Tuesday, August 12, 2003


Finally monday is over! Well two kids off to school and two at home. My daughter kicked butt in completing alot of work..I am very proud of you. My son who is being homeschooled decided he was going to do his own thing until I told him I was not giving him credit for the day for any work and then he panicked...I think tuesday I will see different results from him. The day consisted with alot of running around and picking up one son from football practice and actually getting lost on the way..that just added to my day-thank God for cellphones. The same son made some absolutely delicious homemade chili for everyone... wow everyone just pigged out....now that was a treat. Tuesday I have alot of small errands to run that will just eat up time but hopefully I can get them all done in the morning. Too tired right now to write much more...PEACE!!!!!!!

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