Saturday, April 29, 2006


Again from Celeste's Journal.....this is fun!!!!

You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!


Again.....another interesting quiz from reading Celeste's journal


The political description that
fits you best is...




CENTRISTS espouse a "middle ground" regarding government

control of the economy and personal behavior. Depending on

the issue, they sometimes favor government intervention

and sometimes support individual freedom of choice.

Centrists pride themselves on keeping an open mind,

tend to oppose "political extremes," and emphasize what

they describe as "practical" solutions to problems.


The RED DOT on the Chart shows where you fit on the political map.

Your PERSONAL issues Score is 70%.
Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 60%.
(Please note: Scores falling on the Centrist border are counted as Centrist.)

Thursday, April 27, 2006







SOME GREAT NEWS....we received an email from the company commander where my son AJ is stationed...and he said that my son passed a make up pft test so he is graduating. YAYAYAYAYAY...I am so very happy and proud of my hunnie and my other son will be heading there next wednesday (i think)..for a couple of day is family day and then the graduation and then they get shipped to their next training center. Hopefully hunnie will take some grand pics of the whole thing and I will share them here as soon as they get home. It is all a huge relief for everyone, I am sure for my son also ... we have not heard from him but I know he has got to be thrilled. my hunnie has been going fishing with a couple of friends that used to work at the prison where he is...They usually go on saturdays...late night. I am so glad my hunnie is involved in it...I think fishing is a great outlet to just relax and chill. So Here is a pic of the first time he went out...he came home at around 3 in the morning.....happy as all get out.

That is a 15 pound Black Drum....I have never heard of a black drum until that night. After he was done cutting and gutting...we had enough fish for three is delicious. The darn thing is so big it did not even fit inside our large cooler..

I hope he goes as often as possible...he really loves to fish...and these people he went with are super nice and happy go lucky.

Well honestly I do not have anything else to write about...nothing interesting going on... Nothing is going on. Kind of moving in slow motion lately...not getting much done...but what else is new?
Take Care all....Remember to DREAM BIG.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006


You Are Sunrise


You enjoy living a slow, fulfilling life. You enjoy living every moment, no matter how ordinary.
You are a person of reflection and meditation. You start and end every day by looking inward.
Caring and giving, you enjoy making people happy. You're often cooking for friends or buying them gifts.
All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.

I saw this at Celeste's Journal and tried take the quiz!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006








BELIEVE IT OR NOT....I actually went out on read it here first. My hunnie took me out to eat at our lil favorite chinese food restaurant called Hong Kong Buffet...we have been going there a very long time...great food...all you can eat...especially on the crab legs...yum yum.

When we left the restaurant it was after a bit of a rain storm ...did not last long..but my daughter decided to take pics of the sky with my camera phone...she said that this pic looks like God opening up the door to heaven so the angels could go play:

Here is the sky as it was clearing up...

Before we went to eat I asked my hunnie if we could go to GoodWill...I love that place..even tho I do not get to go often...I just love finding stuffies. I actually made the suggestion to go somewhere...and was willing to face other I know I have lost my mind...LOL. No really....I found a couple of great old books to convert to altered art and some grab bag of findings such as pins,buttons,beads etc that you would use for altered daughter found some awesome t-shirts that had great sayings on them....finding t-shirts with sayings is a big thing at her school...the cooler the better...or funny ones, or ones that have a profound message. So she was a very happy camper...and my hunnie found a couple of pairs of jeans...he loves to find jeans so he can use them to work on cars and such. Oh and I found a photograph poster by Ansel Adams (one of my favorite photographers) I just love his is in a beautiful frame...$3.00....BIG SALE on such things on saturday we made off like bandits. Then we went to was really nice....then it was off to walmart (wally world). We were in desperate need of groceries and such. My hunnie and daughter MADE ME buy some shorts for myself...I have not bought shorts in my shorts are shredding away from so much I got new shorts...yayayayay!!!

