Tuesday, September 30, 2008


OKAY - I have my blog space saved at BLOGGER - so here is my link:

CRAZY LIFE - make sure you click on follow me so that I know how to find you and then I will know that you have found me!! Please let me know where you are going - I do not want to lose touch with anyone!!

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Well I wish I was writing this entry because things are getting back to normal but they are not - AOL IS CLOSING HOMETIME AND THAT INCLUDES JOURNALS.

I am extremely ticked because I have no idea how to save all the words that I have written over the last 5 years....I have saved every single journal that I have written since high school - yes that is alot of clutter but I cannot let go of all those thoughts, ideas, feelings that I put down on paper - now after 5 years of an online journal - all my words will disappear - as of November 1st.

I do have two other journals that I have tried to maintain....(they say that your aol journal might be able to be migrated into blogger) (which is another blog company) I have my art journal there...it is easy to use like AOL - I also have a journal with wordpress which adding things on the sideboard is not as easy but I like it....

FINDING MYSELF---my art journal

A MOTHER&DAUGHTER PROSPECTIVE---a journal I started with my daughter that is VERY similiar to this one - but I might start another blogger journal to migrate this one to if I find out that is possible - hopefully using the same name...

So those are my two blogs - PLEASE PLEASE save them to your favorite places or emails or whatever - that way we do not lose touch - ALSO PLEASE email me with your new blog address so that we can stay in touch PLEASE.....

What is making me really crazy is that - my pictures are stored on AOL - not the hometime ftp they are in AOL PICTURES....rumor has it that they are closing that too....DAMN - that was my backup....so now I have to figured out where to back those up besides my external hard drive and sorts.

I am okay folks - it has taken me a long time to come back and unfortunately it does not look like I am coming back here - GEEZ - I did write a brief update about myself at my prospective blog, Here is the entry MOTHER & DAUGHTER...I will tell you that they highlight is that as of Jan 25th I quit smoking----I have been smoking since high school so that is EXTREMELY big for me - I am sure it also helps with my COPD but I just woke up one morning (seriously) and no longer wanted a cigarette, and have not looked back...never craved for one - nothing...the daughter has started college - which is a whole other world - one son is working in the regular world in tennessee and the other son is still deployed but he came home for a visit in June - which was grand.

Allen was so "inspired" that I quit smoking that he quit two months later and he also has not looked back - so these are GREAT things!!!

If anything changes about where to find me - I will definitely let you all know but PLEASE do not forget to EMAIL ME your new blog address and send me what email addresses that I can reach you all at....I do not want to lose touch with you all that have stayed in touch....

BTW- this might be okay because I recently found out that my EX has been reading my journal - wish he had the balls (yes I said it) to just be upfront and tell me - but alas who am I kidding - he always had to be sneaky...too chicken to write or call - has to sneak around to find out news....some things never change!

Well I have to go see about saving my pictures.....PEACE~~~