Monday, March 1, 2004


YES YES YES---today is officially my birthday--I cannot believe I have made it this far but I THANK God that He has given me this time. My children have been sending me e-cards all day yesterday and more today and singing everytime they see me or giving me bear hugs. Let me tell you all matter how old they are or how old you are getting a bear hug is WONDERFUL...and I enjoy every squeeze. I have no special plans because today my hunnie has to go in for oral surgery...but just spending time with my family is all I want really. I just want them all to make me laugh for the rest of the day and that would be the best gift ever. I NEED LAUGHTER!!!! It is the tradition in our household that whoever has a birthday gets to chose the dinner of their choice...well I think I would actually be happy with pizza delivered..and watch movies..Now on a more serious note for a moment- my father called yesterday to see if one of my boys could go to his house and help me around the yard. It turns out that my father fell out of bed when he was getting up two mornings ago and could not get up because his joints are so inflamed. He has Lupus and really is in the advanced stage of it. He had to crawl through his house which took him over an hour to just find my mother...she got a neighbor and they called 911... my dad had to be carried like a child to bed. The paramedics checked to make sure he did not break anything and so on..but now it has hit my father that he is old and does not have alot of time left. It totally broke my heart to hear my dad tell me what happened to cannot even hug him because his skin hurts and it only causes him more pain. I just needed to vent about that...well more with you all later-PEACE!!!


grandmumsy08 said...

Wishing you laughter and peace on your birthday. Great graphics in this journal.
Many happy returns!

barebytes said...

Happy Birthday !!!! It is nice to share a birthday with those that love you all around. A big Bear Hug birthday to you! Have a great day and enjoy the pizza. Bear hugs, Lanny

deabvt said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!!!!!!!

I`m sorry to hear about your Dad.

jenpratt13 said...

Happy Birthday! So sorry to hear about your dad, hang in there -Jen

iwaterbeari said...

I know I'm late ... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!