Monday, August 25, 2003


The weekend is finally over...Truly nothing exciting has happened over the weekend. The nephew and I have been sick with a cold so that was a bit of a drag. Also it has been raining all weekend here.... some of the storms have really gotten bad. So that did not help much. Well I will say that for the first time I sent one of my sons to the store with plenty of money and a grocery list. Well first I must explain that I do all the grocery shopping because I am always looking for a bargain. When you have a household full of people and friends dropping by for the weekend you definitely need food and other supplies. WELL for the first time I really am not feeling up to par to go shopping, just tooo sick and so I sent my son. He just got his license and loves to run errands. Sure enough he did a SUPREME job. Wow now I can send my kid to do grocery shopping and avoid all the hassles. He did so well, I am shocked. Also he is the same son who just made the varsity football team at his high school. So now we are all going to order School Spirit Jerseys that look like the teams' practice jerseys to go to games and act like fools and cheer on the team. WOWOWOW a place to legally be silly. Works for me. Well that is the news from the weekend, hopefully this weekend will be filled with good news too.  PEACE!!!!!

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