Monday, March 29, 2004


The weekend is over and hopefully the week will be quiet. I must mention that I have noticed that my boys are slowly but surely pulling away from home. It does not upset me because I always knew this day was coming. It is just I have noticed it more lately. This past weekend I rarely saw my sons. I do know that they slept here but they were up and going all weekend that I lost track of who went where. Also I have noticed that the phone is no longer mine. I am now taking messages for my children. WOW so many lil changes going on at the ol' homestead. My boys may drive me crazy but I must say there is no alcohol, no drugs and no strange piercings etc I guess I will take these lil changes as a victory. Now --- I cannot get a firm confirmation from my sons about when they are going to go out on their own and start their own lil world. No of course not....why would they run out when there is plenty of food and shelter right here at home... So I guess as long as I keep food in the house I will be seeing the boys at some point during the day. I also have to mention that my boys are BIG. They are just 6 feet tall and  BIG.... Well believe it or not they are the smallest of their friends- which brings me to my next point of being eaten out of house and home. I think for graduation I will get them their own fridge and lock up mine.... their friends show up anytime from around 8 in the morning until around 11 at night and everyone comes in hungry. Ahhh the life of a grand that must be!!! PEACE!!!!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2004


I know I know I know...again I was missing in action. Well of course you all remember that my children were out of school all last week...there was not a moments peace in my house. And if having that chaos was not enough...again any and all working vechicles died. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Then just to make me go over that deep edge...the last liter that was born had 7 pups....well we are down to 2 from that group. It just about broke my heart having to deal with that. The two that are left are strong and fighting. They are very very underdeveloped...but adorable and love to play. So hopefully these two will make it. It really was rough having to feed them every two hours constantly. Also Two of the original pups have been picked up by a wonderful women who happens to drive an 18 wheeler and lives in Ohio. She came and picked up two- one for her and one for her neighbor. They are thrilled with the puppies and cannot believe how wonderfully mellow and loving they are. I guess that is a compliment to us. Also two of our pups have been chosen by the New Jersey Police Department to become police dogs. One will work in Narcotics and the other will work in Search and Rescue. We are truly thrilled by that. As you can see we have been insane at this end. Also yesterday my twin boys turned 19 years old. (WOW--THAT AGED ME) So of course we had to go out to dinner of their choice and celebrate. My mother in law and sister in law drove up for the dinner (they invited themselves) and drove right back home after dinner. They are unreal. Okay I guess you can see life has been busy--hopefully things will get back to normal (soon)...PEACE!!!

Friday, March 12, 2004


Yes it is friday...but it feels like another monday. First I have mention that my kids are now out of school for the next 10 is springbreak here in the sunshine state. Normally I would be just thrilled because then there are no morning hassles with getting everyone up in the morning. But nooooooo--already..because everyone was off today..there are major issues about car usage. OMG--It must have taken a good hour or more just to figure out who is taking what car and how long they were going to be gone and where they were going and errands that needed to be done on the way to different places. It was a true act of congress. Also one son (at the same time that he needed a car to a day job) also wanted to borrow my digital camera (my pride and joy-my baby-my lifeline) so that he and his friend could take pictures of some store front they are thinking of renting to start a new business. Oh yes you read it right...they are starting their own business..a gaming cafe...this issue has been a mjor discussion every evening now for a while. So borrowing my camera was a whole other loud discussion...I told my son I really do not trust anyone with my camera...and his feelings were actually hurt by me saying that...geez... they are making me crazy. Then the other son wanted to take my some job he has parting out cars...BTW-I am sure I mentioned that he also was the one in the accident with my van...and now he wants to keep driving it. Well those heavy duty drugs I take to keep me calm really came in handy today...LOL. The two boys had such con stories that I fell for it all and now the house is quiet with no cars in sight. lol. If this is how the rest of spring break is going to be...PLEASE help me..come rescue me...somebody do something. OK-more on spring break later-PEACE!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2004


Yes again--too many days have gone by between entries..I seem to let real life interfere with my play life..I really have to get control of that-LOL. Well in the last couple of of the rottie mommies ran off to who knows where and was missing for 24 hours. We have no idea where she went or what happened and then she just reappeared. Of course in that 24 hours I did not sleep or eat because I was so worried about her...our pets are like our own children..well THANK GOD she is back and now that is behind us. The one of the boys was in a car accident with my van. OH YES I knew this day was was just a bumper to bumper thing no damage to either car and the other car is at fault-he hit the van from behind. So that lil news was enough to make the old blood pressure go up a few notches. My poor van. Then my son has this friend who is nice enough and we enjoy having him around...well apparently his mother got a bug up her ----- because she called me last night threatening how I am one of those mothers that does not give a damn about her kids and that my son did not go to night school last night and she was going to call the police because her son was with my son and she wants him for kidnapping. OMG... this lady must have screamed for a good 20 minutes. I let her vent...people like that just want to lash and blame others for their problems...well I have told my son he is to stay away from her kid until things get resolved because I cannot guarantee I will hold my tongue next time. TURNS OUT she has lost her mind because I called the school and my son was in class and has not missed any days...she said he has only attended maybe 3 days of school. Lord why do all the crazy people find me. So that was alot of fun to deal with. So that is life here in the sticks...PEACE!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2004