That particular walmart store must be getting rid of stamping and scrapbooking stuff...because it was quite barron compared to what is usually there. You know those BIG carry alls for scrapbooking that have wheels at the bottom so you can take your scrapbooking anywhere...well they were on mega sale...from over 50 dollars to 20 so my hunnie surprised me and put one in the cart for me...God you gotta love him...

Hunnie picked up some small tool stuffies he wanted...maybe that is why he got me the scrapbooking bag..hmmmmm...that is ok...he does tools like I do crafts so I am ok with it.  Then he and my daughter disappeared for a while....while I was checking out the shorts...when we met up again...they had this fairly big statue of an angel and her harp is is my mother's day gift. WOWOWOWOW...I was spoiled...the angel statue is just so the perfect gift for me....I absolutely love it...we have it outside on my big gorilla planter stand that my son gave me a couple of years ago...that also is a statue...they are right at the corner of the front door...daughter dearest is going to take a pic for me and I will post it when I have it uploaded. Then we were off to get groceries...lots of good food to eat...and then off to pay for then I was feeling stressed out.
Panic set in and I just had to go back out to the car...I think it is because I have to use a wheel chair to go through walmart...well saturday was rough...people making comments and such...people jamming in front of me and so I just had to get away...I only had to wait a bit...then we were off to home. Except for the end...I did have a nice time...and was extremely spoiled in the process...a win win day. LOL

My son left today back down south...he said he had to take care of some things. Like getting insurance on his car and stuffies like that. The son that is in the army did not pass the pft...he has one more chance before we will see what matter what I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished.

Well I think that is enough of news before I bore all to death.
Smile at everyone you see just may make their day better...


Saturday, April 22, 2006






Again I am here...I even surprise myself. Yesterday in the mail I received a great surprise. A letter from my son AJ (the one in the army). Well I thought it was a letter but it was was his picture framed in a calendar...just too cute...what a wonderful surprise. So of course I have to share it with everyone else...I am so very proud of him. I have to tell you a bit of background on him joining... He had to lose over 100 pounds in order to enlist. He did it all on his own in about 6 months maybe less. He looked like a scrawny scarecrow when he came to visit before he went in. I thought he lost the weight too fast...but he said he was fine and I just accepted it. NOW...there is a problem... He has to pass a pft (personal fitness test) in order to graduate...well he has absolutely no muscle tone or strength in his arms because in losing weight so fast he has made his muscles only as strong as a baby's..believe it or not. So he is suppose to graduate on May 5th but he cannot do the push ups needed within 3 minutes. So we do not think the graduation is a go...I am still hopeful but it does not look good. here is his pic:

My lil baby...LOL looking good!!!!
My heart really goes out to him. We will see what happens.

The other son is still around visiting...still has the attitude...but now his father is getting sick of now he is mellowing out. Allen has a higher tolerance level then I if he is getting annoyed it must be bad.

I wish I had a lot of exciting news to write about but I don' life is pretty mondane and boring. I hate just rambling. I am hoping that I find the motivation to work on more Artist Trading Cards....I just love to do mini collages but just when I think I can sit down and work on it....the motivation is gone. Does that make any sense? If you are interested in checking out a GREAT forum for this craft can go here: ARTIST TRADING CARDS
Please feel free to check it DO NOT have to be an "artist" ... you just have to have an interest in making lil cards that are collage really is fun and theraputic and you get to exchange cards with people from all over the world...

Okay now...the temperatures are rising here in the sunshine state...ugh!!! It has been in the 90's for the last couple of days and is continuing through out the weekend...Lord the heat is getting worse each year or I am becoming less We have been under red fire zone alerts for just about two months now due to no rain... at least not in my is just DRY...fires popping up all around.

