Tuesday, June 5, 2007


OMG......LOWES CALLED ME....early this afternoon I received an email from the main office of Lowes saying they have forwarded my complaint to the local office (the store where I went) to resolve this issue...I thought to myself I guess I will be getting another email from this Lowes apologizing and the general niceties...well I got a BIG SURPRISE...The sales manager of Lowes called me ...I was SHOCKED to say the least....he was INCREDIBLY nice and polite and so very much apologetic....he kept asking what could he do to resolve this issue for me...I told him just his phone call was enough...He went on to explain how this woman employee has 30 years of experience in designing kitchens and such...never had a complaint about her.....that maybe she was having an off day...I told him I understand off days because everyone is human....I just did not understand why she could not explain ANYTHING to me like different hardware, or appliances, or countertops until I paid the measurement fee....he said he did not understand why she did not do that either...that she is extremely knowledgeable in those areas and that is part of her "sales" thing....but I told him perhaps I caught her in an off moment but I also explained how difficult it is for me to get out and once I am out I try to do as much as possible and get as much completed because it is so difficult for me. I told him I have NO KITCHEN to speak of except a stove and a refrigerator and that is it....so I need everything...now it was his moment to be shocked....he said you must eat out a lot...I told him we order out a lot because I do not go out....and I want a kitchen again because ordering out was getting old....we laughed a lot. Any way...he said I did not need detailed measurements in order to get general pricing ideas...or to check things out to start getting ideas on how I want things to look...he was very surprised that she did not do that with us. So Allen and I will go in with general measurements (like how long the walls are that will have cabinets) HOWEVER....this is the way he is resolving the problem....he wants me to call him ahead of time and let him know when I will be coming to Lowes...with or without any measurements...and he will have either this woman or the other kitchen planner and sales people from appliances,and the specialists for the countertops and such all wait on me....that I will not wait on any lines...that these people will sit with me and come up with plans and ideas for me to look at and take home with me...and when I am ready to have the detailed measurements done...then they will punch in the numbers and have a 3-d program with my actual kitchen and what it will look like for me....then I can take that home and look at it and make any changes I want and go from there until I am happy....he said he will arrange everything for me and I am to always call him with whatever ideas or needs that I have about my renovations...OMG....how very sweet!!!!
He said if I happen to call and he is NOT there that I am to ask for the store manager (he gave me his name too) and that the store manager will see I get what I want. He did tell me that sometimes it takes 2 or 3 visits to get everything perfect the way I want....I told him that was ok as long as I know that ahead of time so I can plan it out in my head and get myself psyched for it. But I told him...the lady never even told me that...never told me that they could do such a program...never mentioned that she could start planning it out WITHOUT measurements...that is what really shocked him. I guess I will be WELL KNOWN at Lowes now....
He must have spent about 20-30 minutes on the phone with me...he did have me laughing...he also said at the end that he had to warn me that once they have created this kitchen for me...there is no more reason for ordering out....I laughed again and told him those are the days I look forward to...lol
WOW....talk about resolving the issue....I am glad I wrote to the company...I am thrilled this very nice man called me....and I really look forward to planning out my kitchen again....yesterday it felt like my bubble was popped but the sales manager renewed my excitement with all the possibilities open to me...and I am just so excited again!!!!
THANKS TO YOU ALL for your support about this....you really made me feel good about writing to them...and about my feelings in all of it....I really needed that.......I will let you know what happens on my next visit...that should be interesting!!


my78novata said...

I had as imilar good response from bed bath and beyond one time. sometimes emails and letters do work . I just had  adispute with krogers this last week and ended up a great gift card due to thier bad ad .

tendernoggle said...

Ellie, I am so glad that you got this call!!! You and your husband deserved it!!! Now you can feel GOOD about your new kitchen coming !!! I have no cabinets either...and I have always wanted a pretty kitchen and house...but never had one...but what I have is mine..and alot of folks don't even have a roof over their heads.

coelha said...

Very cool!!  :)  

boiseladie said...

Oh wow!  I'm glad this guy phoned you and let you know what to expect and how the process goes.  How exciting!  A new kitchen!  

seraphoflove9001 said...

YAY!!! Way Cool! :o)

micojudyueda said...

to Ellie,

Hello! I'm Mico.
Thank you for your comment,I'm so happy!!!!

I have to pracite English,so I want to talk with you more and more!!


drb1064 said...

Ellie 1- Lowes 0 go girl!!!! Glad you have this issue sorted and hope you get the kitchen of your dreams (my dream kitchen contains some other bugger to cook dinner lol, don't have the budget for that though)

jeadie05 said...

Very well done Ellie ,what a great reaction from the company ,so yes it was worth you contacting them ...love Jan xx

emabecmar said...

that is great. I look forward to hearing all about your new kitchen, and maybe seeing pics too. (((((((((hugs)))))))))