Friday, February 27, 2004


It is finally friday and now everyone in the house can relax. It seems to have been a very hectic week and I do not know why... It is quite late and the house is so peaceful... the boys are out with friends doing whatever it is 18 year olds do (please do not tell me-I love being naive to it-LOL) the other two are sleeping and hunnie is playing on his puter reading. He is a reading fanatic. I thought I read alot but he takes the cake. My father and him share that passion. I usually read inspirational books and such...I take alot of notes and such...just a habit I have always had...but he reads all kinds of books and can never get enough. However he will tell you if we were both reading the same book...I will have it read in a day and a half and he needs at least 5-7 days...I read extremely fast. Just another habit of mine. This morning my hunnie had to take me to the doctor--another one of those monthly appointments that I dread but have to do. I think I was seen for no more then 5 minutes and received my refill prescriptions and I will see you next month. So short and sweet worked for me. Actually the only reason it is so short is that they are still trying to find a combination that works for until then that is all that happens. Next tuesday I have to take my hunnie to the oral surgeon... he is having problems with his jaw so this is not going to be fun-and it is on my birthday so that is a bummer. Then next wednesday I have to go see the lung specialist for my monthly check in... Okay...... now this is the LAST LITER I am going to be mentioning...because EVERYONE is getting fixed....The third female dog we have gave birth last night to 7 pups..UGH!!!. That is it...puppies are great to play with and watch and cuddle but I can not take it no more. Thank God I think we have all these going to good homes also. WE ARE NOT KEEPING ANY. I already have 5 dogs and they are a trip in themselves. Today they got their tails cropped (trust me it does not hurt) and the mom seems to be taking GREAT care of that is the good part.Well let me get these pups fed... before I go to sleep...catch you all later--PEACE!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2004


Ah finally happened-one of my sons has received his first ticket. I just know it flipped him out and he will not admit it. It is $80.00 and came home handing it to his dad and I. I grabbed it and handed it back and said good luck paying it. He looked at me like I had 4 heads. I think the boy really thought I was going to pay for his ticket. He is out of his mind. He was speeding-going 60 in a 45 and then tries to convince us that the policeman has to be wrong because when he looked down he saw he was going 55 (still over the speedlimit). He is such a goofball. He has 30 days here to pay the ticket. I wish him luck. Both my boys have these huge egos like they are perfect drivers and do everything right and we keep telling them that they are pushing their luck and sure enough one got nabbed. I am just waiting on the other son. Who has a heavier foot then the first one. So this ticket became a major discussion the rest of the night. Also the same son just discovered that because of a speeding ticket-insurance rates are higher for him...he does not have his own insurance yet but he is in for a major surprise-he thought it was high before - he has not seen anything yet. The only good thing that has come out of this is that is does not receive any points on his license-so that is good. Perhaps I am truly blessed but I have never received a speeding ticket...never any kind of ticket. I have been driving for 27 years. Now all of a sudden the boys are dumbfounded how that could be possible. I told them I have never pushed my luck in matters like that. Well now that a hard lesson has been passed through the house- I do have to mention another thing about the puppies...The two from the first liter are doing GREAT...they are true fighters. Well when they play with Anthony (the nephew) they think he is a jungle gym. It has provided hours of entertainment because the whole thing is just too hysterical. He also thinks that they are his new playmates. He has these long conversations with them. Just tooooo much. Okay last but not least- ALL puppies from the second liter have found homes...THANK we just have to wait until they get to be 6 weeks. Thanks to all of you that inquired about them. PEACE!!!

Monday, February 23, 2004


The best kind of surprise........ I know you all remember that last september I became a grandmother for the first breaks my heart that I have not been able to physically see her yet but hopefully daughter as a wonderful surprise email me the MOST recent pic of my baby. WOW was I thrilled. She must look like her daddy because I do not see my daughter in her-except maybe the nose. She is just too cute... I think her hair color is changing which just cracks me up but I don't know why. The impish grin definitely melts my heart. So I just wanted to share my joy with all of you.

