Saturday, November 1, 2003


I was going through alot of journals...reading and getting ideas...and came across some really nice photoblogs...well after seeing what others have taken pics of and such-it inspired me to publish my own I found the perfect place to do it and would LOVE it if you would not mind checking it out and letting me know what you all think of it...I am still adding to it and making changes..but so far I am very pleased with how it is all turning out. WOW--another creative outlet for me. I am just too excited.. my photoblog is called "MY POINT OF VIEW" So now I have something new and different to express myself. Works for me! PEACE!!!!


sonensmilinmon said...

Your cockatiels are BEAUTIFUL!!! Sonny and I were looking for a yellow one ourselves ... we have a "marbled" one who is named Sammie but, I call him Squawk and Missy I call Squeak ... so squeak n squawk! Wait, I wanted to say I LOVED looking at the pictures, the fireworks were cool. Looking forward to more.
Smilin Mon

dakotarose2852 said...

Ellie, I like your photoblog very much. I also like your journal a lot. BTW, we have 2 things in common. I, too, grew up in NY State, although across the river from you in Nyack. That picture you have looking across the water could very well be looking across to Rockland County. I, too, collect angels. The most unique one in my collection is sort of a Native American Angel I bought in Fort Sumner, NM, made of clay from that town. Most don't think she's pretty, but to me she's beautiful!