Wednesday, August 6, 2003


The week is slowly moving along... so far my friends who have written to me about my lil journal online have given me positive feedback so I guess this is a good thing to do for now. Well Today it just stormed away..there was no way I could get online.  So I slept away and I am still tired but I really need to eliminate some email. I tried to access my email and sure enough aol stops responding, well I went back and forth with aol tech and it turns out that there is some sort of gliche in the system and it is affecting some email boxes. Unfortunately one of those mailboxes is mine.

I must have stayed with aol tech for over two hours. Finally one of them told me about the gliche so there is nothing anyone can do and I am stuck. I can access my email account from the internet but it takes alot longer and is a bit more complicated that way.  But at this point I have no choice.

For those of you who know about my illness, suffice it to say I have been going through some rough moments the last couple of legs are so swollen along with my ankles that the pain becomes unbearable at times. But the good side is that the oxygen is helping with the breathing so I guess it is a nice trade off. I just wish at some point the docs could stablilize me because I feel like such a test guinea pig at this point.

Allen (my hunnie bunnie) got tonight off because he worked overtime during the weekend so they flexed him out. So it is nice having an extra night with him around. We ordered out pizza and just watched movies tonight and enjoyed the night together. Everyone was home so it was really nice and no chaos which is my favorite part.

Well as you can see my life is just so ordinary but it is fun trying to keep my friends and family updated as to what is going on in my life. See you all on the flip side. Peace

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alandcj4u said...

I know you all too well to ever believe that your life could be in anyway just so ordinary. lol Not with your tribe!!!