The weekend is here and not too soon for me. It has started off on the wrong foot for sure. The other son...who is enrolled in the regular high school called yesterday afternoon to find out if he can sleep at a friend's house. "Of course you can", I said. Well I thought the evening was going fine until we received a phone call at 2:30 in the morning from the mother of this friend saying, that her son has a 2am curfew and both boys are not home yet. about flipping me out. We called his cell phone over and over but only got his voice mail. The around 4:15 I guess they arrived at this kid's house... both my hunnie and I are planning how to torture the child slowly and painfully by the time he gets home. I think I aged about 10 years. Well I do not believe there is enough valium on the market to calm me down but I am sure by the time he comes home I will be calm, cool and collected and ready for some painful torture (lol). Kids.... I think they are around to make us age and worry just to amuse at least that is my philosophy and I am sticking to it. I have no special plans this weekend other than to get more rest so that this flu will PLEASE go away. I am still too tired to sit at the puter for too long. But I just had to write about our early morning wake up call before I forget it. *now as a side note..all puppies from the last two liters are very very healthy and thriving great and I think they all have homes...but now the house is just one big noisy jungle. One puppy starts and they all have to jam in on the noise. So I am going to go hide and put some headphones on and listen to some calming classical music and pretend I do not hear anything..Catch you all later--PEACE!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2004


Well unfortunately I have been down and under the weather with the flu AGAIN. I think that is one of the worst things about having COPD...  you tend to get sick so much easier and everything attacks the lungs first. But after two days of being in bed...I am doing okay least I am sitting up at the puter for more then 30 seconds. My birthday was WONDERFUL and I thank you all for the BIRTHDAY WISHES you left for me..... I so appreciate it and it is nice to know people are out there thinking about I will mentioned that my parents again for the 10th year in a row have forgotten my birthday. Now the first time this happened I was a bit upset because it is not like they had 32 kids and have forgotten someone... there are only three of us...OKAY...but now it is almost an on going joke. The good thing is that when I remind them...they feel bad and then spoil this works in my favor...LOL yes I am still a brat at my age and LOVE IT.... I refuse to grow up in that area. Anyway... besides that one of my sons stayed up all night long on my birthday while I was sleeping and put fog lights on my van...THEY LOOK GREAT, what a kid I have. My daughter of course sent me things about love and birthdays and sang to me and more things on love...that one is after my heart. The other one did the whole dinner thing for me.... so of course my family also spoiled me... it was a BLAST. I am slowly starting to get myself together again when I first started this journal-so just hang in there and keep reading because when my journal gets turned over to the new one with more space to write...I definitely have some topics I want to hit... NOW again I need you all to PLEASE go visit my new inspirational journal and check off that you want to received updates when I had to the is at the upper right hand side of the page...that way you will know when I have added another entry and you can let me know if the feature worked for you. I am just testing out the little things. I so appreciate any help you all can give me. Here is the link ANGELS HAVE TOUCHED MY HEART THANKS... Well I am getting tired again so I will check you all out later...PEACE!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2004


Nobody denies your sense of entitlement. Fame comes in handy every now and then. Use your special powers wisely. It may be some time before you find yourself back in this lucky position.

*Daily Couples Love*
Work on something new with your partner today. It can be totally mundane or your new life's work, but if you share it there's practically no way it can go wrong.

*Daily Singles Love*
Your creativity is deep and boundless -- use it to craft a uniquely expressive message to someone you care about. Have fun with it and let them know how you feel.

*Daily Flirt*
It's good to be loved, which means today it's good to be you. Could it be something your wearing? A spring in your step? Whatever it is, people won't be able to get enough of you today.

Monday, March 1, 2004


YES YES YES---today is officially my birthday--I cannot believe I have made it this far but I THANK God that He has given me this time. My children have been sending me e-cards all day yesterday and more today and singing everytime they see me or giving me bear hugs. Let me tell you all matter how old they are or how old you are getting a bear hug is WONDERFUL...and I enjoy every squeeze. I have no special plans because today my hunnie has to go in for oral surgery...but just spending time with my family is all I want really. I just want them all to make me laugh for the rest of the day and that would be the best gift ever. I NEED LAUGHTER!!!! It is the tradition in our household that whoever has a birthday gets to chose the dinner of their choice...well I think I would actually be happy with pizza delivered..and watch movies..Now on a more serious note for a moment- my father called yesterday to see if one of my boys could go to his house and help me around the yard. It turns out that my father fell out of bed when he was getting up two mornings ago and could not get up because his joints are so inflamed. He has Lupus and really is in the advanced stage of it. He had to crawl through his house which took him over an hour to just find my mother...she got a neighbor and they called 911... my dad had to be carried like a child to bed. The paramedics checked to make sure he did not break anything and so on..but now it has hit my father that he is old and does not have alot of time left. It totally broke my heart to hear my dad tell me what happened to cannot even hug him because his skin hurts and it only causes him more pain. I just needed to vent about that...well more with you all later-PEACE!!!