Tuesday, April 18, 2006






Okay...TODAY I feel okay to write some more. My son Eric has been visiting us for the last 10 days or so...he is staying with his best friend a couple of houses away...I love the fact that my children are pursuing life the way they see it... but lately I am getting a bit annoyed with my son. It is a terrible thing to admit...but we have always had dogs...I love our pets... they are a part of our family. But my son Eric has become very rude and nasty towards our pets...claiming how much he hates them all and so on. I will not write exactly what he said word for word because it disgusts me...but my philosophy at this point is...if you do not like it here ...do not let the door hit your backside on the way out. I have noticed what a holier than thou attitude he has ... like how we live or what we should be doing...go figure...this coming from a kid that cannot keep a job longer then 2 months...because he feels he knows better then everyone else. If he ever wanted to tick me off he has... it is better he just stays at his friend's house for a while.

Well that felt good to vent....my daughter went out today to fill out applications for a summer job. She is so cute about it all. I really hope she gets a job..I think it will do her a world of good to get out and make some play money for herself.

My hunnie got the results back from cat scan. They found two things: Nasal ferengeneal cyst, and definite signs from the blood vessels in his head that he has been suffering from severe chronic migraines for a very long time. So they are sending him to two specialists (a neurologist and a ENT) so I guess more tests and more waiting.

I have met many people who are agoraphobic and suffers from the same illness as me and such that I decided to start a healing and support forum. It is called PEACEFUL MOMENTS I hope you all will at least check it out.....and PLEASE feel free to pass the link on to others...I would so appreciate it.

I have also discovered in my time away that people I thought were friends...were only friends as long as everything was superficial...BUT if me being sick interfered then they were gone. It really has sickened me to know that there are such people out there. I have come to discover that I have a handful of friends that are WONDERFUL and really have gone out of their way to be there for me. I have three friends from high school that we are still in touch...after 28 years--we still keep in touch and they are so down to earth and true to themselves. I also have this GLORIOUS friend Marilyn that I met online many years ago... that has been a true light in a very dark tunnel. She has done her utmost to make me laugh and feel like I am not alone..WOW...how blessed can I be.

Next time I hope to have some pictures uploaded so that I can show you all some more stuffies about life here....I think I am going to go rest for now..my joints are starting to hurt. Remember to HUG someone you LOVE.



onestrangecat said...

I lost friends when I first got depressed.  The one that said she would be there for me wasn't.  It is hard to have an illness and have your friends just fall away.

I'll check out your new forum.


boiseladie said...

Sometimes, some tough love is in order with these "adult" kids.  I hope things work out soon with your son.  I know, our dogs are family too, and it would kill me if another family member hated the dogs so much....  oh...  I hope your son figures things out.

csandhollow said...

I knopw what you mean about your son. Having a bit of a similar problem with my daughter.

I suffer mildly from agroaphobia. I am able to cope with it. It helps having my granddaughter around. Because of her I make myself go places. I like to go to "safe " places for me if I am by myself.