Sunday, January 25, 2004


Again..I have lost touch with everyone. I am sorry...too much has happened in my life and I do not even know where to begin. I am going to list the major news and hopefully this week I will get to it all..No Guareentees..I have no idea where I will be at emotionally. Okay--here we go: **one of our puppies had puppies-6 more dogs are added to our zoo, **Mother in law and I had a major blowout, **Homeschooling board tried to throw my daughter out of program, **Still No Vehicle, **Major anxiety/panic attacks have overtaken me. I really am a bit lost right now...what scares me is before I ever became ill I was a very strong willed very self assured individual- now I can barely hold myself together...this is crazy. I truly cannot stand not being in control of myself and making things function around is lucky if at this point I do not sleep the days away. Hang in there with me friends- I am trying to get on the right track. PEACE!!!


tp1012 said...

your strong you will make it I know

barebytes said...

We'll be here pulling for you. Hugs Lanny