Monday, April 24, 2006








BELIEVE IT OR NOT....I actually went out on read it here first. My hunnie took me out to eat at our lil favorite chinese food restaurant called Hong Kong Buffet...we have been going there a very long time...great food...all you can eat...especially on the crab legs...yum yum.

When we left the restaurant it was after a bit of a rain storm ...did not last long..but my daughter decided to take pics of the sky with my camera phone...she said that this pic looks like God opening up the door to heaven so the angels could go play:

Here is the sky as it was clearing up...

Before we went to eat I asked my hunnie if we could go to GoodWill...I love that place..even tho I do not get to go often...I just love finding stuffies. I actually made the suggestion to go somewhere...and was willing to face other I know I have lost my mind...LOL. No really....I found a couple of great old books to convert to altered art and some grab bag of findings such as pins,buttons,beads etc that you would use for altered daughter found some awesome t-shirts that had great sayings on them....finding t-shirts with sayings is a big thing at her school...the cooler the better...or funny ones, or ones that have a profound message. So she was a very happy camper...and my hunnie found a couple of pairs of jeans...he loves to find jeans so he can use them to work on cars and such. Oh and I found a photograph poster by Ansel Adams (one of my favorite photographers) I just love his is in a beautiful frame...$3.00....BIG SALE on such things on saturday we made off like bandits. Then we went to was really nice....then it was off to walmart (wally world). We were in desperate need of groceries and such. My hunnie and daughter MADE ME buy some shorts for myself...I have not bought shorts in my shorts are shredding away from so much I got new shorts...yayayayay!!!

That particular walmart store must be getting rid of stamping and scrapbooking stuff...because it was quite barron compared to what is usually there. You know those BIG carry alls for scrapbooking that have wheels at the bottom so you can take your scrapbooking anywhere...well they were on mega sale...from over 50 dollars to 20 so my hunnie surprised me and put one in the cart for me...God you gotta love him...

Hunnie picked up some small tool stuffies he wanted...maybe that is why he got me the scrapbooking bag..hmmmmm...that is ok...he does tools like I do crafts so I am ok with it.  Then he and my daughter disappeared for a while....while I was checking out the shorts...when we met up again...they had this fairly big statue of an angel and her harp is is my mother's day gift. WOWOWOWOW...I was spoiled...the angel statue is just so the perfect gift for me....I absolutely love it...we have it outside on my big gorilla planter stand that my son gave me a couple of years ago...that also is a statue...they are right at the corner of the front door...daughter dearest is going to take a pic for me and I will post it when I have it uploaded. Then we were off to get groceries...lots of good food to eat...and then off to pay for then I was feeling stressed out.
Panic set in and I just had to go back out to the car...I think it is because I have to use a wheel chair to go through walmart...well saturday was rough...people making comments and such...people jamming in front of me and so I just had to get away...I only had to wait a bit...then we were off to home. Except for the end...I did have a nice time...and was extremely spoiled in the process...a win win day. LOL

My son left today back down south...he said he had to take care of some things. Like getting insurance on his car and stuffies like that. The son that is in the army did not pass the pft...he has one more chance before we will see what matter what I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished.

Well I think that is enough of news before I bore all to death.
Smile at everyone you see just may make their day better...



my78novata said...

wow soudns like you had a wonderufl time and got some good deals> I mg etting to where I m less and less active out and about

csandhollow said...

What happens next for son?

Love the gifts! Glad you went out!