Sunday, April 10, 2005





I am here again.......LOL. First I wanted to thank you all for the great notes of kindness and support...I so appreciate it. Also someone was kind enough to let me know that Terri's family did care for her for awhile and decided to put her in a nursing home...I did not know this...if anyone knows of where I can read about that I would really appreciate it.

Okay....I finally uploaded a picture of my son who came to visit a weekend or two ago...of course he also wanted to show off his is cute...and of course he is loving it:

Either I am shrinking or he is getting taller....he towers over me...but his bear hugs are GREAT!!! Of course his father and him had to fiddle around with the truck and tune things up. They even went to some sort of junk yard that you pay $40.00 and you can have all you want as long as you can carry it out. So they spent a couple of hours there getting this and that sort of things. They had a blast getting dirty and oily together. LOL.

Today I spent the day helping my daughter with a school project she has on LSD. I am advising her on colors to use on her poster board and captions for her pictures...she is gathering the info and writing it all up. She says that I have a better eye for the creativity that way...maybe that is her way of kissing up to me...but it I helped. So for us the day flew by. My hunnie did have to take her up to wally world (walmart) to get a few supplies...of course she suckered him into letting her get a duckie garbage can for her is too cute...and a couple of other things. They had way too much fun in the store...they love to embarass each other. Maybe that is why I stay home...(just kidding).

Here is a side note about my small zoo of animals...we have way too many dogs now, that we have to feed them in 4 different rooms because some will not share with others. This is picky...and now the puppies of course have their own food area because they have different food then the others...but they are piglets...Feeding time at the zoo is an adventure.LOL

Well I am sure that is enough hum drum news to read so I will leave it at that....I hope you all have a GRAND monday filled with surprises. HUG someone you LOVE.....PEACE!!!


Saturday, April 9, 2005









Well I bet you all thought I dropped off the face of the earth. Well at this point that sounds like fun. I am surprised you all have not given up on me...I pretty much have.

I have had no motivation for life itself much less keeping up with my journal. I miss my journal a great deal....I get to say what I want and when I want and sometimes just putting things down on paper or puter helps sort things out. But I do not have the energy for even that. But enough of me for a bit.

So much has gone on in the world around me that I am still amazed at what has happened...first:
It breaks my heart that Pope John Paul II has passed away. He is pretty much the only Pope I have known...I really loved hearing about his trips and his messages of hope and his reaching out to young people...that all will be sadly missed

I am sad that he is gone...but Happy at the beautiful life he led and what he meant to so many people....he is the true meaning behind living life to its' fullest.

Now the next story just blew me away....that is about Terri...

of course it would figure that florida had to be the state that all this controversy took place....My personal feeling on all this is that the whole issue should have stayed within the families....not for the politicians...I am a firm believer that I do not want the government in my personal business. I think the will to live or personal. The only thing that confuses me is why didn't the husband just let the parents care for her.....if they wanted to take that on...I do not understand that. Then again I do not think that the public really knows everything....they has got to be some pieces is so sad that she is gone...but I do pray that all those involved will find some sort of peace with it all.

Okay....believe it or not I finally left the house for an actual appointment with my doctor....he was shocked to see me because I just keep cancelling out of my appointments. The thought of going out anywhere has only gotten worse.
Well I think the doc finally figured out that I am afraid to go out and the anxiety I go through is he prescribed me another medication which is a straight tranquilizer that I am suppose to take 20 minutes before leaving the house and see if it helps.God I hope so.

Again I missed another outing to my parents house. I just could not go....but hopefully now things with me will calm down....I take so much GARBAGE in medications to calm me down and prevent my lungs from working over time that I feel like a walking zombie. Again my hunnie has been a dream come true and is sooooooo patient and understanding...I know I would not have made it this far if it was not for him...he really gives me strength and support beyond my comprehension.

MORE boys celebrated their birthday on the 26th of march.....they turned 20. I cannot believe how old that makes me feel......but they were happy campers. My son who lives south of us even came up for a visit...I have some pics of him that I will share next time...I was just glad to see that he was good and doing well.
EVEN MORE CRAZY NEWS...remember my sister in law that used to live with us...well she left around when the hurricanes hit...thinking life was better someplace she actually came to get her personal belongings. She just assumed we were going to store her things forever....BUT she called one day when she did not think my hunnie was home and he answered the phone...and he gave her one week to come get her things or he was going to burn them...well that chic made it here in 5 days and it took her about 4 hours to load her junk...BUT I am thrilled to finally have her stuff out of here. She is a real piece of life. That stress is finally does my heart good.

I cannot believe that the month of April is actually here...time is moving way too fast for me...I seem to be missing alot out of life. It is starting to get to me.
Well I think that is enough news to catch everyone up on what is going on with me....I hope you will hang in there with me...if not--I understand. hug someone you LOVE....PEACE!!!!