer the best laid plans of mice and men has hit. So it was a mad rush with laundry and finding things and completing paperwork and getting homeschool set up and you know the drill.  So my sunday was jumping.... Have I mentioned yet that I have yet to go to sleep... that is right folks... I am flying on pure adrenalin and I just know I am going to crash soon. Once the school schedule pans out and we know what each kid is doing I think I will be okay... Until then coffee has become my best friend. Well until the next time I can sneak a few minutes away...PEACE!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2003


Another day bites the dust....I could not for the life of me go to sleep at all during the nite....noooooooo I have to wait until daylight after 11 in the morning for sleep to finally hit me. Well sure enough I slept the day away. However this time around I woke up with some extra energy... I decided I was going to tackle my aol email problems and my daughter's room (ugh!) So I decided that before I call the dsl company and everything else I would try to log onto my account through my daughter's computer and see if it was accessible...well sure enough it was it has nothing to do with the dsl like the AOL TECH said... it has something to do with a corrupt file of my screen name..... so I knew I had to uninstall and reinstall AOL on my puter. But before I get to that part I decided I was going to check my mail on my daughter's computer since I was already there....well that gave me a chance to keep on her and tell her where to put things and what to pick up and things to vaccum...well i guess you got the idea....well NOW her room looks hot... we fixed up the futon like a sofa and that is exactly what it looks like no longer a bed.... and I cleaned up her puter area putting things away and now it is all organized... and she put all her new mini teddies and porcelain dolls on the shelves all nice and organized.... WOW I can actually feel like hanging out in there....LOL Well that went on for 3 hours... she hated me being in there but LOVED  the results I think she feels it was all well worth it. Then I came back to my puter and did the thing with AOL.... it seemed like it took forever and I reinstalled and now my mailbox works great. I am so excited I don't know what to do.I want to jump for joy but with my luck I would hurt myself. Now the downside is that I was unable to save any of my paint shop pro tutorials or my poems...which breaks my heart... but I can always start collecting again... I am trying to look at the bright side.

Have I mentioned yet that I collect business cards... that is a story in itself but I did get new business card trades in the mail so I was again very excited. Crystalyn and I belong to a postcard trading club so today we got our first 10 trades.... we were both too excited and this really is becoming alot of fun. PEACE!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2003


WOW...another week has bitten the dust. Not much to talk about from my end. Allen Jr went for some job interviews, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that he gets something. Eric had alot of errands to run and of course he begged me to use my van... boy that child just has to show me those eyes of his pouty and I would give him the world. But don't tell him. Crystalyn and Anthony straightened out her room (I just about had a heart attack) and Anthony was so proud that he could figure out how to use the vaccum cleaner. I bought her new posters for her room and she is really starting to pull her room together. We are slowly changing the look from a lil girl to a teenage girl.  She has gone for that 60's look and really it is coming along great... when it is all done I will take a pic and post it here. We bought her a bunk bed but the bottom part is a futon sofa... and the top is a definite bed... it really looks wonderful in her room and the bed sheet set is in that 60's psychedelic look...lots of bright colors and all. She got a new bean bag chair with the same pattern which is perfect and the posters she picked out are 3-d type. The room is really nice. I wish I had a room like that when I was growing up. Allen woke up with a vicious headache so he slept alot longer then usual today. Once he gets one of those headaches he just cannot function. Of course the typical storms came through so that prevented any online time.Well nothing more really has happened... Just another day in the neighborhood... today I tried to write and be creative but I am kind of in a stuck mode so not much gone done there. I am working on my scrapbook albums for xmas presents so they are coming along nicely ... I just have to get alot more done on them.

Hope I did not bore anyone at this point. Peace!!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2003


Thursday was dull. I slept most of the day, my sleeping schedule is really off because of my medications and all. Allen worked all day on my motorcycle and the Eric has his sports physical for fall football.  Allen jr discovered that his puter crashed so for hours he sat trying to get it running, unfortunately it has to go to the tech guys...they think his motherboard got fried. Crystalyn watched Anthony (my nephew) who is five all day and that is a full time job on its own. But she took him bike riding and playing outside so it wore him out. Allen jr did pick up his scooter from the repair shop so he is happy camper as far as that is concerned. He thrives on being able to ride around and go where he wants.

I was able to get on the puter earlier then usual but my hips and joints eventually got the best of me and I had to get off. After sleeping for a bit I have gotten back on because I just had too many tags to make for several groups I belong to. So as you can see the day was dull. I think on friday we will try to get to the grocery store but that all depends on everyone's plans. With 2 18yr old boys-food quickly disappears. I vote that they get their own refrigerator and stock their own food...they are killing me with the grocery bill.  And trust me no one wants to know how much I spend on groceries.