Today it seemed like the day went on forever. The weather is changing way too drastically here and now again my daughter is really sick with high fevers and all. I wish it would just settle down-the weekend was so chilly that we had the heat on and today was so HOT that we are the AC on. I think my own body is confused. Tomorrow we are suppose to meet a trucker lady that is taking the first two pups. She is way too excited but I think that is grand. So tomorrow they are going for their first car ride...then on friday she picks them up permanently. They just started solid food yesterday so I think they should have a couple of days to get used to it. Well it is time to feed the pups so I will check in later-PEACE!!

Sunday, February 22, 2004


This weekend went by all too fast for me...just when I started relaxing it is already time to get things going. Have I mentioned yet that I am obsessed with taking pictures with my digital camera. My hunnie bought me a Kodak DC4330. I absolutely love it. This lil camera is so cool that it also takes short time video. WOW...I am amazed. If I ever figured out how to upload the video and send it to others I will let you know. There is a setting that you can take pics of moving objects and the objects are not a smeared memory. It really is awesome. I am hoping that the flowers start blooming so that I can take more pics. Inside the house no one is safe from my camera. But by now everyone just expects me to show up taking some cute snapshots of everyone. I really cannot get enough. Now I know I have mentioned before that I have a photoblog at another site...but I thought I would mention it again for those of you that have never seen it.... It is pretty cool-at least to me... it is called MY POINT OF VIEW if you go please leave a comment to let me know what you think about it. Now I have started another journal which is totally different from this one- it is an inspirational journal that will include poems, quotles, stories or suggestions of websites that have touched my heart and soul and hopefully will do the same for you... PLEASE stop by there and again-leave a message and tell me what you think about it. It is called ANGELS HAVE TOUCHED MY HEART Well I am going to go watch the finals of the show so until we meet again--PEACE!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2004


Alrighty is the long awaited picture of our newest liter-10 pups. Yes to me they look like long black worms of some sort but they squeak like lil pigs. In this pic they are around 36-48 hours old. Now they do not have any tails..they have been cropped. (No it does not hurt them). They are true blue rottie pups. So far we have three spoken for-now only seven more to go. Anyone Interested??? Did I mention they are free to a good home--hint hint. Okay then-they weekend obviously is here and again the lil guy is sick. It just seems to hit him at the wrong time. So we have been dealing with that on top of feeding the last two pups from the earlier litter. I do not think I have mentioned yet that we have had to hand feed the other two every 4 hours since they were 2 weeks old because all the others died. They are absolutely adorable and have been spoken for and are now just starting to really thrive. They love picking on each other and are now teething so our fingers have become new chew toys. LOL. Next Thursday they turn 5 weeks and they will be going to new homes. It will be truly sad to see them go but I am thrilled at the people who are taking them. They are BIG animal lovers and both are truckers and where looking for another companion to travel the open roads with. Is that not the life of riley for a dog or what. These people even have a special seat set up in their cab to hold the dog so that they do not get banged around and are secure. They also have the same vet as each other and this vet now wants one of our pups and she prepared these elaborate welcome home care packages for the lil ones. WOWOWOW... they are really going to be spoiled- I love it. Okay then-- I am trying to get into the creative mood to get some projects finished but it seems to be quite difficult-anyone have any suggestions. Please share them with me. I need to go chase pups and feed again--PEACE!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2004


