Saturday, November 8, 2003


Lordy, Lordy, Lordy...The chaos is just beginning here at my corner of the world. Last nigh we received an email message that my hunnie's mother is driving up this way to see us. (UGH!!!) It figures I just wrote about her and she appears...I asked my hunnie to call her and tell her to come some other time because this weekend is not convienent.. the main bathroom in our house is under construction as of 8 this morning. So she decided without asking us to come up here. Allen asked here very politely not to come but she has to have things her we have to stop other plans we had because now we have to wait on here. Between the five dogs going crazy because they are guys here helping my hunnie, and the kids going in four different directions...and now company and the house looks trashed because for the last 4 days everyone in the house has been sick... so we all stayed in bed-nothing got done. I am so not in the mood for company, or pleasantries. So if you do not hear from me-I escaped. I don't know where-but I cannot take the insanity. Okay so I might be exaggerating...but truly are you really comfortable having uninvited guests when everyone is sick and your house is totalled? I think not. I shall write more later and fill you all in on what happens here... the adventure is just beginning-LOL...PEACE!!!!!!

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barebytes said...

Kick back, relax and let things come as may. No use getting all wigged out over a visit, I look at it this way, So what if she see's life the way you live it? It just might give her an insight to what your life is really like. Never candy coat the truth, It makes life harder to live. Greet her with open arms and everything will be fine.