Thursday, November 13, 2003


The above picture is one of my twin boys..Allen jr. Here he is holding Anthony (the nephew) while they chill out and relax. Believe it or not my boys are 18 and in their last year of high school and trying to get ready to take on the world. Well Allen is on his way to North Carolina. A fellow officer of my hunnie's needed help with cleaning out and picking up a travel trailor so she asked my son if he would be interested. Of course he jumped at the chance..he has never been on a road trip like that before and has never been up north. All my kids were born in Florida- so they really do not know what real cold weather is like, they have never seen snow, and they have never seen real mountains. Well Allen has called me several times on the way up there today just to tell me how he is amazed at the mountains. It is wonderful to hear about how new everything is to him...seeing the world through his eyes. He bought a disposable camera before they left so that he could take tons of pictures of his road trip...he is also picking up colorful leaves to bring back..he cannot believe all the colors that he sees. I guess telling my children what the weather is like up north is nothing compared to them experiencing it all for themselves. Allen plans on attending Crown College-which is a college for the studies in becoming a minister. He is definitely my preacher boy...and has very strong beliefs and waivers to no one. A heck of a kid...he has a very tender heart for children and animals...and is a computer wiz on top of it all. Well he just called about 20 minutes ago to say that they are at a hospital...the officer and him had to try and get the truck out of a mud bog and the officer hurt their they are at the hospital so that they can get some pain killers and continue on their way. Oh-the reason I mentioned that he wants to become a minister is because they passed by the Billy Graham Training Center and such-so tomorrow he wants to go there and check it all out. I also believe they are going to stop by Stone Mountain in Georgia to see the sites...I have been there many times and told them both that it is a fun place to stop by and take pics at....So far his first road trip has been filled with twists and turns and he is loving it... BTW the officer is major injuries. Well if anymore news comes up- I will definitely post it here...PEACE!!!!


barebytes said...

Road trips are so much fun. That's how I used to take my vacations. I'd pick a direction and head off that way till I had to come back. Now the wife likes cruise's and I must admit that I do too. Lanny

tp1012 said...

Ellie dear where are you!! Miss reading about you!

karynetaylor said...

Love reading your stuff! Thought I would tell you, that IF they managed to get to walk on top of Stone Mountain, it is very much like the moon ... not the gravity thing, but the big rock full of craters bit. I thought it was pretty neat, til I realized it was making me dizzy. Stayed toward the center the whole time!

~ Karyn