WOWOWOW!!! What a grand surprise...I just found out through a comment left in my journal that I made the top five editor's pick list....go figure--that is truly nice. I have no idea why they would pick my journal but I am really pleased. I look forward to finding out how people feel about my journal. Now on for the daily news--The other day--our oldest and most loyal rottie gave birth to 10 pups..yes you read that right--10pups. I could not believe it. We still have one more dog to go to have pups but this is crazy. The two left from the first liter are hanging in there. We have had to hand feed them for the past week because that mother dog is not doing her job--we think it is because she is too young. I will put up a picture later of the new pups... personally I think they look like a bunch a fat worms but that is just me..I pretty much have had my fill of dogs.. Now I do have a question that I am hoping someone can help me out with- It seems that everyone few months or so my email seems to disappear. The dates remain but the sender and subject or not showing up...this is driving me crazy...I have spoken to AOL more times then I care to and I have tried everything they have suggested. The only thing that seems to work is that I uninstall and reinstall AOL. Now that is getting to be a pain. So if anyone else has experienced this please let me know what can be done- I would be forever grateful. Now I have to go back and feed some lil pups so I will check in later.... BTW--did you all hear that the new journals beta testing starts today at 2 this afternoon. This is going to be exciting... PEACE!!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2004


First I want to wish each and everyone of you that are kind enough to stop by for a look see a very loving Valentine's...I could not email or do anything on my aol for the past couple of days-especially email would take at least a solid 5 minutes for an email with no pics or anything to go through and then it would not let me send any more mail. I also could not upload or anything so that is why I am abit behind. I do hope that you all had a day filled with LOVE. It is too bad that people have to be reminded to love those around them. I mean my hunnie and I are always doing something for each other or sending each other love notes or surprising each other with whatever. It could be as simple as buying a cold soda just because to buying something that they have had their heart set on...or just finding a poem that says so much or waking each other up by telling each other how much we love each other. I know not everyone is as blessed as I am--but I surely wish everyone was. I think true real love makes people live longer-makes people healthier-makes your soul abit more free-makes your mind live in total I guess that is getting pretty mushy but I hope you all know what I am trying to say. Because of my illness I try to tell my family how much I love them and how much they mean to me every single one guarantees tomorrow so I act as if we only have today. It has taken me a long time to get to this point in my life- but I truly believe I am a much better person for it. Okay--Now if you all leave a comment (which I absolutely treasure) please leave me the url to your journal and/or website so that I can list it on my journal...I love exchanging links. Well I think I am going to go play with puppies ..I will see you all later--PEACE!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Last night was just toooo funny. My hunnie got his cpu back finally from the puter techs. Well he was loading up all his music that he was saving and started playing some wonderful old songs from the 50's and 60's. Well Hunnie and I started dancing in our seats...singing along, the lil one-Anthony started dancing in the room for us. It was just hysterical. We must have done this for about an hour. Laughing and dancing and singing along. Now that was a nice family night. Now our kids are very used to doing this because that is how we raised them. Well Anthony has fallen right into the same mode and we all love it. He has absolutely no inhibitions which I think is grand. More good news is that the three puppies that are left are really doing well. They are now wobbling-trying to walk. WAY TOO CUTE. In a couple of days I will take their pics and show you all how much they have grown...we have also found homes for all of them-which is a great relief. Two have been named. One male will be called Cujo (now that says alot) and a female will be called Sammy Jewel. So we bought collars for them and have been using them names all the time so that they get used to them.  Okay enough cuteness...right now I am watching my favorite show-Law & Order and smelling a wonderful candle that my son bought for me today. It is heavenly--what a good heart the kid has-he definitely knows how to make mom happy..LOL Well I will stop the slobbering here and get back to my show. Enjoy the evening--PEACE!!!

