Thursday, June 14, 2007


I have tried to write this entry a few times....but I seem to pick the wrong times...first a storm was fast approaching (unknown to me) because I had my Zen on  like I do now and was just typing away...when I was just about finished and the lights went out and there went my entry...GEEZ....then I tried again and my puter just decided to give was tired of being on so it rebooted by itself (which seems to be happening a lot) purely out of frustration I just stopped trying to do an entry...It really takes a lot for me to sit and gather my thoughts enough to write...there are days that my mind feels like it is in such fog....and my thoughts scattered that my motivation to write is not there. I just want to say for the record...Boy--Those Entries Were here I am again....and I will try to remember the things I wanted to tell you about....
***First...I called my mom last weekend because it was her birthday....WOW...that sweet angel of a woman turned least to my calculations...but apparently when you get her age you tend to go backwards...because she swears she is 79 or 80....she also said when she was born that Puerto Rico kept really poor records of births and her birth certificate says 1922...but she just knows that is wrong....ya just gotta love the woman....who cares...Bless Her Heart...I can only dream of living that long....and I know I won't....she has seen such incredible history..and been through so much....and still has the best sense of humor....still has her accent even tho she has been in the states since her early 20's and can cook like no other....and still spoils - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM.....
***Next....I got to talk to my dad for a bit....he sounded more forgetful, more confused...really upset me....BUT...his new idea is that he is going to move to Puerto mind you....there are maybe a handful of relatives there...everyone was much older then my not many relatives left...and he and my mom want to go there to die....GOD.....I am losing it....all I could do is siblings only check up on my parents whenever they can find time in their busy pathetic my parents are stuck out in the sticks...NO ONE AROUND...NO FRIENDS....and they have been lost so many times driving from one place to another that they are now scared to go out. Well now I am going to go to a place up the road from me...about 3 miles that is a retirement community....couples live in modular homes...gated community...with a pool, club house, gulf course, tennis courts...all sorts of things....and if they need to go out...EVERYTHING is straight up the road for them only 3 miles turns no nothing...just straight....a church, grocery store, walmart, restaurants, etc I will call the place...get info, and then call my parents and argue until I win and they move here...Allen and I are better suited to take care of them and make sure they are ok....Allen is just as angry as I am....not at my folks but at my siblings for just letting my parents slip away and not keeping them up in the fore front of things....PLEASE do not get me wrong...but one of the major reasons my parents moved there is because my siblings promised them that they would get them involved in all kinds of senior things and activities and that there is a HUGE spanish community and so on and so forth...HOWEVER....NOTHING....they have delivered NOTHING!!!!! Now it is my turn to be the REAL ITCH they know I can is NOT going to be pretty.
***Next...last weekend we ALL went out and did some major shopping...first we have paid off all the debts we owed....THANK YOU GOD....we are still waiting for the roofing contractors to come and give us an estimate....and we still have to order the kitchen but I have everything picked up and figured out...(by myself-without anyone at Lowe's having to walk me through it), so roofing is the only thing that I am waiting on....SO...I decided that we all needed some clothes...the last time we all went out shopping for major clothes was over 5 years ago when my settlement started...and WC had to pay me my back salary for two years in one we went was FUN...Everyone got ALOT of shirts, shoes, shorts and jeans...Crystalyn of course was in heaven...she got some GREAT funny t-shirts with deep messages on still have to go shopping for dry goods especially since now hurricane season is upon us...but we will be doing that this week.
*** son AJ arrived at Fort Campbell safe and sound....he said it is very different then where he was at but that they have ALOT of stuff on base which is great...and a HUGE commissary..which helps out. He called us the night before last and has received noticed that in October he will most likely be deployed....NOW this news I am NOT taking well at all...I know deep down it was a possibility....but it scares the true life out of me. He is NOT even going over to work in the field that they just spent tens of thousands on him training him in....they have private contractors over there that are he will be going to do convoys to deliver supplies and contractors wherever....of course they first thing after he said that was you know mom...those convoys that keep getting hit with heart sank....BTW...that is the way the army explained it to him...I am beside myself....I cry a lot...well for now that is all I can say about it...because it is toooo upsetting.
***Next...I have been suffering from some major pain for a while legs are HUGE....they are so swollen and painful I can barely is driving me nuts...even putting my legs up does not help...they are just so painful that just having a sheet on top of them hurts...this is crazy...
***Allen did something I did not expect...he has been shopping around and found Crystalyn a car....GEEZ...she will be getting her license this summer...I think....anyway...he found her a dark blue 1999 is sweet...runs great...cold cold AC....and she LOVES it....Allen checked it all out...and expect for a small bolt needed for a corner of the bumper...he cannot find anything wrong with it. He is suppose to go to the dealer in the morning and wheel and deal for this car...we will see...she does have her heart we will see.
Well I want to get this entry loaded before I lose it again.....I hope you all have a GREAT day and remember to HUGS THOSE YOU LOVE......PEACE!!!


