Monday, March 29, 2004


The weekend is over and hopefully the week will be quiet. I must mention that I have noticed that my boys are slowly but surely pulling away from home. It does not upset me because I always knew this day was coming. It is just I have noticed it more lately. This past weekend I rarely saw my sons. I do know that they slept here but they were up and going all weekend that I lost track of who went where. Also I have noticed that the phone is no longer mine. I am now taking messages for my children. WOW so many lil changes going on at the ol' homestead. My boys may drive me crazy but I must say there is no alcohol, no drugs and no strange piercings etc I guess I will take these lil changes as a victory. Now --- I cannot get a firm confirmation from my sons about when they are going to go out on their own and start their own lil world. No of course not....why would they run out when there is plenty of food and shelter right here at home... So I guess as long as I keep food in the house I will be seeing the boys at some point during the day. I also have to mention that my boys are BIG. They are just 6 feet tall and  BIG.... Well believe it or not they are the smallest of their friends- which brings me to my next point of being eaten out of house and home. I think for graduation I will get them their own fridge and lock up mine.... their friends show up anytime from around 8 in the morning until around 11 at night and everyone comes in hungry. Ahhh the life of a grand that must be!!! PEACE!!!!!!


plieck30 said...

Well sounds as if you have good kids and that is what is important. Just found your journal and think I will like it. Paula

deabvt said...

Ah, I remember those days!!

dymphna103 said...

I had twp daughters and boy when they turned 13 I lost the phone and by the time they were 15 I never knew who would be at the house...john

sonensmilinmon said...

oh that reminded me of the days my boys were on the football team and they would bring the team over and my fridge would be emptied in seconds, sigh.

Enjoy the time with them ... uhh, when they are there!!!

Smilin Mon