Monday, February 9, 2004


Sorry folks.... I am still here... to bring you all up to date-the inmate that escaped was caught less then 48 hours later getting picked up by his girlfriend at a mall. Well that is all the excitement I think the prison can It has been a rough bit of a I told you all-one of our dogs had puppies...well this past weekend 3 pups died. We have no idea why-or what is going on with them. It broke my heart to hold them until their time was up. We tried everything-but nothing worked. It was a terrible thing to go through and we all were broken hearted- hopefully the last three will survive. Also big changes took place with my sister in law (who lives with us). Much to my shock and surprise-she showed up friday afternoon after a day of running around and handed me a month's mortgage payment. I could not believe it. She said she wanted to help and take a lil of the pressure off of us. (because we are two months behind). I could not believe it. I was SHOCKED. I am still shocked. I have no idea what got into her or why she was so generous but it was a great surprise coming from her. WOW- God really does work in mysterious ways. She also paid off her car, so that is a huge amount of pressure off of her. She even had money left over to get her car abit upgraded with some special lil things. I am really happy for her and it seems at least for now that she is trying to get herself together. So as you can see it has been a definite rollercoaster here at the old homestead. BTW**Lanny** thanks for worrying-it is nice to know that others care!!! Okay I guess this covers all the major news happening here- oh BTW I was thinking of starting a journal of inspirational poems, stories, quotes and such that are sent to me or that I find around.... I already run a newsletter like that but I thought I would make a journal of it...what do you all think? Okay... gotta go check on the pups..PEACE!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2004


I am sure you all know by now that I used to work in a state prison before I became disabled. If not, the short end is that I was an institutional counselor and did the psychological testing on inmates coming into the state system in order to process them to the appropriate facility. I loved my job...loved the people I worked with and I enjoyed meeting others from a variety of places. Now working in a prison with 1,500 men does not phase me in the least. I guess because I know that every day I can walk out the gates and they cannot. I never had an ounce of fear because they can definitely sense that. Honestly there was nothing to fear. We received inmates that had more then a year and a day to serve up until life. The only inmates we never saw were those sentenced to death-they were taken directly to the state prison that the death penalty is done at. I guess I should start filling you all in on my adventures at the prison life..I am sure you would get some laughs at least from it all. Today I just wanted to point out that an inmate has escaped from the facility I worked at. He apparently (they suspect) walked out the front gate like any other person because he had gate priviledges. Well there has been a mad hunt for him every since...he is not seriously dangerous but I just cannot believe there was an actual escape. My hunnie works in the confinement unit (solitary confinement) so he does not have alot to do with what goes on, on the open compound..but I tried to call him last night at work and the institution is not allowing any phone calls in or out because of the escape. I know he is going to be caught...they always are... inmates are not known for their high intelligence and they make mistakes (that is how they get caught)... but the entire atmosphere and such changes at the prison and the roads around it. We live about 15 miles from the prison and every day now they are doing road searches here... they have a feeling he is heading out towards the east. Why would he want to escape with only 11 years to do and he only serves 85% of that--now he will receive at least 6 more years. If they catch him I will fill you all in... my son's high school that is about 20 minutes west of us was locked down today because there were rumors that he might now be in that area... I just find it all very interesting--PEACE!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2004


WOW--that was truly a exciting superbowl game. I am a football fanatic and that game kept me on the edge of my seat starting half way through the 2nd quarter until the last 4 seconds. CONGRATS--out to the New England Partriots. Yesterday I thought I was in heaven with all of the football pre game shows and analysis and so on...I was getting high on football overload... now I just have to hang on until next august to get my next fix. (LOL) Anyone else see the half time show... Janet Jackson showed way toooo much for me. Personally I do not think it was all that appropriate because of all the young kids watching..along with the guy who was tackled when he started streaking. It really was never a dull moment. That game is going down in history books. Of course we pigged out on buffalo hot wings...and soda and chips and dips...and it was a great way to spend time with the family. Now there was a major blow out between one of my sons and my sister in law. It was really bad and got physical and now alot of hurt feelings are going around... hopefully after a few days of cooling off everyone could come together in some sort of compromise. Have a mentioned yet that the weather has been absolutely lousy here...rain rain rain and that icky cloudy look along with alot of fog. Just makes for a miserable day. Okay...I have to go play referee again so I will end this madness here and return later...Oh BTW...Happy Ground Hog's Day.... he saw his shadow-6 more weeks of winter..ugh!    PEACE!!!!!!