Well I do not want to bore you all so I will sign off for now....hopefully I will return soon.
Remember to HUG someone you LOVE!!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006






I do not think that I mentioned yet about my birthday presents. First my girlfriend Marilyn created a webpage for me and made me LOTS of signature tags and just made my day very special. I already told you what my son Eric did... well my hunnie had plans himself.

He asked a friend of his to borrow his motorcycle. We have several but the one we use to go "riding" is an 1100 goldwing. But right now we have to get the carburators fixed on has been through alot. My hunnie's friend has an 1500 goldwing fully loaded. It is a beauty.....Here is a pic

This bike was absolutely awesome to ride. My hunnie had it all planned out. We like to go riding starting around dusk. It is cooler and less traffic. This is when we are just going to drive with no destination in mind. Well we were off...and drove for hours and hours....First we went out to dinner...yes I actually went out and we ate a delicious steak dinner...and just talked and talked and laughed. Then the riding began and it was absolutely theraputic for both of us. My hunnie and I dream of the day that he no longer has to work and we can just take off for a few days whenever and ride. Now the only thing we were not counting on was the temperature dropping so much. We did manage to freeze...but we stopped at a diner and thawed out and drank great coffee and had cheesecake (my favorite) and did more laughing. When we were riding we came across TONS of was bike week here that weekend so it was wonderful seeing and talking to other bikers. We left the house around 4 in the afternoon and came home around 2 in the morning. I had such a grand time...and I will never forget that wonderful feeling of freedom...the skies were clear and just jammed packed full of stars. We saw LOTS of deer and wild hogs on the side of the road...absolutely beautiful. The whole thing took my breathe away. We hope to ride again soon. Just wanted to share that fun time with you all.







Okay...TODAY I feel okay to write some more. My son Eric has been visiting us for the last 10 days or so...he is staying with his best friend a couple of houses away...I love the fact that my children are pursuing life the way they see it... but lately I am getting a bit annoyed with my son. It is a terrible thing to admit...but we have always had dogs...I love our pets... they are a part of our family. But my son Eric has become very rude and nasty towards our pets...claiming how much he hates them all and so on. I will not write exactly what he said word for word because it disgusts me...but my philosophy at this point is...if you do not like it here not let the door hit your backside on the way out. I have noticed what a holier than thou attitude he has ... like how we live or what we should be doing...go figure...this coming from a kid that cannot keep a job longer then 2 months...because he feels he knows better then everyone else. If he ever wanted to tick me off he has... it is better he just stays at his friend's house for a while.

Well that felt good to daughter went out today to fill out applications for a summer job. She is so cute about it all. I really hope she gets a job..I think it will do her a world of good to get out and make some play money for herself.

My hunnie got the results back from cat scan. They found two things: Nasal ferengeneal cyst, and definite signs from the blood vessels in his head that he has been suffering from severe chronic migraines for a very long time. So they are sending him to two specialists (a neurologist and a ENT) so I guess more tests and more waiting.

I have met many people who are agoraphobic and suffers from the same illness as me and such that I decided to start a healing and support forum. It is called PEACEFUL MOMENTS I hope you all will at least check it out.....and PLEASE feel free to pass the link on to others...I would so appreciate it.

I have also discovered in my time away that people I thought were friends...were only friends as long as everything was superficial...BUT if me being sick interfered then they were gone. It really has sickened me to know that there are such people out there. I have come to discover that I have a handful of friends that are WONDERFUL and really have gone out of their way to be there for me. I have three friends from high school that we are still in touch...after 28 years--we still keep in touch and they are so down to earth and true to themselves. I also have this GLORIOUS friend Marilyn that I met online many years ago... that has been a true light in a very dark tunnel. She has done her utmost to make me laugh and feel like I am not blessed can I be.

Next time I hope to have some pictures uploaded so that I can show you all some more stuffies about life here....I think I am going to go rest for joints are starting to hurt. Remember to HUG someone you LOVE.


