Tuesday, June 26, 2007


WOW...again that old disappearing act seems to hit me...but not really on purpose...just have been overloaded...REMEMBER for me to go out takes a major undertaking in my head...and then get my body to go along...so in order for me to get things done with the house meant I would have to go out...
Now you all remember I already had a run in with a kitchen planner at Lowes...and I received a very nice phone call from the sales manager from Lowes trying to resolve things with me...Well I took him at his word and called him not once BUT several times...NEVER called me back...and no one at Lowes knew where he was...just ridiculous...I would still be waiting on going to Lowes if I was waiting for his phone call. So I got my NERVE up sort of speak and went...PRAYING that I would not run into that rude lady...well we went and they had another lady there and the rude one....the rude one looked at me and I could tell that someone had spoken to her just by the look on her face...(maybe I am paranoid) but I so trust my instincts...I went directly to the other lady who was INCREDIBLY super...so helpful and nice and open to suggestions and gave great tips and I could not be happier....JUST AS A SIDE NOTE...the rude lady was on her way to her lunch break...just so happens about a minute or two later the phone rang for the lady that was helping us...and all she kept saying is oh yes ...yea ...yes...yea..then hung up...you think that the rude lady called her from the front to warn her about us...I think so...Allen says no...again I may be paranoid but again I trust my instincts...the look in her face..in her eyes spoke volumes. We must have sat for at least an hour going through the layout and types of cabinets and such...WOW...lots of work...I thought I had a small kitchen before hand, now this lady has loaded it with cabinets (which I did not have) and it is going to look SMALL...that is not a complaint...just reality. Now the cabinets and installation costs I had figured pretty good...almost to the dollar (patting myself on the back) but the countertop is UNREAL...my brother who has always worked in construction told me long time ago that countertops are expensive...he said that would be the majority of your budget...he was NOT kidding. The countertop will cost more then the labor and cabinets and new stove combined. We looked at and compared acrylic, laminated, tile, quartz and granite...the pros and cons for each one...WOW a lot to think about...but the bottom line is that natural quartz needs NO CARE...NO TREATMENT...DOES NOT SCRATCH...CAN TAKE THE HEAT OF A POT OR THE COLD OF ICE..IT WITHSTANDS EVERYTHING...the only negative part is that it is the most expensive material. Well for peace of mind I guess natural quartz is the way we are going...also they are having some deals that if you choose certain colors of quartz you get a sink included that is molded into the counter top meaning no seams or edges near your sink...so it is totally sealed in...this is a great thing. This lady also is going to extend our counter top and cabinets near a wall that has about 3 or 4 feet of useless space and we will have a BIG lazy susan cabinet in the corner for pots and pans or whatever...TOO COOL...We are going with OAK cabinets...Allen and I are huge fans of wood material....they had aluminum and other metals but we LOVE wood...especially oak.
This is a picture of one of the base cabinets:
Also we found out that my kitchen is NOT up to code with the stove being next to a wall and no exhaust...the kitchen I have is about 22 years old and the man we bought the house from did the minimum in requirements to get it passed so at the time...it did not need a countertop barrier between stove and wall...that is okay...I wanted that anyway it was just annoying to hear how it is not in code...which also brings me to another new feature we are getting which is an exhaust fan over the stove...WOW...I am excited about that too....we are getting a ductless exhaust...that means the air goes through a filter system and comes out clean and fresh...YEA....I am a happy camper that we do not have to go through a duct system because that is major construction and LOTS of permits..very expensive...
I am picking wooden handles for the drawers, keeping things simple, and sunflower knobs for the cabinets...I LOVE sunflowers and want sunflower decor eventually in the kitchen...I chose a buttermilk yellow to paint the walls..I have sunflower kitchen towels already....if ANYONE knows where I can find sunflower canisters or sunflowers anything for kitchens...let me know...I have checked walmart and they do not carry it anymore...I guess sunflowers are out...so let me know if you see them anywhere.
We have a dishwasher...however it has been disconnected for a very long time, up until today Allen was going to try and reconnect it and see if it still works...but today Allen decided that we should just order a new one for the new kitchen and have the cabinets built around it instead of trying to get ours fit into the new cabinets...which is great by me...so I priced them and found one I like....which brings me to a new issue....our refrigerator is white...and the freezer we ordered is white...so shouldn't I order a stove and dishwasher also in white....what do you all think?
This is the dishwasher:
BTW...the stove is a ceramic top...with the radiant heat...two of the burners can be six inches or 9 inches and one can go from 9 to 12 inches..just depends on the setting you choose while cooking. Also in the middle of the burners is a lil burner that is a warmer...you put your pot there to keep warm...does not burn your food...pretty cool.
This kitchen planner printed out a picture rendition of what our kitchen might look like. It looks good...Allen and I need to go back with a couple of measurements because we werenot sure how big our windows were or the "passthrough" space above the sink....having that measurement will determined how long the cabinets above it will be...she also wanted to use the same quartz countertop on the passthrough but I am happy to leave that alone...I think that is a useless expense..Am I wrong?
I like the idea of sunflowers....I am wondering though...just need ideas from everyone else...you know how sometimes you set your mind one way and then cannot see clear to anything else...well...what do you all think of butter yellow for the walls...(they are a darker yellow now) and the sunflower stuff...give me some ideas...just want suggestions thrown at me so that I do not have tunnel vision...Allen says whatever makes me happy....and Crystalyn says sunflowers because that is what I always wanted but she wants a black stove and dishwasher...and the other appliances are white...so I am confused a bit...I wish my mom was up here....she could help out so much.
This is the freezer we just got:
I called my sister today (she is an interior designer/decorator) you would think she would have helped me out all this time...NOT....however I did get her opinion on things....she said stick to all white appliances if you already have some in white...she said yellow for the kitchen is nice especially with a dark colored countertop...she also suggested BLACK hardware for the cabinet doors and drawers...she said it would give it a striking color contrast...hmmmm interesting thought. Well that is something to think about.
Well...there is more news to tell you about but I am getting tired again...have been fighting some ailments that are kicking my back side right now...so I will catch up more on that later....
Remember to HUG those you LOVE......PEACE!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


