Friday, March 12, 2004


Yes it is friday...but it feels like another monday. First I have mention that my kids are now out of school for the next 10 is springbreak here in the sunshine state. Normally I would be just thrilled because then there are no morning hassles with getting everyone up in the morning. But nooooooo--already..because everyone was off today..there are major issues about car usage. OMG--It must have taken a good hour or more just to figure out who is taking what car and how long they were going to be gone and where they were going and errands that needed to be done on the way to different places. It was a true act of congress. Also one son (at the same time that he needed a car to a day job) also wanted to borrow my digital camera (my pride and joy-my baby-my lifeline) so that he and his friend could take pictures of some store front they are thinking of renting to start a new business. Oh yes you read it right...they are starting their own business..a gaming cafe...this issue has been a mjor discussion every evening now for a while. So borrowing my camera was a whole other loud discussion...I told my son I really do not trust anyone with my camera...and his feelings were actually hurt by me saying that...geez... they are making me crazy. Then the other son wanted to take my some job he has parting out cars...BTW-I am sure I mentioned that he also was the one in the accident with my van...and now he wants to keep driving it. Well those heavy duty drugs I take to keep me calm really came in handy today...LOL. The two boys had such con stories that I fell for it all and now the house is quiet with no cars in sight. lol. If this is how the rest of spring break is going to be...PLEASE help me..come rescue me...somebody do something. OK-more on spring break later-PEACE!!!


sonensmilinmon said...

Maybe mothers should unite and take a spring break where there are NO kids, no teens, no responsiblities ... we get waited on, we get massages, we get PAMPERED!!! Oh .. where can I book that?

Smilin Mon

deabvt said...

F U N N Y !!!!