Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Today started off on a great hunnie came home from work and decided he wanted to take me out to breakfast...WOW no kids, just hunnie and I and peace and who could turn that down. So off we went and it was wonderful. Even if we did not have anything else to say at some point the silence and just the presence of only us was wonderful. I think I will keep this man...he is just full of wonderful surprises. We then decided to take care of some banking needs instead of waiting at the end week so that way we were ahead of schedule. Then we decided to stop by walmart (my most favorite store in the world) and pick up a few things in the area of food so that we were set for the week. It was nice because no kids were there to chase us down and ask for a million and one things...I loved it... and of course Allen actually went and got some groceries for me to help out...I think he enjoyed it. Everything went great and we were in the car when I realized that I did not have my cellphone... I knew exactly where it was...on the electric wheelchair I used to get around the store...well the love of my life being the wonderful man he is chased that chair all over the store and an elderly man had it....the man was laughing because he could not figure out where the muscial tones were coming from. He was so sweet and I truly Thank God that it was found..... those lil phones can get way toooo expensive. So off to home and much to our surprise no kids were home....WOW-the whole house to ourselves...I thought I was dreaming...we put groceries away and enjoyed the quiet and watched a movie in our bedroom and fell asleep to the peace and quiet....until the chaos came storming in around 8 pm.... everyone came home at the same time...WOW... talk about waking up to reality... but it was worth the joy of the peace.... and I missed my kids (ugh-what am I saying). Well of course the rest of the night was getting dinner ready and everyone catching up on news and getting ready for tomorrow. I am exhausted just thinking about it. I have no idea what wednesday will bring but it was a WONDERFUL tuesday!!!  Peace!!!!!!!

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