This entry is dedicated to all those dads out there.....I hope your day was filled with lots of surprises and the love of family......A few inspirational moments dedicated to you:

In My Eyes

He's rough and lacks in etiquette,
Society would say.
He has no classy attributes,
To help him on his way.

He's not a fancy dresser,
And he's not so trimmed and neat.
With simple clothes and simple shoes,
He wears upon his feet.

He doesn't belong to a club,
Or drive a shiny car.
And when he takes vacations,
He does not go very far.

He doesn't dine on fine cuisine,
To him fast food's a treat.
And he may use a plastic fork,
When it is time to eat.

He has a modest little house,
But has all that he needs.
He keeps his lawn cut nice and short,
He even trims his weeds.

He works long hours at his job,
To make an average pay.
And even if he's sick or tired,
He goes to work each day.

His job is just a factory job,
His pay just makes ends meet.
But a few good friends and family,
Make his life complete.

He's not well versed in poetry,
Theater or the arts.
And wisdom is not something,
That he constantly imparts.

He loves the simple things in life,
For riches doesn't thirst.
He knows what is important,
And his family is put first.

The wealth that God has given him,
To treasure in his life,
A loving son and daughter,
And a very special wife.

He never has much money,
And his life is not a show,
But he is still the richest man,
That I will ever know.

To others he's a simple man,
And fame he's never had,
But he's the greatest man I know,
He also is my dad.
Father's Day Game Delay

He sat and watched the baseball game like every Father's Day,
His kids were grown and all moved out and lived so far away.
He knew one at a time would call and they would always say,
"Hi Dad . . . I just called to wish you Happy Father's Day."

His wife had passed some years ago, now he lived all alone,
So now the highlight of this day was waiting by the phone.
The game would start at 1 PM when he would hear "Play ball."
And he knew by the last inning that all of them would call.

When they would call it would be short and few words would be spoken,
He wondered if on Father's Day their calls were just a token.
He loved his children and he knew that they all loved him too,
But it seemed that they had drifted as kids often do.

They get so caught up in their lives, so busy all the time,
And don't give him a second thought because they know he's fine.
He sees them maybe twice a year around the holidays,
It's hard to get together as they've all gone separate ways.

At least they do remember him if just a little call,
And remember that he's here just watching his baseball.
So as he sits and waits for them, the game is growing long.
It is the seventh inning and no calls; there's something wrong.

Deep in thought of what had happened with no way to tell,
He was jolted from his thoughts by sounds of his doorbell.
He quickly got up from his chair it caught him by surprise,
And when he opened up the door could not believe his eyes.

A man was standing at the door and smiled and called his name,
And he replied "Why, yes, that's me. I am one and the same."
Then, "Happy Father's Day to you, now I am on my way."
And then he handed him a huge and beautiful bouquet.

He just stood and stared at them while standing at the door,
No one had ever sent him flowers in his life before.
He thought someone had made an error on delivery,
He took the flowers in and opened up the card to see.

He opened up the little card to see what it would say,
And as he read the first line it said "Happy Father's Day!"
"It's from the kids," he softly said, "now this is a surprise."
And as he read the little card the tears filled up his eyes.

Dad you know we always call you on this special day,
But it's so hard for all of us to find the words to say,
To tell you Dad how much we love you just for being you,
So this year we all got the idea to try something new.

Flowers are the ultimate expression to show love,
Flowers are the special gift when you are thinking of,
Someone who is precious and means all the world to you,
Nothing else says "I love you" the way that flowers do.

So place them somewhere you can see and smell the sweet bouquet,
Because the flowers represent what we all want to say.
We love you Dad with all our hearts and this is just our way,
To tell you this and hope you have the greatest Father's Day.

He put the little card aside and smiled and wiped his eyes,
The tears were running down his cheeks because of his surprise.
His heart was overflowing with the love behind their plan,
Flowers say "I love you" even when sent to a man.
Daddy's Day at School

Her hair was up in a ponytail, 
Her favorite dress tied with a bow.
Today was Daddy's Day at school,
And she couldn't wait to go.

But her mommy tried to tell her,
That she probably should stay home.
Why the kids might not understand,
If she went to school alone.

But she was not afraid;
She knew just what to say.
What to tell her classmates
Of why he wasn't there today.

But still her mother worried,
For her to face this day alone.
And that was why once again,
She tried to keep her daughter home.

