Tuesday, March 9, 2004


Yes again--too many days have gone by between entries..I seem to let real life interfere with my play life..I really have to get control of that-LOL. Well in the last couple of days..one of the rottie mommies ran off to who knows where and was missing for 24 hours. We have no idea where she went or what happened and then she just reappeared. Of course in that 24 hours I did not sleep or eat because I was so worried about her...our pets are like our own children..well THANK GOD she is back and now that is behind us. The one of the boys was in a car accident with my van. OH YES I knew this day was coming...it was just a bumper to bumper thing no damage to either car and the other car is at fault-he hit the van from behind. So that lil news was enough to make the old blood pressure go up a few notches. My poor van. Then my son has this friend who is nice enough and we enjoy having him around...well apparently his mother got a bug up her ----- because she called me last night threatening how I am one of those mothers that does not give a damn about her kids and that my son did not go to night school last night and she was going to call the police because her son was with my son and she wants him for kidnapping. OMG... this lady must have screamed for a good 20 minutes. I let her vent...people like that just want to lash and blame others for their problems...well I have told my son he is to stay away from her kid until things get resolved because I cannot guarantee I will hold my tongue next time. TURNS OUT she has lost her mind because I called the school and my son was in class and has not missed any days...she said he has only attended maybe 3 days of school. Lord why do all the crazy people find me. So that was alot of fun to deal with. So that is life here in the sticks...PEACE!!!!


sonensmilinmon said...

I remember my son had a friend who's mom did something like that to me. She blamed my son for being a BAD influence on her boy. That my son was skipping school and making her boy skip school ... like you, when I called the school he had been at ALL of his classes. Mmmm. someone has a problem! Don't let her get to you. Take care,

lannyhugs said...

You are smart to let her vent. I find when you do that they get to sound just how stupid they are...if not, when they find out they are wrong they just want to crawl under a rock for awhile hahaha Hugs Lanny

jenpratt13 said...

People these days, ya know? Crazy, crazy. It's good that you let her vent, like ya said people just need that -Jen

tp1012 said...

t the mommy dog back! Good for you for holding your temeper, I am sure she was notworth it...but I wouldnt a second time thats for sure!