Monday, February 2, 2004


WOW--that was truly a exciting superbowl game. I am a football fanatic and that game kept me on the edge of my seat starting half way through the 2nd quarter until the last 4 seconds. CONGRATS--out to the New England Partriots. Yesterday I thought I was in heaven with all of the football pre game shows and analysis and so on...I was getting high on football overload... now I just have to hang on until next august to get my next fix. (LOL) Anyone else see the half time show... Janet Jackson showed way toooo much for me. Personally I do not think it was all that appropriate because of all the young kids watching..along with the guy who was tackled when he started streaking. It really was never a dull moment. That game is going down in history books. Of course we pigged out on buffalo hot wings...and soda and chips and dips...and it was a great way to spend time with the family. Now there was a major blow out between one of my sons and my sister in law. It was really bad and got physical and now alot of hurt feelings are going around... hopefully after a few days of cooling off everyone could come together in some sort of compromise. Have a mentioned yet that the weather has been absolutely lousy here...rain rain rain and that icky cloudy look along with alot of fog. Just makes for a miserable day. Okay...I have to go play referee again so I will end this madness here and return later...Oh BTW...Happy Ground Hog's Day.... he saw his shadow-6 more weeks of winter..ugh!    PEACE!!!!!!


barebytes said...

HAve you noticed that over the last few years he always sees his shadow? I think he just got used to sleeping in and will always see it just to go back to bed hahahaha Sorry about the fight tho, that is a bummer. Hope they work it out too. Hugs Lanny

sonensmilinmon said...

He saw his shadow!!! UGH, where was I, I didn't hear anything about it this year. Maybe Sonny was trying to shelter me from the news and the thought of another 6 weeks of wwwww ... ugh, I just can't say it!
Mon (notice no smile) no spring for SIX weeks.