Sunday, April 16, 2006









Hello One And All-

Yes again I disappeared...somewhat intentionally somewhat in despair...I needed timeout for me...I do not know how long I will be about...I wanted to write today for alot of reasons which eventually I will get into...but I felt sort of lonely today and thought writing might help. I have been doing LOTS of thinking (I know you all could smell the hair burning) and I have also been trying to deal with me and the world around me. It does sound so dramatic but it is true. Perhaps I have been on a self pity party...but at this point I am tired of being strong and trying to stay positive for appearance sake.
I have had so many ups and downs...and just when I thought it would be ok to come back and write some more...I could not. I could not find the courage from within to sit and write what was going on in my head because I did not understand it - I still do not understand it...but TODAY I am more accepting of that. It has taken me this long to accept that I am down...depressed and not the same person I was before I became ill. I know that I am tired of trying to pretend that everything is ok because it isn't. I have not been to the psychiatrist since January...I just cannot get myself to conjure up enough courage to go just to be seen for 45 seconds for him to say, "How are you?" and me say, "The same"...and then he writes out the prescriptions for another month. I just cannot do it....I am being kept drugged up and nothing is working. I am not getting any better...but he is getting paid a pretty penny or two for those words of wisdom. I know I was getting worse because the thought of taking my own life invaded my mind 24/7. I am just tired of the pain and tired of being me. But TODAY I am that is saying alot.

A very nice lady that I met through one of the groups that I belong to committed suicide friday when her husband left her. That kind of woke me up abit...I never think of my hunnie and my kids because the devastation I feel from the pain and hopelessness seems to push those thoughts away.
But TODAY I am I am going with that feeling for as long as it lasts.

I turned 46 on March 2nd. The best gift I got was one of my sons (Eric) called me from his job and sang Happy Birthday to me...that was just so awesome...the year before he forgot my birthday so of course he had to do something I would remember for sure and it worked. There is a quote I saw that said: "I am not 40 something, I am 39.95 plus tax" Now that I can live with...LOL.

I have been working abit on my artist trading cards...I am finding that it is a bit theraputic. I also have been writing alot of poetry and making more scrapbook I am keeping busy somewhat. My twin boys turned 21 on March 28th. that made me feel old. My son AJ (Allen jr) is in the Army and is graduating on May 5th. My hunnie is going to the graduation and taking pictures...I just cannot go...too much fear for me. After graduation he has 12 weeks of training in whatever field it is he has chosen and then he gets to go back home. After that we have not heard anything. My son Eric is getting ready to enter the marines or army...he has not made a definite choice yet. I guess he is waiting on the best offer, sort of speak. I am sure by the summer he will probably be entering in the armed services. I only wish the best for both of them. They seem to follow the same is interesting to say the least. My daughter has been dating a cutie...very nice young man. He is just head over heels for her and treats her like is too cute. She has about 6 weeks of school left and then she out for the summer.Here they get out of school around the third week of May....But they start school one week into august.

My hunnie is doing good. He has been suffering from severe migraine headaches for quite sometime now. They have been trying different kinds of medication on him to see if they can find a combination that works. He had a cat scan done last thursday so we are waiting on the results from that. Keep a postive thought for him. He is still working in corrections...but only has three years left I think until retirement...I cannot wait for that. The state has become a very political place to work and just the back stabbing could drive someone to an early grave. I cannot wait until he is out of that insanity.

Presently we are redoing our dinning room to make it into our computer room...we need more space and I want to add a crafts table with my computer so that everything I need is right around me. It is a slow process here but it is coming along. At least we got rid of alot of junk so that is something.

My parents are doing ok living down south. I have not been to their place yet. My daughter spent days there (spring break) and she had a great time. Of course they spoiled her...but she is their life. My brother and his family and my sister and hers invite my parents to all sorts of activities so they are keeping them busy. I am glad that at least my parents are spending time with their grandchildren and great grand children...they needed that.
Well I shall be much to say and not enough time to say it in...
Take Care Dear Friends