Saturday, April 22, 2006






Again I am here...I even surprise myself. Yesterday in the mail I received a great surprise. A letter from my son AJ (the one in the army). Well I thought it was a letter but it was was his picture framed in a calendar...just too cute...what a wonderful surprise. So of course I have to share it with everyone else...I am so very proud of him. I have to tell you a bit of background on him joining... He had to lose over 100 pounds in order to enlist. He did it all on his own in about 6 months maybe less. He looked like a scrawny scarecrow when he came to visit before he went in. I thought he lost the weight too fast...but he said he was fine and I just accepted it. NOW...there is a problem... He has to pass a pft (personal fitness test) in order to graduate...well he has absolutely no muscle tone or strength in his arms because in losing weight so fast he has made his muscles only as strong as a baby's..believe it or not. So he is suppose to graduate on May 5th but he cannot do the push ups needed within 3 minutes. So we do not think the graduation is a go...I am still hopeful but it does not look good. here is his pic:

My lil baby...LOL looking good!!!!
My heart really goes out to him. We will see what happens.

The other son is still around visiting...still has the attitude...but now his father is getting sick of now he is mellowing out. Allen has a higher tolerance level then I if he is getting annoyed it must be bad.

I wish I had a lot of exciting news to write about but I don' life is pretty mondane and boring. I hate just rambling. I am hoping that I find the motivation to work on more Artist Trading Cards....I just love to do mini collages but just when I think I can sit down and work on it....the motivation is gone. Does that make any sense? If you are interested in checking out a GREAT forum for this craft can go here: ARTIST TRADING CARDS
Please feel free to check it DO NOT have to be an "artist" ... you just have to have an interest in making lil cards that are collage really is fun and theraputic and you get to exchange cards with people from all over the world...

Okay now...the temperatures are rising here in the sunshine state...ugh!!! It has been in the 90's for the last couple of days and is continuing through out the weekend...Lord the heat is getting worse each year or I am becoming less We have been under red fire zone alerts for just about two months now due to no rain... at least not in my is just DRY...fires popping up all around.

Well I do not want to bore you all so I will sign off for now....hopefully I will return soon.
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csandhollow said...

Your son can do it if he works at it. He will have to dedicate his time to doing it. I know he can, after all he did lose the weight to get in and that was his goal. Encourage him to use the base gym and to work at it anytime he is off duty. Tell him to get a buddy to help him.

onestrangecat said...

you should be very proud of your son!  who knows, maybe when the time comes he will be able to do the push ups.

thanks for the link about the trading cards.  sounds interesting.  i will have to check it out.


my78novata said...

ah glad to see your back and yes that is a cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee  wont let let hubby see the motecyle he will wnat on elol