Thursday, November 27, 2003


I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very BLESSED and JOYFUL Thanksgiving....May you and yours make many WONDERFUL memories and share much LOVE!!!      HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM OUR HOUSE TO YOURS..

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Okay....Here is THOR...better known as "HorseHead". Well I hope you are sitting down for this one...because I am still amazed and laughing. A few days ago my son did some shopping for me. Well he picked me up slippers that I really really needed and are so cottony soft. When they are brand new it is easy to slide. Especially in our house which is totally tiled. Now I know that you all read my last entry about our lil female pup that is in "heat". Along with the famous THOR who wants her BAD... well after I wrote the last entry... somehow all the dogs escaped and were all together....LOTS of barking and insanity broke out... well there I am walking as fast as I can because this lady does not run...and tried to rescue the female...I grabbed THOR by his collar to hold him back and went for a free ride...yes you heard it hear.... that dog actually dragged this BBB (BigBeautifulBody)all over the house like I only weighed 10 pounds. I was skiing inside my house...because my slippers that I had on were still new and the floors were just cleaned and I went for a ride... I screamed like a crazy woman. Yes my family came out to rescue me AFTER they stopped laughing and watched me go around a few times... Lord I wish we had a video camera on so that it could be taped.... because It is hard for me to believe. Yes I am still sitting here laughing hysterically because I am NO SMALL CHICKEN and THOR is......well he is......HORSEHEAD. The picture does not do justice to his size (or his head) but he is truly a character. I must say that my days are never ever dull. Okay now that I have given you all a laugh or two.... I have been really busy with LOTS of doctor appointments...of course they are all scheduled right before Thanksgiving. So I have been running from one appointment to another.... the only thing left to say about it all is that all the medications have been increased.. Well enough of that mess. Here we are getting ready for THANKSGIVING...abit of company is coming and the house is getting really cleaned up courtesy of my kids (GOD LOVE THEM). So it should be wonderful here. I plan on taking tons of pics... and eating my heart out. I should return tomorrow..if not...find are sure to find me..LOL..PEACE!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2003


Well I should have never mentioned the word Chaos in any entry because this week again is just full of it. I believe I have mentioned that I have 5 dogs... they are all rotties...very cute, very loyal, very loving, very protective and NOT DANGEROUS. Well unless you try to hurt one of us...but they do not attack people. Okay.. two of the dogs are puppies about 4 1/2 months. One of the others is 18 months... well for some reason one of the lil ones (which is not so little) went into "heat". Well the 18 month old dog is a male and going crazy. I was not ready for this because usually they do not go into "heat" until they are at least 6 months old. So it is way too early. My house is now a hunting ground for the male. His name is THOR. He has a massive size his nickname is horsehead. He is wailing and crying out like a sick bull all over the house 24/7. Now this phase of being in "heat" last for a week... and we are only on day 2. THOR was trying to get into my puter room (where I was hiding out the female pup) and hitting the door with his head that things were bouncing off the wall and shelves. Lordy-that dog is strong-and very hard headed. It is almost comical if I was not so afraid of the pup getting pregnant. Here you have to wait until your dog is over 6 months before they will spay/neuter them. Well we were going to have her done when she turned 6 months because that is when her last puppy shots are done...but no...God has a wonderful sense of humor and decided to keep me on my toes. Well-enough about dogs-hunnie (4 days later) is still working on the bathroom tiles...he got the greenboard up and the work has stopped. I have begged him to call up his friend to make sure he is doing everything right-but NO... he watched his friend and now is an expert in laying tile...OMG-this also is comical if I did not have to look at the "mess" everytime I walked into the bathroom... but better laugh then cry. Okay..enough of my complaining, just wanted to keep everyone up to date...PEACE!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003


I did not mean to be gone for so long...have not been feeling up to par... having some serious migraines and dizzy spells and I am wondering if it is due to the new meds that I have been taking for the last three weeks. Anyway... that is not as crazy as the rest of the news going on around here.... more cars have broken down...we had to fix another one up enough to get it on the road get a tag put on it and get it insured..(like we had the money for that-NOT). Then we had to help the "sister in law" get her car broke down and needed the waterpump replaced..that took over nine hours...then our oven has not been working in God only knows how long and finally a repairman from whirlpool has shown up and it took a week to get that straightened out and just in time for Thanksgiving. Finally after over a week the bathroom is DONE. I am so glad because it was EXTREMELY hard for 7 people to share one bathroom... but no that is not the end to the story..the masterbedroom bathroom had a couple of tiles that needed replacing in the shower...well honey thought he would clean the edges around the tiles that are exposed and low and almost entire wall has to be replaced in my shower. He said one tile felt loose and when he tried to see how loose all the tiles came crumbling down. Now you would think I would be mad or something...but I laughed my butt off because this sort of thing can only happen to my honey and no one else. Also the son that went travelling to North Carolina was gone for 4 days...and after the first call I never heard from him... so that was making me way too uptight...but they are back home safe and had a WONDERFUL time. So as you can see, my life has been abit on the chaotic side and on top of not feeling all that great has not made for a happy camper in me. But I am look for more exciting moments from my personal soap opera..LOL... Have a great day!!  PEACE!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2003


