Wednesday, January 14, 2004


WOWOWOWOW today is my baby's birthday...yes the lil guy has turned 6 today. I cannot believe how the years have flown by and how much he has changed. His personality is just booming out and really taking shape...he has a GREAT sense of humor and a very compassionate heart. He can have a temper but with time and alot of attention that seems to just about disappeared. Well I let him stay home from school today... NO ONE should have to work or go to school on their bithday...and he is no exception. It is his special day and he gets to call the shots and do what he would like (of course within reason) and dinner is his choice. The pic above is him with this teddy bear that my hunnie gave him...of course they both have to be wearing hats - it is the only way to go. His mother did not argue with me over him not going to school-she knows I will get my way and since I am raising him-I make the rules-LOL. Hopefully this will be a day that he will remember...also when money is tight...we try to make it up in other ways. PEACE!!!


barebytes said...

It's so nice to have you back!! You were missed and I hope you stick around this time. Yes, it's his birthday and you treat him special today. Give him a day to remember, oh, just give him a big hug and i'm sure he'll remember. Lanny

sonensmilinmon said...

Happy Birthday!!! I would always let my kids pick out the special meal of the day ... after all it was thier day! Have fun.

jules432 said...

He is adorable. Not so sure about staying home from school but hey like you said you are the one raising him so it is your call. I don't think that I could take the day off of work like that. Wish I could though.


kristijones21 said...

I think that he is so sweet i have a 3 year old little girl and i just think the world of her yes u better spend all the time with him u can like everybody says when there little they walk on your toes and when they are grown they walk on your heart!!!