Saturday, March 27, 2004


I know I know I know...again I was missing in action. Well of course you all remember that my children were out of school all last week...there was not a moments peace in my house. And if having that chaos was not enough...again any and all working vechicles died. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Then just to make me go over that deep edge...the last liter that was born had 7 pups....well we are down to 2 from that group. It just about broke my heart having to deal with that. The two that are left are strong and fighting. They are very very underdeveloped...but adorable and love to play. So hopefully these two will make it. It really was rough having to feed them every two hours constantly. Also Two of the original pups have been picked up by a wonderful women who happens to drive an 18 wheeler and lives in Ohio. She came and picked up two- one for her and one for her neighbor. They are thrilled with the puppies and cannot believe how wonderfully mellow and loving they are. I guess that is a compliment to us. Also two of our pups have been chosen by the New Jersey Police Department to become police dogs. One will work in Narcotics and the other will work in Search and Rescue. We are truly thrilled by that. As you can see we have been insane at this end. Also yesterday my twin boys turned 19 years old. (WOW--THAT AGED ME) So of course we had to go out to dinner of their choice and celebrate. My mother in law and sister in law drove up for the dinner (they invited themselves) and drove right back home after dinner. They are unreal. Okay I guess you can see life has been busy--hopefully things will get back to normal (soon)...PEACE!!!


sonensmilinmon said...

We know why you've been MIA ~ you have a LOT going on in your life right now. Glad you checked in ...



deabvt said...

Congrats to your sons!!