Friday, August 15, 2003


WOW....... Thursday was pretty easy to get major problems or techinical difficulties so that is a good thing. Allen and Crystalyn and I too Anthony out yesterday morning at 7:30 to catch his bus... of course you know that I had to take pics of that..... he is just tooo cute waiting for the bus and getting on...the steps are bigger then he is..Anyway-after the day was done no one was in the mood to deal with dinner so we decided to go out last night to our favorite restaurant which is called Hong Kong Buffet...we got there so often that everyone that works there knows is pretty funny. We all stuffed ourselves and came home and mellowed out. The kids all watched movies and such and I just tired to do much of anything. Like I said no major problems and a great evening spent with the family-just like I like it. PEACE!!!!!!!

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