Tuesday, April 18, 2006






I do not think that I mentioned yet about my birthday presents. First my girlfriend Marilyn created a webpage for me and made me LOTS of signature tags and just made my day very special. I already told you what my son Eric did... well my hunnie had plans himself.

He asked a friend of his to borrow his motorcycle. We have several but the one we use to go "riding" is an 1100 goldwing. But right now we have to get the carburators fixed on it....it has been through alot. My hunnie's friend has an 1500 goldwing fully loaded. It is a beauty.....Here is a pic

This bike was absolutely awesome to ride. My hunnie had it all planned out. We like to go riding starting around dusk. It is cooler and less traffic. This is when we are just going to drive with no destination in mind. Well we were off...and drove for hours and hours....First we went out to dinner...yes I actually went out and we ate a delicious steak dinner...and just talked and talked and laughed. Then the riding began and it was absolutely theraputic for both of us. My hunnie and I dream of the day that he no longer has to work and we can just take off for a few days whenever and ride. Now the only thing we were not counting on was the temperature dropping so much. We did manage to freeze...but we stopped at a diner and thawed out and drank great coffee and had cheesecake (my favorite) and did more laughing. When we were riding we came across TONS of riders...it was bike week here that weekend so it was wonderful seeing and talking to other bikers. We left the house around 4 in the afternoon and came home around 2 in the morning. I had such a grand time...and I will never forget that wonderful feeling of freedom...the skies were clear and just jammed packed full of stars. We saw LOTS of deer and wild hogs on the side of the road...absolutely beautiful. The whole thing took my breathe away. We hope to ride again soon. Just wanted to share that fun time with you all.



onestrangecat said...

What a great looking bike!  Glad to hear that you got out and had some fun!

Love your siggy tag!


boiseladie said...

Sounds absolutely romantic!  We haven't gotten our bike out yet this year.  I do enjoy the wind in my face.