But the little girl went to school,
Eager to tell them all.
About a dad she never sees
A dad who never calls.

There were daddies along the wall in back,
For everyone to meet.
Children squirming impatiently,
Anxious in their seats.

One by one the teacher called,
A student from theclass.
To introduce their daddy,
As seconds slowly passed.

At last the teacher called her name,
Every child turned to stare.
Each of them was searching,
For a man who wasn't there.

"Where's her daddy at?"
She heard a boy call out.
"She probably doesn't have one,"
Another student dared to shout.

And from somewhere near the back,
She heard a daddy say,
"Looks like another deadbeat dad,
Too busy to waste his day."

The words did not offend her,
As she smiled up at her Mom.
And looked back at her teacher,
Who told her to go on.

And with hands behind her back,
Slowly she began to speak.
And out from the mouth of a child,
Came words incredibly unique.

"My Daddy couldn't be here,
Because he lives so far away.
But I know he wishes he could be,
Since this is such a special day.

And though you cannot meet him,
I wanted you to know.
All about my daddy,
And how much he loves me so.

He loved to tell me stories
He taught me to ride my bike.
He surprised me with pink roses,
And taught me to fly a kite.

We used to share fudge sundaes,
And ice cream in a cone.
And though you cannot see him,
I'm not standing here alone.

Cause my daddy's always with me,
Even though we are apart
I know because he told me,
He'll forever be in my heart"

With that, her little hand reached up,
And lay across her chest.
Feeling her own heartbeat,
Beneath her favorite dress.

And from somewhere in the crowd of dads,
Her mother stood in tears.
Proudly watching her daughter,
Who was wise beyond her years.

For she stood up for the love
Of a man not in her life.
Doing what was best for her,
Doing what was right.

And when she dropped her hand back down,
Staring straight into the crowd.
She finished with a voice so soft,
But its message clear and loud.

"I love my daddy very much,
He's my shining star.
And if he could, he'd be here,
But heaven's just too far.

You see he was a fireman
And died just this past year
When airplanes hit the towers
And taught Americans to fear.

But sometimes when I close my eyes,
It's like he never went away."
And then she closed her eyes,
And saw him there that day.

And to her mother's amazement,
She witnessed with surprise.
A room full of daddies and children,
All starting to close their eyes.

Who knows what they saw before them,
Who knows what they felt inside.
Perhaps for merely a second,
They saw him at her side.

"I know you're with me Daddy,"
To the silence she called out.
And what happened next made believers,
Of those once filled with doubt.

Not one in that room could explain it,
For each of their eyes had been closed.
But there on the desk beside her,
Was a fragrant long-stemmed pink rose.

And a child was blessed, if only for a moment,
By the love of her shining bright star.
And given the gift of believing,
That heaven is never too far


With Father's Day here of course I think about my dad and my life growing up with him around...and things I observed during those years....
My dad was always a man of strength, assertiveness, business minded,hard hard working, did for his family always, always wanting and providing more for his family then what he had growing up, a devoted husband, strict,kept his feelings to himself,very grounded in his faith,full of advice,and very much a gentleman.
I remember always going to him first with ideas or plans..testing the waters and wanting his advice...it was NOT always what I wanted to hear but as time went on I discovered he was always right. He always has and still smells like old spice cologne...I love that smell...No matter what gift I would give him for christmas or his birthday or fathers day...you would have thought I gave him gold...made such a big deal and made it known...too cool. His hugs...the best...feeling secure and loved in my daddy's arms.
**we used to lay on pillows on the floor of our living room and I used his belly as a pillow and we would watch John Wayne westerns, Clint Eastwood movies, Disney movies, and the Sunday night mystery detective movies (McCloud, Banachek, Columbo, Kojak etc)...to this day...those hold such fond memories for me and I still like watching them
**when I was sick...my dad used to move the recliner chair next to the fireplace and fill it with pillows and a blanket and lay me there...so I could stay warm...
**he used to brush my long long hair...so it would dry faster...(I remember that being very soothing and making me sleepy)
**he used to make just him and I our favorite drink as a treat which was cream soda and milk.....hmmmmmmm so so good.
**my dad was always reading, the library was just a few houses down the road, and that is where my love of reading came from...
**him teaching me how to drive was too much...but he did it...and I passed with flying colors...
**I remember him cooking me breakfast once in a blue moon...just because it was him and I...eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, and of course juice. The best breakfast ever.
**going on some awesome family vacations, always surrounded around things for my brother and I to enjoy.
**holidays...always with family
**Birthdays...always making each and everyone of them the best...fulfilling my dreams
**trying to teach me to ski...too funny...lost cause...but always trying, sledding--him jumping on the back of the sleigh..making it go faster...the faster the better..what a great time.
**spending summers at the lake...what a blast...
**helping me find summer jobs working with kids
**playing tennis against each other...he was good...I was trying to be...
**burying my oldest brother...I could see a part of him died away..and he held me close the whole time
**my dad dropping me off at college....the longest drive ever..always phone calls to see if I was alright...sending money so I had something to play with...and that hug right before he left...both our hearts were breaking.
**running a daycare with him...trying times, fun times, but a great adventure.
**getting married...supported me even tho he did not like the guy...but knew my heart could not be changed then...I should have listened.
**holding my twins...the pride and love in his eyes is something I will never forget, fighting the hospital to provide me with the best of care and then fighting the hospital for my twins's care.
**making the arrangements to bury my son...again even more of him died...and the hurt and pain I saw in his eyes...I also will never forget
**him spoiling my daughter now..my sons...and truly treating Allen like his own son...
My father has been there for me through the best and worst times in my life...we have a great bond...I miss having him close by...but he knows I love him with my whole heart...
He has made me strong, determined, independent, outspoken, and instilled beautiful values in me, to set ultimate goals for myself and to reach for them, filled my life with unending support and love...and always made me feel like #1...
I owe him so much...but for now...