The above picture is one of my twin boys..Allen jr. Here he is holding Anthony (the nephew) while they chill out and relax. Believe it or not my boys are 18 and in their last year of high school and trying to get ready to take on the world. Well Allen is on his way to North Carolina. A fellow officer of my hunnie's needed help with cleaning out and picking up a travel trailor so she asked my son if he would be interested. Of course he jumped at the chance..he has never been on a road trip like that before and has never been up north. All my kids were born in Florida- so they really do not know what real cold weather is like, they have never seen snow, and they have never seen real mountains. Well Allen has called me several times on the way up there today just to tell me how he is amazed at the mountains. It is wonderful to hear about how new everything is to him...seeing the world through his eyes. He bought a disposable camera before they left so that he could take tons of pictures of his road trip...he is also picking up colorful leaves to bring back..he cannot believe all the colors that he sees. I guess telling my children what the weather is like up north is nothing compared to them experiencing it all for themselves. Allen plans on attending Crown College-which is a college for the studies in becoming a minister. He is definitely my preacher boy...and has very strong beliefs and waivers to no one. A heck of a kid...he has a very tender heart for children and animals...and is a computer wiz on top of it all. Well he just called about 20 minutes ago to say that they are at a hospital...the officer and him had to try and get the truck out of a mud bog and the officer hurt their they are at the hospital so that they can get some pain killers and continue on their way. Oh-the reason I mentioned that he wants to become a minister is because they passed by the Billy Graham Training Center and such-so tomorrow he wants to go there and check it all out. I also believe they are going to stop by Stone Mountain in Georgia to see the sites...I have been there many times and told them both that it is a fun place to stop by and take pics at....So far his first road trip has been filled with twists and turns and he is loving it... BTW the officer is major injuries. Well if anymore news comes up- I will definitely post it here...PEACE!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2003


HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY-DADDY!!! The picture above is my father in 1940 when he went into the Marines to fight in WWII. My father does not talk about that time at all....I have only picked up bits and pieces of the garbage he went through being in the marines..and the philosophy of fighting. My father is Puerto Rican..that should mean nothing...but apparently in 1940 in the armed services it did. My father faced ALOT of prejudice from those that he was serving with and under. The rules were different for different "ethnic" groups..sad but true. I have a hand full of my father's medals and ribbons...I have only two pictures of him in the marines..and very lil information. I guess during this father was thought of as part of a quota..and if the armed services already helped a handful of "minorities" that was the quota..they refused to help any others. I may sound like I am bitter but honestly I am not...I do not like injustice against anyone.. but it kills me when people have no respect for those that have served in the armed forces (or are doing it now) forgetting that they are protecting a nation full of free people. My father was very proud to serve his country...but hurt how he was treated. He is now going to be 80 in december and is quite ill. It sounds like a sore subject-but my father has planned ahead for when he passes away..but myself and the rest of the family want him to have his military burial honors due him for being a right now we are fighting the is sad that it takes so long for someone in government to say okay-we will take care of it. It took my father over 8 years of red tape to get permission to be buried in the military cementary in this state. But the honors do not automatically come with it. What a system. I guess my point is..I will keep fighting the system and you all today THANK A VET..and let them know their fight was worth it. They just might need to hear it!!!   PEACE!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2003


Well yesterday was quite interesting...what started out with replacing just a few tiles in the bathroom has turned out to be major has been decided that all the tiles are being replaced and the bathtub and the floor and the hallway floor. UNBELIEVEABLE. Finally late yesterday morning sleep hit me and I went to lay down-so I missed most of the destruction...when I got up I did manage to take some pictures..which I will post here...soon. My hunnie's mother never showed up-so course we are worried because it is a very lonely and long drive from where she is to our place...she sent one of the boys an email around dinner time that they were not coming-(NO KIDDING!!)-she decided against it. Okay... it seemed the evening was going okay and I got to watch a few football games...(my favorite pasttime) and then we got a phone call around 10:30 at night and it was one of the guys who is helping with the construction..he wants to come now so that he can keep working-he is bored. Well my hunnie said "come on down" and they all worked until around 3 this morning. So I got to play on the puter and listen to banging for the most part. I think he is returning around 9a.m. to get more done...UGH!! Well I should not complain because at least the main bathroom is getting a major makeover..but expense wise I do not think we should have done so much. Well more to come about the construction taking place... it should be interesting.--PEACE!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2003


