Friday, August 22, 2003


Finally friday is here...I could use the break from the week of schedules and school and everything else that has happened. Still feeling abit under the weather. The storms here have gotten a bit hairy with alot of tornado warnings in our area, but I guess that is par for the course. The kids are all doing their own thing, it is keeping track of everyone that can age a person. Allen is still trying to fix up our motorcycle so that we can take off. This has been a long process, and expensive, but I just keep thinking of those long midnight cool breeze rides and I tend to hold on a little bit longer. I have dozens of different projects going on at one time and yet it seems I cannot catch up or get anything complete. Procrastination could be the main problem but lack of motivation sure fits in also. I think I am getting punchy with the spurts of lil sleep I have been getting. I am sure that does not help either. Hopefully this weekend I can get a bit more organized...yea right-like I would know what that would be like. Well enough of my babbling- I feel an attack of sarcasm hitting so it's best I end this entry here.....PEACE!!!!!!!!

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