Thursday, February 26, 2004


Ah finally happened-one of my sons has received his first ticket. I just know it flipped him out and he will not admit it. It is $80.00 and came home handing it to his dad and I. I grabbed it and handed it back and said good luck paying it. He looked at me like I had 4 heads. I think the boy really thought I was going to pay for his ticket. He is out of his mind. He was speeding-going 60 in a 45 and then tries to convince us that the policeman has to be wrong because when he looked down he saw he was going 55 (still over the speedlimit). He is such a goofball. He has 30 days here to pay the ticket. I wish him luck. Both my boys have these huge egos like they are perfect drivers and do everything right and we keep telling them that they are pushing their luck and sure enough one got nabbed. I am just waiting on the other son. Who has a heavier foot then the first one. So this ticket became a major discussion the rest of the night. Also the same son just discovered that because of a speeding ticket-insurance rates are higher for him...he does not have his own insurance yet but he is in for a major surprise-he thought it was high before - he has not seen anything yet. The only good thing that has come out of this is that is does not receive any points on his license-so that is good. Perhaps I am truly blessed but I have never received a speeding ticket...never any kind of ticket. I have been driving for 27 years. Now all of a sudden the boys are dumbfounded how that could be possible. I told them I have never pushed my luck in matters like that. Well now that a hard lesson has been passed through the house- I do have to mention another thing about the puppies...The two from the first liter are doing GREAT...they are true fighters. Well when they play with Anthony (the nephew) they think he is a jungle gym. It has provided hours of entertainment because the whole thing is just too hysterical. He also thinks that they are his new playmates. He has these long conversations with them. Just tooooo much. Okay last but not least- ALL puppies from the second liter have found homes...THANK we just have to wait until they get to be 6 weeks. Thanks to all of you that inquired about them. PEACE!!!


sonensmilinmon said...

Glad you found homes for all the puppies. :) I'd have given the ticket back to my son too! We can't clean up after them all the time!
Take care n Hugs,
Smilin Mon

dymphna103 said...

I thought my daughter was going to die when I made her go to traffic court foe hers. She got out of the fine but had 40 hours of community service to do. john