Friday, June 15, 2007


Just something beautiful to share......

He Sent Her Roses ...
The person who did this was Jack Benny....

Each year he sent her roses, and the note would always say, I love you even more this year, than last year on this day.
My love for you will always grow, with every passing year." She knew this was the last time that the roses would appear.
She thought, he ordered roses in advance before this day. Her loving husband did not know, that he would pass away.
He always liked to do things early, way before the time. Then, if he got too busy, everything would work out fine.
She trimmed the stems and placed them in a very special vase. Then, sat the vase beside the portrait of his smiling face.
She would sit for hours, In her husband's favorite chair. While staring at his picture, and the roses sitting there.
A year went by, and it was to live without her mate. With loneliness and solitude, that had become her fate.
Then, the very hour, The doorbell rang, and there were roses sitting by her door. She brought the roses in,
And then just looked At them in shock. Then, went to get the telephone, To call the florist shop.
The owner answered, and she asked him, If he would explain, Why would someone would Do this to her, causing her such pain?
"I know your husband passed away, more than a year ago," The owner said, "I knew you'd call, and you would want to know.
The flowers you received today, were paid for in advance. Your husband always planned ahead, he left nothing to chance.
There is a standing order, that I have on file down here, And he has paid, well in advance, you'll get them every year.
There also is another thing, that I think you should know, He wrote a special little card... He did this years ago.
Then, should ever I find out That he's no longer here, That's the card that should be sent To you the following year."
She thanked him and hung up the phone, her tears now flowing hard. Her fingers shaking, as she slowly reached to get the card.
Inside the card, she saw that he had written her a note. Then, as she stared in total silence, This is what he wrote...
"Hello my love, I know it's been a year since I've been gone. I hope it hasn't been too hard For you to overcome.
I know it must be lonely, and the pain is very real. Or if it was the other way, I know how I would feel.
The love we shared made everything so beautiful in life. I loved you more than words can say, you were the perfect wife.
You were my friend and lover, you fulfilled my every need. I know it's only been a year, but please try not to grieve.
I want you to be happy, Even when you shed your tears. That is why the roses will be sent To you for years.
When you get these roses, Think of all the happiness That we had together, And how both of us were blessed.
I have always loved you and I know I always will. But, my love, you must go on, You have some living still.
Please...try to find happiness, While living out your days. I know it is not easy, But I hope you find some ways.
The roses will come every year, And they will only stop, When your door's not answered, When the florist stops to knock.
He will come five times that day, In case you have gone out. But after his last visit, He will know without a doubt!
To take the roses to the place, Where I've instructed him And place the roses where we are, Together once again.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Remembering Flag day I thought I would share what was shared with me.....PLEASE keep those that are still fighting for us in your thoughts and prayers.....

Flag Etiquette

The Flag Code, which formalizes and unifies the traditional ways in which we give respect to the flag, also contains specific instructions on how the flag is not to be used. They are:
The flag should never be dipped to any person or thing. It is flown upside down only as a distress signal.
The flag should not be used as a drapery, or for covering a speakers desk, draping a platform, or for any decoration in general. Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available for these purposes. The blue stripe of the bunting should be on the top.
The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose. It should not be embroidered, printed or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes, or anything intended to be discarded after temporary use. Advertising signs should not be attached to the staff or halyard
The flag should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform, except that a flag patch may be used on the uniform of military personnel, fireman, policeman and members of patriotic organizations.
The flag should never have placed on it, or attached to it, any mark, insignia, letter, word, number, figure, or drawing of any kind.
The flag should never be used as a receptacle for receiving, holding, carrying, or delivering anything.
When the flag is lowered, no part of it should touch the ground or any other object; it should be received by waiting hands and arms. To store the flag it should be folded neatly and ceremoniously.
The flag should be cleaned and mended when necessary.
When a flag is so worn it is no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country, it should be destroyed by burning in a dignified manner.
Note: Most American Legion Posts regularly conduct a dignified flag burning ceremony, often on Flag Day, June 14th. Many Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Girl Scout Troops retire flags regularly as well. Contact your local American Legion Hall or Scout Troop to inquire about the availability of this service.

