Sunday, August 17, 2003


Yes I know a day or two are missing.... very very tired at this end, I am still tired but I wanted to write what has happened this weekend before I forget, my memory is not what it used to be. Allen managed to work on his motorcycle all weekend, he is trying to get it all revved up so that we can go riding late at night. That is our favorite time because traffic is minimal and the air is cooler. Hopefully this weekend he will wind it up, who knows. Anthony had to go with his mom to the doctor to get his updated shots. That of course was not a pleasant experience for him and it turns out he had to be held down. Now he is aching but he seems to have gotten through it.The house got picked up a bit so that is a saving grace. The kids have been doing their own thing, riding their go karts or scooters or vechicles that they are fixing up. Of course I slept through most of this, I just cannot seem to stay awake long enough to get anything accomplished. Allen and I a couple of weeks back went to goodwill - we love that place looking for whatever we can find, and sure enough I came across these brass looking goblets, very very heavy so we got them because I have alot of brass items. Allen this weekend finally got around to cleaning them and they came out SPECTACULAR. They are so gorgeous and have beautiful detailed work on them. I am thrilled of course. Well I guess that is all the exciting new, ....PEACE!!!!!!

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