Saturday, November 1, 2003


Well...of course I am running behind in everything-I would like to wish you all a HAPPY we do not celebrate Halloween...I really never have-but my nephew is exposed to it at for him we did some pumpkin carving and he asked me to put this animation on my page-he thought it was too cool-of course me being the wonderful Aunt I am-just had to make his wish come true. Turned out tho that Anthony came home very sick from school so he went right to sleep and did not want to go out and trick or treat-so we just gave him fun stuff at home. Now the adventure this past week has been cars again. Of course-again the "man" does not listen to me...his car started to act up...I said-don't take your car, take my van--he said--no no I will be just fine-and on the way to work broke down and the florida highway police had to call me and tell me he was on the side of the expressway-this call came at 1 in the morning-so of course when you hear the phone at that hour your mind goes crazy. Well he got his other car fixed-but I said do not take that one because you have not tried it out too much-take my van- he said no no- it is working great-the boys and I fixed it all up- well-9am in the morning on his way home from work-he broke down. Then one son during one early morning hour-wanted to go to the corner store and get his free refill on a big mug of ice tea. Okay go ahead and use my van but don't be foolish in it...son was foolish in it and got my van stuck in a ditch. NOW you would think that some male person in this household would listen to what I am saying but nooooo-their egos will not allow them. Now I get to say ALL weekend- I TOLD YOU SO!!! I just love it-LOL...PEACE!!!

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