Displaying the Flag Outdoors
When the flag is displayed from a staff projecting from a window, balcony, or a building, the union should be at the peak of the staff unless the flag is at half staff.
When it is displayed from the same flagpole with another flag - of a state, community, society or Scout unit - the flag of the United States must always be at the top except that the church pennant may be flown above the flag during church services for Navy personnel when conducted by a Naval chaplain on a ship at sea.
When the flag is displayed over a street, it should be hung vertically, with the union to the north or east. If the flag is suspended over a sidewalk, the flag's union should be farthest from the building.
When flown with flags of states, communities, or societies on separate flag poles which are of the same height and in a straight line, the flag of the United States is always placed in the position of honor - to its own right.
..The other flags may be smaller but none may be larger.
..No other flag ever should be placed above it.
..The flag of the United States is always the first flag raised and the last to be lowered.
When flown with the national banner of other countries, each flag must be displayed from a separate pole of the same height. Each flag should be the same size. They should be raised and lowered simultaneously. The flag of one nation may not be displayed above that of another nation.
Raising and Lowering the Flag
The flag should be raised briskly and lowered slowly and ceremoniously. Ordinarily it should be displayed only between sunrise and sunset. It should be illuminated if displayed at night.
The flag of the United States of America is saluted as it is hoisted and lowered. The salute is held until the flag is unsnapped from the halyard or through the last note of music, whichever is the longest.

Displaying the Flag Indoors
When on display, the flag is accorded the place of honor, always positioned to its own right. Place it to the right of the speaker or staging area or sanctuary. Other flags should be to the left.
The flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the highest point of the group when a number of flags of states, localities, or societies are grouped for display.
When one flag is used with the flag of the United States of America and the staffs are crossed, the flag of the United States is placed on its own right with its staff in front of the other flag.
When displaying the flag against a wall, vertically or horizontally, the flag's union (stars) should be at the top, to the flag's own right, and to the observer's left.
Parading and Saluting the Flag
When carried in a procession, the flag should be to the right of the marchers. When other flags are carried, the flag of the United States may be centered in front of the others or carried to their right. When the flag passes in a procession, or when it is hoisted or lowered, all should face the flag and salute.
The Salute
To salute, all persons come to attention. Those in uniform give the appropriate formal salute. Citizens not in uniform salute by placing their right hand over the heart and men with head cover should remove it and hold it to left shoulder, hand over the heart. Members of organizations in formation salute upon command of the person in charge.
The Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem
The pledge of allegiance should be rendered by standing at attention, facing the flag, and saluting.
When the national anthem is played or sung, citizens should stand at attention and salute at the first note and hold the salute through the last note. The salute is directed to the flag, if displayed, otherwise to the music.

The Flag in Mourning
To place the flag at half staff, hoist it to the peak for an instant and lower it to a position half way between the top and bottom of the staff. The flag is to be raised again to the peak for a moment before it is lowered. On Memorial Day the flag is displayed at half staff until noon and at full staff from noon to sunset.
The flag is to be flown at half staff in mourning for designated, principal government leaders and upon presidential or gubernatorial order.
When used to cover a casket, the flag should be placed with the union at the head and over the left shoulder. It should not be lowered into the grave.


I have tried to write this entry a few times....but I seem to pick the wrong times...first a storm was fast approaching (unknown to me) because I had my Zen on  like I do now and was just typing away...when I was just about finished and the lights went out and there went my entry...GEEZ....then I tried again and my puter just decided to give up...it was tired of being on so it rebooted by itself (which seems to be happening a lot)...so purely out of frustration I just stopped trying to do an entry...It really takes a lot for me to sit and gather my thoughts enough to write...there are days that my mind feels like it is in such fog....and my thoughts scattered that my motivation to write is not there. I just want to say for the record...Boy--Those Entries Were Good...lol
Okay...so here I am again....and I will try to remember the things I wanted to tell you about....
***First...I called my mom last weekend because it was her birthday....WOW...that sweet angel of a woman turned 85...at least to my calculations...but apparently when you get her age you tend to go backwards...because she swears she is 79 or 80....she also said when she was born that Puerto Rico kept really poor records of births and deaths..so her birth certificate says 1922...but she just knows that is wrong....ya just gotta love the woman....who cares...Bless Her Heart...I can only dream of living that long....and I know I won't....she has seen such incredible history..and been through so much....and still has the best sense of humor....still has her accent even tho she has been in the states since her early 20's and can cook like no other....and still spoils me...lol - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM.....
***Next....I got to talk to my dad for a bit....he sounded more forgetful, more confused...really upset me....BUT...his new idea is that he is going to move to Puerto Rico....now mind you....there are maybe a handful of relatives there...everyone was much older then my folks...so not many relatives left...and he and my mom want to go there to die....GOD.....I am losing it....all I could do is cry....my siblings only check up on my parents whenever they can find time in their busy pathetic lives...so my parents are stuck out in the sticks...NO ONE AROUND...NO FRIENDS....and they have been lost so many times driving from one place to another that they are now scared to go out. Well now I am going to go to a place up the road from me...about 3 miles that is a retirement community....couples live in modular homes...gated community...with a pool, club house, gulf course, tennis courts...all sorts of things....and if they need to go out...EVERYTHING is straight up the road for them only 3 miles away....no turns no nothing...just straight....a church, grocery store, walmart, restaurants, etc etc.....so I will call the place...get info, and then call my parents and argue until I win and they move here...Allen and I are better suited to take care of them and make sure they are ok....Allen is just as angry as I am....not at my folks but at my siblings for just letting my parents slip away and not keeping them up in the fore front of things....PLEASE do not get me wrong...but one of the major reasons my parents moved there is because my siblings promised them that they would get them involved in all kinds of senior things and activities and that there is a HUGE spanish community and so on and so forth...HOWEVER....NOTHING....they have delivered NOTHING!!!!! Now it is my turn to be the REAL ITCH they know I can be....it is NOT going to be pretty.
***Next...last weekend we ALL went out and did some major shopping...first we have paid off all the debts we owed....THANK YOU GOD....we are still waiting for the roofing contractors to come and give us an estimate....and we still have to order the kitchen but I have everything picked up and figured out...(by myself-without anyone at Lowe's having to walk me through it), so roofing is the only thing that I am waiting on....SO...I decided that we all needed some clothes...the last time we all went out shopping for major clothes was over 5 years ago when my settlement started...and WC had to pay me my back salary for two years in one check...so we went out....it was FUN...Everyone got ALOT of shirts, shoes, shorts and jeans...Crystalyn of course was in heaven...she got some GREAT funny t-shirts with deep messages on them...lol...we still have to go shopping for dry goods especially since now hurricane season is upon us...but we will be doing that this week.
***Next...my son AJ arrived at Fort Campbell safe and sound....he said it is very different then where he was at but that they have ALOT of stuff on base which is great...and a HUGE commissary..which helps out. He called us the night before last and has received noticed that in October he will most likely be deployed....NOW this news I am NOT taking well at all...I know deep down it was a possibility....but it scares the true life out of me. He is NOT even going over to work in the field that they just spent tens of thousands on him training him in....they have private contractors over there that are firefighters...so he will be going to do convoys to deliver supplies and contractors wherever....of course they first thing after he said that was you know mom...those convoys that keep getting hit with IEDS....my heart sank....BTW...that is the way the army explained it to him...I am beside myself....I cry a lot...well for now that is all I can say about it...because it is toooo upsetting.
***Next...I have been suffering from some major pain for a while now...my legs are HUGE....they are so swollen and painful I can barely walk..it is driving me nuts...even putting my legs up does not help...they are just so painful that just having a sheet on top of them hurts...this is crazy...
***Allen did something I did not expect...he has been shopping around and found Crystalyn a car....GEEZ...she will be getting her license this summer...I think....anyway...he found her a dark blue 1999 saturn...it is sweet...runs great...cold cold AC....and she LOVES it....Allen checked it all out...and expect for a small bolt needed for a corner of the bumper...he cannot find anything wrong with it. He is suppose to go to the dealer in the morning and wheel and deal for this car...we will see...she does have her heart set....so we will see.
Well I want to get this entry loaded before I lose it again.....I hope you all have a GREAT day and remember to HUGS THOSE YOU LOVE......PEACE!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007


