Thursday, January 29, 2004


Yes here they are...the newest additions to our home...6 puppies that are winning everyone's hearts. They have their tails cropped (part of the breed), and they eat like horses. So very very cute.  Unfortunately their mommie is a puppy herself. She is doing a GREAT job. Perhaps later I will take a pic of one of the puppies upclose and personal. My son gave me one to hold that was crying alot and this cutie decided to suck on my chin until it fell asleep. Just melted my heart. Now if any of you are interested in a pup--let me know... they come from a very loving and protective line of dogs... Okay enough of the sales pitch...I just thought you might want to see the new additions. That makes 11 dogs now.... trust me I have lost my mind... we are going through 40 pounds of dog food every 2 1/2 days... that is incredible. Well have a nice day and I will check in later--PEACE!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Okay then...I am much more calmer now then the last time I wrote. I am finally getting things in order...The other day I had a major blow out with my hunnie's mother. It has been building up for quite some time. I am such a private person in so many ways and I definitely do not like others to interfere in my life... like they are running it. There is a difference between being a friend and giving advice VS interfering and trying to run a person's life...well it all came to a head. "Betty" has a huge habit of coming out slick and making comments like she runs things. Well  she made a comment about me being some kind of Queen of Sheba in my house...and that is what put me over the edge. The lady is nuts--I started yelling and going off...I think I scared the hell out of her... I do not care. She invited herself up here and brought my son who was visiting her...he was suppose to come back 2 weeks ago but she knows better and wants to be the one to set his life straight..because she knows better then us. She filled his head with God knows what...and truly setting him against us. I have a great respect for people and in their is their house their rules... well this lady cannot seem to understand that concept. My son is 18 and does not listen to any advice we tell him...well he has dug himself a hole and is quite in debt... my hunnie and I believe he needs to settle his problems here and get himself together before he moves on with the next step in his life... she does not see it that way. She has caused alot of grief in this house... BTW--my son is doing things our way... Disrepecting people in their own home makes me sick. Well Now she is writing to me all nice and lovie and I really do not want anything to do with sounds terrible but I am not going to set myself up for any more incidents.  PEACE!!

Sunday, January 25, 2004


Again..I have lost touch with everyone. I am sorry...too much has happened in my life and I do not even know where to begin. I am going to list the major news and hopefully this week I will get to it all..No Guareentees..I have no idea where I will be at emotionally. Okay--here we go: **one of our puppies had puppies-6 more dogs are added to our zoo, **Mother in law and I had a major blowout, **Homeschooling board tried to throw my daughter out of program, **Still No Vehicle, **Major anxiety/panic attacks have overtaken me. I really am a bit lost right now...what scares me is before I ever became ill I was a very strong willed very self assured individual- now I can barely hold myself together...this is crazy. I truly cannot stand not being in control of myself and making things function around is lucky if at this point I do not sleep the days away. Hang in there with me friends- I am trying to get on the right track. PEACE!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


WOWOWOWOW today is my baby's birthday...yes the lil guy has turned 6 today. I cannot believe how the years have flown by and how much he has changed. His personality is just booming out and really taking shape...he has a GREAT sense of humor and a very compassionate heart. He can have a temper but with time and alot of attention that seems to just about disappeared. Well I let him stay home from school today... NO ONE should have to work or go to school on their bithday...and he is no exception. It is his special day and he gets to call the shots and do what he would like (of course within reason) and dinner is his choice. The pic above is him with this teddy bear that my hunnie gave him...of course they both have to be wearing hats - it is the only way to go. His mother did not argue with me over him not going to school-she knows I will get my way and since I am raising him-I make the rules-LOL. Hopefully this will be a day that he will remember...also when money is tight...we try to make it up in other ways. PEACE!!!

Monday, January 12, 2004


Yes...I am here...okay then...before I forget to say this-I know that a couple of people have asked about getting animated pics on their journals--I think I do have directions finally to do that. If you want them PLEASE email me and I will send them to you...if you have any questions....PLEASE feel free to email me again and I will help you out as much as I can. WHEW--that is a relief-I have been meaning to write that message for awhile now and I keep forgetting. Believe it or not-the car saga has not ended-we are still trying to get one car on the road. It has been an incredibly LONG process and expensive..and I think it has added a great deal of stress on our household. ANYHOW... Have I mentioned yet that my mother suffers from ALZHEIMER'S. It has taken quite the toll on my father and has basically destroyed what a GREAT marriage they had and has really fallen on my shoulders because my mother only talks to me. Of course when she is "lucid" she is great-the mom I remember-but then there are times that she becomes EXTREMEMLY paranoid and angry and nasty and then I have to play referee. Well some things came to a head this past week- my father was more then grouchy and took his frustrations out on me--so of course my hunnie became ticked off and decided to settle things and then pointed out to my father that my mom has been calling me accusing my dad of remarrying and how she wants me to follow him and so on and so forth. My father said he had no idea all this was hunnie said for him to open his eyes and figure out what is going on in his own has been really terrible for me to be in the middle and trying to make everyone feel ok and I just cannot do it anymore. So this new year has started off with some spice...I know it has got to get better---LOL well more on the sagas later-PEACE!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2004


Well I guess I am off to a rotten start in keeping any kind of new year's resolutions. I really thought I would hold out longer-LOL. Okay--first I want to wish you all a very very Happy Three Wisemen Day. My family is spanish and we have always celebrated this holiday...this is truly our christmas. I remember growing up and spending about 6 weeks every winter in Puerto Rico during the Christmas holidays... of course we would not exchange gifts until Jan. 6th. The legend there goes that you put a bit of hay under your bed and a bowl of water. This is so you are offering food and water to the camels that are carrying the Three Wisemen to see the baby Jesus. In the morning the hay would be eaten and the water bowl dry...and you would find gifts loaded under your bed..these gifts were left by the three wisemen to thank you for taking care of their camels. I always loved that tradition...I used to do it with my kids-but now it does not go so easy with the hay thing--but in our house we very much still celebrate the holiday. Growing up we never took down christmas decorations until after the 6th. I have such great memories of those times. So I do hope that today especially brings you many special blessings. Okay...still life is getting way too chaotic here-the kids finally went back to school today--THANK GOD. I love having my kids around but it seemed that this winter vacation was going on forever. We are still down to just my puter so my time has been very limited on it-which is bumming me out. Also believe it or not--we still DO NOT have a working vechicle. This has been insane and trying to fix a car to make it road worthy is not an easy task. It really has taken a toll at our house but hopefully (fingers crossed) by the end of the week-something will come together. Alright I do not want to bore you all with tooo many of my sob stories all at once but it felt great getting it off my chest. I hope to catch you all later- PEACE!!!