Lordy, Lordy, Lordy...The chaos is just beginning here at my corner of the world. Last nigh we received an email message that my hunnie's mother is driving up this way to see us. (UGH!!!) It figures I just wrote about her and she appears...I asked my hunnie to call her and tell her to come some other time because this weekend is not convienent.. the main bathroom in our house is under construction as of 8 this morning. So she decided without asking us to come up here. Allen asked here very politely not to come but she has to have things her we have to stop other plans we had because now we have to wait on here. Between the five dogs going crazy because they are guys here helping my hunnie, and the kids going in four different directions...and now company and the house looks trashed because for the last 4 days everyone in the house has been sick... so we all stayed in bed-nothing got done. I am so not in the mood for company, or pleasantries. So if you do not hear from me-I escaped. I don't know where-but I cannot take the insanity. Okay so I might be exaggerating...but truly are you really comfortable having uninvited guests when everyone is sick and your house is totalled? I think not. I shall write more later and fill you all in on what happens here... the adventure is just beginning-LOL...PEACE!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2003


I know this can be a sensitive subject to some but for me it is VERY confusing. I know that one day I will be a mother in law..I hope I am a tenth of what my mom is..she is just so accepting and welcomes all with open arms..but it seems I do not have that kind of luck. Now my hunnie's mom is nice but she really turned me off when she from the onset treated my daughter differently then the boys. I am a true believer that you can do anything to me-I can take it...but NEVER EVER hurt my child. I would have to WHOOP some booty. Well my hunnie has truly gone off on his mother for the differences that she makes between the kids but now she does things in a subtle way...really burns me up. I am extremely vocal- I definitely speak my mind and have no problem doing it...but OUT OF RESPECT for my hunnie I am VERY respectful of his mother. My parents raised me right. The problem is now she is emailing me these lil messages of "let's be friends" and I am not in the mood to appease her. I think after all these years I have bent over backwards so far and so many times that now I am dizzy and my back hurts. My mother always said "Kill them with Kindness" but she only manipulates that. When my siblings and their families were going to meet my hunnie and the boys for the first time...they threw a party to welcome them to the family and what a bash it was... I just love my family for being so supportive in whatever I do and whomever I am with... but his family is just not that way. After I met his family for the first time..I called his sister to thank her for being so kind and wonderful while we were there... she told me I had no right saying that because I did not know her well enough. LORD- I cannot win for losing. I think they plan on coming here for the holidays... have I mentioned that throws me into a crisis... what a way to spoil the best season of the year. Well I am sure I will more to say about this soon..just wanted to get the ball rolling...PEACE!!!

Monday, November 3, 2003


Well another week is upon seems now I am playing catch up with everything. I really have to get motivated to work on my calendars and scrapbooks as gifts. I have added more pics to my photoblog that I think are interesting...please feel free to check it out at "My Point Of View"I am really have way too much fun. I have always been fascinated by photography and used to be very heavily involved in it-especially throughout high school and college...but as more responsibilities came along my fun stuff gave away. The weekend was pretty quiet here-my boys went to Cocoa Beach this weekend with friends-so there were no fights over vechicles, and no begging for money-works for me. My nephew is still quite sick-the lil guy just cannot seem to kick it. So I kept him home today so that he could take more medicine and maybe start feeling like his old self. Anyway-the point of me doing that photoblog is because I am finding that when I am most creative I am most happiest. Of course my hunnie encourages me because he reaps the benefits of all the fun stuff I do. I would love to hear what others do to be creative...let me know. In the meantime I have to go make some more tags for others--PEACE!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2003


I was going through alot of journals...reading and getting ideas...and came across some really nice photoblogs...well after seeing what others have taken pics of and such-it inspired me to publish my own I found the perfect place to do it and would LOVE it if you would not mind checking it out and letting me know what you all think of it...I am still adding to it and making changes..but so far I am very pleased with how it is all turning out. WOW--another creative outlet for me. I am just too excited.. my photoblog is called "MY POINT OF VIEW" So now I have something new and different to express myself. Works for me! PEACE!!!!


Well...of course I am running behind in everything-I would like to wish you all a HAPPY we do not celebrate Halloween...I really never have-but my nephew is exposed to it at for him we did some pumpkin carving and he asked me to put this animation on my page-he thought it was too cool-of course me being the wonderful Aunt I am-just had to make his wish come true. Turned out tho that Anthony came home very sick from school so he went right to sleep and did not want to go out and trick or treat-so we just gave him fun stuff at home. Now the adventure this past week has been cars again. Of course-again the "man" does not listen to me...his car started to act up...I said-don't take your car, take my van--he said--no no I will be just fine-and on the way to work broke down and the florida highway police had to call me and tell me he was on the side of the expressway-this call came at 1 in the morning-so of course when you hear the phone at that hour your mind goes crazy. Well he got his other car fixed-but I said do not take that one because you have not tried it out too much-take my van- he said no no- it is working great-the boys and I fixed it all up- well-9am in the morning on his way home from work-he broke down. Then one son during one early morning hour-wanted to go to the corner store and get his free refill on a big mug of ice tea. Okay go ahead and use my van but don't be foolish in it...son was foolish in it and got my van stuck in a ditch. NOW you would think that some male person in this household would listen to what I am saying but nooooo-their egos will not allow them. Now I get to say ALL weekend- I TOLD YOU SO!!! I just love it-LOL...PEACE!!!