Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Okay then...I am much more calmer now then the last time I wrote. I am finally getting things in order...The other day I had a major blow out with my hunnie's mother. It has been building up for quite some time. I am such a private person in so many ways and I definitely do not like others to interfere in my life... like they are running it. There is a difference between being a friend and giving advice VS interfering and trying to run a person's life...well it all came to a head. "Betty" has a huge habit of coming out slick and making comments like she runs things. Well  she made a comment about me being some kind of Queen of Sheba in my house...and that is what put me over the edge. The lady is nuts--I started yelling and going off...I think I scared the hell out of her... I do not care. She invited herself up here and brought my son who was visiting her...he was suppose to come back 2 weeks ago but she knows better and wants to be the one to set his life straight..because she knows better then us. She filled his head with God knows what...and truly setting him against us. I have a great respect for people and in their homes...it is their house their rules... well this lady cannot seem to understand that concept. My son is 18 and does not listen to any advice we tell him...well he has dug himself a hole and is quite in debt... my hunnie and I believe he needs to settle his problems here and get himself together before he moves on with the next step in his life... she does not see it that way. She has caused alot of grief in this house... BTW--my son is doing things our way... Disrepecting people in their own home makes me sick. Well Now she is writing to me all nice and lovie and I really do not want anything to do with her...it sounds terrible but I am not going to set myself up for any more incidents.  PEACE!!


dymphna103 said...

Dont you just love them. My ex and I didnt get along for that reason. Her mom, her ex husband just walked in anytime they wanted. Or came by anytime they wanted. She informed me if I didnt like them coming over so much I could move. Well here I am john

sonensmilinmon said...

((((Ellie)))) I've been in those shoes with my ex. Luckily my new soon to be mom-in-law is really cool and stays out of our business. She likes going shopping with me though! I can handle that.

barebytes said...

Good for you for standing your ground!! Hang in there and don't let her run your life. Hugs Lanny

glopsblink said...

Ah yes, the inlaws. I don't have any yet (let alone a boyfriend), but don't get my dad and grandmother together!!! My grandmother thinks she knows everything and doesn't seem to learn that when you yell at my dad on the phone he'll hang up on you. I guess most of my relatives are stubborn anyway and don't like being proven wrong and don't want to change bad ideas. Okay, now I'm rambelling but I know what your talking about. God Bless.