FINALLY.....there is GREAT news to report.....but first I want to THANK YOU ALL for all the great solutions and encouraging comments you left for me.....we could not go to a check cashing place to cash the check because we had already deposited it into our account and the bank would not give it back.....we could not take a loan out against it because there was still a hold on the check and federal guidelines does not allow that with out of state checks.....ANYWAY.....I had mentioned that I had to think things through because I was too upset to think about anything rational....well later that evening I told Allen that he needed to call our financial investment guy because I did not think that he is aware that this would happen to us....at least he did not mention any thing about it to me....So first thing yesterday morning Allen called him and Mike (the investment guy) flipped and said that the bank is not held to stone about such guidelines about the hold....and he also did not understand why the bank just did not call the bank in Boston right away to verify the money was there....so Mike told Allen to meet him at the bank at around 3 and that Mike would go in and fight for our money to be released...Mike previously was a bank manager before becoming a financial advisor so he knows all the ins and outs of banking and said that he would get us our money released....WELL....SURE ENOUGH HE DID.......THANK GOD......MIRACLES DO HAPPEN....and a cashier's check in on the way this morning to the law offices of the mortgage company to stop the foreclosure....they said as long as it was sent before next week that there would be NO FORECLOSURE....PRAISE GOD....our house is safe!!!!!!!

WHAT A MASSIVE RELIEF it is for us......I want to THANK YOU ALL for your prayers and positive thoughts....I just know that you all had God's ear and heart in this matter. It feels like a huge weight has been taken off our shoulders.....right now Allen and I are trying to sort out who to pay first and how to go about it all in the best and fastest way....but the MOST important thing is finally paid up to date and thatis the mortgage....Now money every month will automatically be sent to the mortgage company to pay the monthly payments...the reason we did not just pay the whole thing off is because taking that kind of money out of the retirement fund would cause MAJOR penalties with the IRS and so on.....but the money will go from the fund to the mortgage company and we NO LONGER have to worry about mortgage payments....with the amount of money we did receive....the IRS took over $14,000 of the money....that is alot of money just to hand over.....that is just penalties...not taxes....so we do not get that money back....I personally do not want to hand over any more money to them...

GOD BLESS this financial advisor-Mike....he truly is an angel in disguise...I so appreciate everything he has done for us...always with a happy tone to his voice and a happy heart....we really are BLESSED to have him on our side!

I just wanted to share the GOOD news with all of you....again...Allen and I THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers and support....you truly have blessed our lives and heart....Your kindness will come back to you all ten-fold....I truly believe that!!!

