Monday, August 11, 2003


Well sunday got pretty much out of hand. For those that do not know, Florida starts school in August... acutally the 11th to be precise. We start early because we end early and also our hurricane season goes on until November 1st... so we start early for those reasons. So all day I spent the day running around trying to get things organized for school starting. Allen jr and Crystalyn are going to be homeschooled so that is taking up 90 percent of my time doing research and such. And then Eric is going to his last year of high school and joining fall football so there was a ton to do for that...on top of the typical paperwork. And Anthony my lil nephew is starting school, kindergarden... of course his hair had to get cut and his name had to be put on everything and special clothes had to be bought and supplies and of course... no matter how much I planned ahead during the summer the best laid plans of mice and men has hit. So it was a mad rush with laundry and finding things and completing paperwork and getting homeschool set up and you know the drill.  So my sunday was jumping.... Have I mentioned yet that I have yet to go to sleep... that is right folks... I am flying on pure adrenalin and I just know I am going to crash soon. Once the school schedule pans out and we know what each kid is doing I think I will be okay... Until then coffee has become my best friend. Well until the next time I can sneak a few minutes away...PEACE!!!!!!!

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