Sunday, November 9, 2003


Well yesterday was quite interesting...what started out with replacing just a few tiles in the bathroom has turned out to be major has been decided that all the tiles are being replaced and the bathtub and the floor and the hallway floor. UNBELIEVEABLE. Finally late yesterday morning sleep hit me and I went to lay down-so I missed most of the destruction...when I got up I did manage to take some pictures..which I will post here...soon. My hunnie's mother never showed up-so course we are worried because it is a very lonely and long drive from where she is to our place...she sent one of the boys an email around dinner time that they were not coming-(NO KIDDING!!)-she decided against it. Okay... it seemed the evening was going okay and I got to watch a few football games...(my favorite pasttime) and then we got a phone call around 10:30 at night and it was one of the guys who is helping with the construction..he wants to come now so that he can keep working-he is bored. Well my hunnie said "come on down" and they all worked until around 3 this morning. So I got to play on the puter and listen to banging for the most part. I think he is returning around 9a.m. to get more done...UGH!! Well I should not complain because at least the main bathroom is getting a major makeover..but expense wise I do not think we should have done so much. Well more to come about the construction taking place... it should be interesting.--PEACE!!!


dbaumgartner said...

Remodeling, ain't it fun? I am going through the same thing. We just bought a house in August and the 'fun' never ends.

I enjoy reading your journal and hope you will stop by and visit me sometime:

barebytes said...

Thanks for the E-mail Ellie and here is the address to my journal.
Gee, wonder if your mother-in-law reads your journal?
Have a great day!!

tp1012 said...


Your mother inlaw should of called and informed you she changed her mind..but you and I know that is the right thing to do :) Anyhow if your anything like me you scrammbled to clean for nothing! I hate that. Hope all gets better!