Have a GREAT friday...HUG THOSE YOU LOVE......PEACE!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


NEW TECHNOLOGY........this is just fascinating.....just had to share it with all of you! (click on blue words)

A New Kind Of Coffee Table


I knew it ...I knew it ....I knew it....First THANK GOD...we did receive the check today from the retirement fund....BUT like I said ...the state has a way of screwing with their employees....the check is from a bank in Massachusetts...the banks here have a policy that out of state checks have to sit for 10 business days so that it can "clear"....well first why did we pay for overnight when the check will automatically have a hold....the Florida retirement lady knew this because that is the law in Florida.....and why is the check from a bank in Massachusetts.....if we have to wait for 10 days it will be TOO late to stop the foreclosure.....DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!
I just knew there had to be a catch with all of this.....the Florida retirement lady DID NOT mention this little issue at all during the teleconference Allen had with her and the investment guy....the bank said they could do us a favor and let us have $100.00 but that is it.....OMG....I just wanted to scream...this is so typical...now what??????
I am just beside myself right now.....I have to think about all of this...I am too upset to be rational right now....but just wanted to fill you all in....like I have always said...you just gotta love the Department of Corruption!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


OMG......LOWES CALLED ME....early this afternoon I received an email from the main office of Lowes saying they have forwarded my complaint to the local office (the store where I went) to resolve this issue...I thought to myself I guess I will be getting another email from this Lowes apologizing and the general niceties...well I got a BIG SURPRISE...The sales manager of Lowes called me ...I was SHOCKED to say the least....he was INCREDIBLY nice and polite and so very much apologetic....he kept asking what could he do to resolve this issue for me...I told him just his phone call was enough...He went on to explain how this woman employee has 30 years of experience in designing kitchens and such...never had a complaint about her.....that maybe she was having an off day...I told him I understand off days because everyone is human....I just did not understand why she could not explain ANYTHING to me like different hardware, or appliances, or countertops until I paid the measurement fee....he said he did not understand why she did not do that either...that she is extremely knowledgeable in those areas and that is part of her "sales" thing....but I told him perhaps I caught her in an off moment but I also explained how difficult it is for me to get out and once I am out I try to do as much as possible and get as much completed because it is so difficult for me. I told him I have NO KITCHEN to speak of except a stove and a refrigerator and that is it....so I need everything...now it was his moment to be shocked....he said you must eat out a lot...I told him we order out a lot because I do not go out....and I want a kitchen again because ordering out was getting old....we laughed a lot. Any way...he said I did not need detailed measurements in order to get general pricing ideas...or to check things out to start getting ideas on how I want things to look...he was very surprised that she did not do that with us. So Allen and I will go in with general measurements (like how long the walls are that will have cabinets) HOWEVER....this is the way he is resolving the problem....he wants me to call him ahead of time and let him know when I will be coming to Lowes...with or without any measurements...and he will have either this woman or the other kitchen planner and sales people from appliances,and the specialists for the countertops and such all wait on me....that I will not wait on any lines...that these people will sit with me and come up with plans and ideas for me to look at and take home with me...and when I am ready to have the detailed measurements done...then they will punch in the numbers and have a 3-d program with my actual kitchen and what it will look like for me....then I can take that home and look at it and make any changes I want and go from there until I am happy....he said he will arrange everything for me and I am to always call him with whatever ideas or needs that I have about my renovations...OMG....how very sweet!!!!
He said if I happen to call and he is NOT there that I am to ask for the store manager (he gave me his name too) and that the store manager will see I get what I want. He did tell me that sometimes it takes 2 or 3 visits to get everything perfect the way I want....I told him that was ok as long as I know that ahead of time so I can plan it out in my head and get myself psyched for it. But I told him...the lady never even told me that...never told me that they could do such a program...never mentioned that she could start planning it out WITHOUT measurements...that is what really shocked him. I guess I will be WELL KNOWN at Lowes now....
He must have spent about 20-30 minutes on the phone with me...he did have me laughing...he also said at the end that he had to warn me that once they have created this kitchen for me...there is no more reason for ordering out....I laughed again and told him those are the days I look forward to...lol
WOW....talk about resolving the issue....I am glad I wrote to the company...I am thrilled this very nice man called me....and I really look forward to planning out my kitchen again....yesterday it felt like my bubble was popped but the sales manager renewed my excitement with all the possibilities open to me...and I am just so excited again!!!!
THANKS TO YOU ALL for your support about this....you really made me feel good about writing to them...and about my feelings in all of it....I really needed that.......I will let you know what happens on my next visit...that should be interesting!!


Yes believe it or not I am doing another entry so soon....so that should tell you that the last 24 hours have been busy!!!!