drb1064 said...

Hope you manage to persuade your parents to move nearer and glad you can now breathe easy and get your renovations done. Happy shopping lol.

seraphoflove9001 said...

Boy...I hope you can talk your parents into moving where you want them to be. It really sounds so much better and safer for them. I'm so glad that you are now able to get things done with the house and everything else! :o)! That makes me so happy for you! :o) I will keep your son in my prayers.
Many hugs to you!

my78novata said...

the car sounds greta yuou will have to share pics of the car and your home remodel. Yes I too was angry at my moms family they let my granny slip away then ............. sent her to us once there was little that ocudl be done to stalll the effects of alzhiemrs when in the beginngin so much more could have been done. ist infuriating. sounds like you have been busy. I sure hope nad pray you get your swelling figured out and you can wallk better.

mynamebecj said...

Hey twin, for someone who lives such a private life you sure got a lot of things going on.  lol  I do hope you can convince your folks to move up there by you.  I never did figure out why they left to start with.  Just be sure and remind them how often Crystalyn can visit if that close, you know how much they enjoy her company.
I am so thrilled to hear that all got taken care of with the finances and things are back on track again.  I hate to shop period, so even if I had the money I don't think I could do a marathon shopping spree like that.  Can't wait to see some pics of yuns in your fancy new threads.
Will be praying that there is a sudden end to the BS in Iraq and that AJ won't have to go afterall.  It just blows me away how they train the guys for one thing and then they never use that training.  My son received all of his mechanics certification, then they put him into cargo control.  Go figure.  I pray that AJ and Eric neither one ends up in Iraq!!

I can't wait to see pictures of the new kitchen when it's completed, how exciting for you.

Love ya twin,

coelha said...

Your parents sound like such a sweet couple!  I do hope you can pursuade them to come and live closer to you.  I hope your legs feel better soon--they have to feel better because you have a lot of shopping to do!!  I hope your boys continue to be safe out there--it is all so scary-God bless them.  Take care - Julie

dcmeyer420 said...

Yeah, hurricane season is upon us again. Hope it will spare us those nasty ones like Ivan and Dennis this year. I am in the same boat. My son got his license last month and we're still looking for a decent beater for him. Meanwhile, my car is his loaner car so I have to organize our timetable so we both can use it. Our insurance went up to three times when he got his license so I am really hesitant about adding another car to an already ginourmous auto insurance bill. Hugs.

tendernoggle said...

I am so happy you all were able to go shopping!!! I am so sad about your son...maybe it will change ....lets hope so.
love ya,

wfhbear said...

This was a real great entry. It sure showed be a lot of what is going on in your life. I know that AJ will be OK. He will get his deployment done and be back home. My Mom will turn 85 next month. I too am in wonder about how Mom's get along at that age. Libby sure likes that thing on your entry about, "You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing". She says she can identify with it. Thanks for the entry....Bill.