Wednesday, August 6, 2003


Just wanted to keep track of what we have been doing here in the sunshine state. The summer storms are preventing me from getting online until VERY late. This really is getting to be a drag, we have lost our electric at least a dozen times in the last week. The weathermen around here claim that august is the worst time for storms... I can't wait... Today we were under a tornado warning .... it did get bad here but we are fine of course. I think the storm aged the dogs but we are all fine. We decided to go out to dinner with the electric going on and off it makes it almost impossible to cook at home.

Allen worked on my motorcycle...yes you read it right-I own a motorcycle.. it is a site to see honestly, but Allen is the driver - I am just the happy go lucky passenger that can't seem to get enough speed. He is working on the carburators so that we can go out riding in between storms if that is at all possible.

School starts on monday here (thank God) so maybe things will settle down a bit more. All else is good and I am fixing to head to bed and hopefully sleep. Thanks for reading my journal-PEACE!!!!

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