Summer school is insane....the lane to turn into the school was MILES long....it is not even that long during the school year....but you have to remember that there are NO buses...either you walk to school and get a ride...so Allen drove Crystalyn and he had to drop her off at  the entrance because it was near impossible to get any closer to the school...Picking her up was the same chaos....hopefully the administration will have some system set up soon to avoid the insanity...I just could not believe it!!! It is just an accident waiting to happen....So I had a massive fight with myself and got myself ready to actually go out!!!! I have not been out since my last doctor appointment....so I was quite proud of myself....Okay...got ready and we go get Crystalyn ...and then decided to go to LOWES and see what we need to do in order to start getting the renovations done on our kitchen....NOW mind you it takes ALOT for me to go out....it is the worst horror that my mind and body goes through....but I was okay going to Lowes because I knew what I wanted...I already did the research and pricing and such...I just wanted to know the lil details....WELL DARN IT.....the lady at the kitchen project center was RUDE and COLD!!! We have measured our kitchen a dozen times but of course I would much rather they come to measure it so that there are no misunderstandings. Well the lady said that it would cost $75 dollars but you get that back when they come to install everything...I knew that from the web site....home depot also has the same policy. HOWEVER....no matter what question I asked her...like could you tell me about the different countertops you have...she said after you pay your $75 dollars we can then go over that....no matter what I said...that was her response....no eye contact...NASTY attitude....I was devastated by the time we left there....After Lowes we went to eat at Denny's....it was nice....but that is when I broke down....I started talking about my impression of this lady and Allen got the same vibe from her and then I cried....I just wanted to go home.....the meal could not go fast enough for me and I wanted to go home....

Now after getting home and relaxing, I decided to get on the LOWES website and wrote a MASSIVE complaint about her....I do not know the name of this person but I did tell them what store and the time and all.....I am waiting for a reply. I told them it must have been the fact that my husband has long hair and a long beard and I was in a wheel chair that we must have appeared not to have money so why would their employee waste her time on us....I am telling you my complaint was NASTY... I was just so devastated really!!!! This is what makes me want to stay home safe....

Okay.....enough of that for now...... I decided to play with that photo poster program again....I really like the two posters below...I am thinking of printing them out and framing them as gifts for christmas....The actual pics you see are one that I digitally painted...any way....here they are:

Okay...I feel better...I have vented....now I am going to play some more at the forum...
Have a GRAND DAY....and remember to HUG THOSE YOU LOVE......PEACE!!!



Monday, June 4, 2007



It is OFFICIAL....Hurricane season has started....and sure enough all weekend we got the MUCH NEEDED rain from Tropical Storm Barry....Of course the roof is not mended yet so our garage had a nice soaking..(this is getting old) but hopefully this will all be taken care of soon!!!! As much as it rained...and boy did it rain...it is just as dry and hot outside...I predict this summer is going to be a scorcher!!!

Today is the first day of summer school....Crystalyn signed up for summer school on her own...she has to make up a biology class that she did not do well in....and has to take a team sport PE class so that she does not have to hassle with that during her senior year. Now each of those classes are two weeks long for 6 hours a day...so first she has biology and then PE...so by the end of June she is done and caught up and one class ahead going into her senior year...She has a friend that will also be in summer school so at least she has someone to hang out with...say a lil prayer for her that she passes these two classes and I think she will really enjoy the rest of her summer. She does not go back to school until late August...so she will have just short of 8 weeks of summer to enjoy and go crazy.

Well I was bored one night and decided to do some graphic playing and came up with this graphic....it was just for fun but I like the way it turned out!!!

Okay....Now remember tomorrow the money is suppose to be released and a check cut for Allen....we are suppose to see it hit the bank on wednesday...so keep some positive thoughts going...I just do not trust the state! I showed Allen all the cabinets and such I would like from Lowe's and he liked it also....I knew it would...they are oak...and they match a table that he sanded and stained years and years ago....truly the prices are ALOT less then what we thought....we have been looking at ranges...and chest freezers...we used to have a chest freezer but after about 8 years it just quit...so we would like another one...smaller since there is only the three of us...and we found one we like....so now we just have to find a counter top that is reasonable and DOES NOT have particle board...and hopefully we can get stuff ordered.

What is a shock for me.....there are now 15 members at the THIS AND THAT forum...I am so blessed that people joined and actually like it....I think it is going smoothly...I am trying to think of more ideas for it...kind of stumped right now...but I am open to suggestions (hint hint!!!)

Well I think I will go get a cup of coffee and listen to the news for a bit...sleep is rare and far between...just another phase it seems...drives me crazy...but I am getting used to it!
I hope everyone has a GREAT week...remember to HUG THOSE YOU LOVE.....PEACE!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007



It Is Official....Allen signed all the necessary paperwork....his retirement fund is in his hands...arrangements have been made for the money to be deposited into our bank account...all the benificary paperwork has been filled out...We should see something hit the bank by Tuesday at the latest....KEEP A LIL PRAYER SAID...and then we are going to celebrate...Like I have said a MILLION times when it comes to the state...I will believe it when I see it. Like we were told before that the money would arrive overnight...NOPE...another shocking revelation...it will take a couple of business days...go figure...but truly I think I can see the light at the end of this very dark tunnel we have been in for quite some time...

So I have spent the better part of the evening and early morning hours going through the home depot and lowes websites to comparison shop for kitchen cabinets and countertops...right now it looks like Lowes offers the better prices...As I know more I will let you all know...and Allen is waiting to hear from a couple of guys who do roofing so we can get some estimates and repair work done...it has been a busy 24 hours. Those two issues are my major concerns after paying off the mortgage debt...THANK YOU GOD!!!!

Okay...for some interesting news...this video was sent to a list I belong to and I thought I would pass it along to you all....This budding artist is 3 YEARS OLD...wait until you see his work...I am simply amazed!!!

Well I hope everyone has a HAPPY friday and THANK GOD FOR WEEKENDS!
Remember to HUG THOSE YOU LOVE......PEACE!!!