Thursday, March 4, 2004


Well unfortunately I have been down and under the weather with the flu AGAIN. I think that is one of the worst things about having COPD...  you tend to get sick so much easier and everything attacks the lungs first. But after two days of being in bed...I am doing okay least I am sitting up at the puter for more then 30 seconds. My birthday was WONDERFUL and I thank you all for the BIRTHDAY WISHES you left for me..... I so appreciate it and it is nice to know people are out there thinking about I will mentioned that my parents again for the 10th year in a row have forgotten my birthday. Now the first time this happened I was a bit upset because it is not like they had 32 kids and have forgotten someone... there are only three of us...OKAY...but now it is almost an on going joke. The good thing is that when I remind them...they feel bad and then spoil this works in my favor...LOL yes I am still a brat at my age and LOVE IT.... I refuse to grow up in that area. Anyway... besides that one of my sons stayed up all night long on my birthday while I was sleeping and put fog lights on my van...THEY LOOK GREAT, what a kid I have. My daughter of course sent me things about love and birthdays and sang to me and more things on love...that one is after my heart. The other one did the whole dinner thing for me.... so of course my family also spoiled me... it was a BLAST. I am slowly starting to get myself together again when I first started this journal-so just hang in there and keep reading because when my journal gets turned over to the new one with more space to write...I definitely have some topics I want to hit... NOW again I need you all to PLEASE go visit my new inspirational journal and check off that you want to received updates when I had to the is at the upper right hand side of the page...that way you will know when I have added another entry and you can let me know if the feature worked for you. I am just testing out the little things. I so appreciate any help you all can give me. Here is the link ANGELS HAVE TOUCHED MY HEART THANKS... Well I am getting tired again so I will check you all out later...PEACE!!!


jenpratt13 said...

Hope you feel better, it really sucks to get sick, glad you had a nice birthday tho:) -Jen

sonensmilinmon said...

Ahhhh Ellie, sure hope you feel better soon! I'll be thinking of you.
Smilin Mon

quroboros said...

I love the graphic thingy you included with this entry. Wonderful sentiment. ~Holly