Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Last night was just toooo funny. My hunnie got his cpu back finally from the puter techs. Well he was loading up all his music that he was saving and started playing some wonderful old songs from the 50's and 60's. Well Hunnie and I started dancing in our seats...singing along, the lil one-Anthony started dancing in the room for us. It was just hysterical. We must have done this for about an hour. Laughing and dancing and singing along. Now that was a nice family night. Now our kids are very used to doing this because that is how we raised them. Well Anthony has fallen right into the same mode and we all love it. He has absolutely no inhibitions which I think is grand. More good news is that the three puppies that are left are really doing well. They are now wobbling-trying to walk. WAY TOO CUTE. In a couple of days I will take their pics and show you all how much they have grown...we have also found homes for all of them-which is a great relief. Two have been named. One male will be called Cujo (now that says alot) and a female will be called Sammy Jewel. So we bought collars for them and have been using them names all the time so that they get used to them.  Okay enough cuteness...right now I am watching my favorite show-Law & Order and smelling a wonderful candle that my son bought for me today. It is heavenly--what a good heart the kid has-he definitely knows how to make mom happy..LOL Well I will stop the slobbering here and get back to my show. Enjoy the evening--PEACE!!!


deabvt said...

G R E A T!! Law & order 4 me too!!

dymphna103 said...

Ellie that was great. john

barebytes said...

Some good news is always welcomed here. You sound like you had a great time and that's what life is all about. Now that things are back to normal you are expected to show up here more often you know. And no excuse's. Five minutes out of the day isn't a lot to give up. hahaha HUgs Lanny