Well i guess that is all the news that is fit to print...see you all next time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003


Just wanted to keep track of what we have been doing here in the sunshine state. The summer storms are preventing me from getting online until VERY late. This really is getting to be a drag, we have lost our electric at least a dozen times in the last week. The weathermen around here claim that august is the worst time for storms... I can't wait... Today we were under a tornado warning .... it did get bad here but we are fine of course. I think the storm aged the dogs but we are all fine. We decided to go out to dinner with the electric going on and off it makes it almost impossible to cook at home.

Allen worked on my motorcycle...yes you read it right-I own a motorcycle.. it is a site to see honestly, but Allen is the driver - I am just the happy go lucky passenger that can't seem to get enough speed. He is working on the carburators so that we can go out riding in between storms if that is at all possible.

School starts on monday here (thank God) so maybe things will settle down a bit more. All else is good and I am fixing to head to bed and hopefully sleep. Thanks for reading my journal-PEACE!!!!


The week is slowly moving along... so far my friends who have written to me about my lil journal online have given me positive feedback so I guess this is a good thing to do for now. Well Today it just stormed away..there was no way I could get online.  So I slept away and I am still tired but I really need to eliminate some email. I tried to access my email and sure enough aol stops responding, well I went back and forth with aol tech and it turns out that there is some sort of gliche in the system and it is affecting some email boxes. Unfortunately one of those mailboxes is mine.

I must have stayed with aol tech for over two hours. Finally one of them told me about the gliche so there is nothing anyone can do and I am stuck. I can access my email account from the internet but it takes alot longer and is a bit more complicated that way.  But at this point I have no choice.

For those of you who know about my illness, suffice it to say I have been going through some rough moments the last couple of legs are so swollen along with my ankles that the pain becomes unbearable at times. But the good side is that the oxygen is helping with the breathing so I guess it is a nice trade off. I just wish at some point the docs could stablilize me because I feel like such a test guinea pig at this point.

Allen (my hunnie bunnie) got tonight off because he worked overtime during the weekend so they flexed him out. So it is nice having an extra night with him around. We ordered out pizza and just watched movies tonight and enjoyed the night together. Everyone was home so it was really nice and no chaos which is my favorite part.

Well as you can see my life is just so ordinary but it is fun trying to keep my friends and family updated as to what is going on in my life. See you all on the flip side. Peace

Monday, August 4, 2003


Well Yesterday turned out to be different from the ordinary routine.  I never slept yesterday..... not really feeling very well and so as a result I stayed up all night watching old movies and playing on my faithful puter... Around 8:15 in the morning Allen (my hunnie) called and said for me to get dressed and be ready for when he got home from work because he wanted to take me out to breakfast. What a TERRIFIC surprise. So I got ready, and we were off. We really took our time eating and talking and just enjoying the fact that there were no kids and all was peaceful. 

Afterwards to stopped by the tag office so that Allen could renew his car tag.... we were about 6 days late doing that. Usually there is always such a LONG wait at that place especially on a mondays but we must have hit it right because we were in and out in less then 10 minutes. That was a pleasant surprise.

Then we had to stop at our drug store to pick up my medications. Just way tooooo many pills to take but I guess they are sustaining my life.  So I will just keep taking them. Allen and I figured out that because I won my lawsuit against the state and workman's comp.... that now they are paying at least $1,000 a month on medications for me.  And just think they have to do that for the rest of my life.... I think it is a perfect ending to a miserable 3 years of fighting with them.  Maybe some other day I will go into what the lawsuit was all about.... right now my eyes are drooping and I know I will never stay awake long enough to write about the whole three yeasrs.

Well by the time we got ankles were the size of big oranges and the pain was unbelieveable...just another side effect of the meds I take.... so I came home and have been sitting in my recliner in my puter room vegging out in front of the t.v. and writing. Really not feeling up to par to do much else.

Of course living in the sunshine state during the summer time every day we experience wild storms....well yesterday was no different and the roads flooded in my area and that cut off any puter time I couldhave gotten...... so now it is 2 in the mroning and the storms have finally settled down and now I have a quick chance to go thr

Sunday, August 3, 2003


WOW!!!!!! THIS IS GRAND. I always wanted to keep an online journal and now here is my chance...... sometimes I am missing in action for a while and this will be a great way to let everyone know what is going on with me and in my life. I love to write about anything and everything and I have been keeping a personal journal since I was in 10th grade in high school.... which is over 20 years ago.  I love to write down my thoughts and feelings and news and quotes that I come across and opinions about things going on around me and in the world... this will be a great chance to do it all. I do hope that you enjoy reading my entries.... and if you have any comments please please feel free to leave your comments in the appropriate section.... just do not be mean! But honestly works best.

Well enought babbling for now..... this is going to be great!!!!