Sunday, August 10, 2003


Another day bites the dust....I could not for the life of me go to sleep at all during the nite....noooooooo I have to wait until daylight after 11 in the morning for sleep to finally hit me. Well sure enough I slept the day away. However this time around I woke up with some extra energy... I decided I was going to tackle my aol email problems and my daughter's room (ugh!) So I decided that before I call the dsl company and everything else I would try to log onto my account through my daughter's computer and see if it was accessible...well sure enough it was it has nothing to do with the dsl like the AOL TECH said... it has something to do with a corrupt file of my screen name..... so I knew I had to uninstall and reinstall AOL on my puter. But before I get to that part I decided I was going to check my mail on my daughter's computer since I was already there....well that gave me a chance to keep on her and tell her where to put things and what to pick up and things to vaccum...well i guess you got the idea....well NOW her room looks hot... we fixed up the futon like a sofa and that is exactly what it looks like no longer a bed.... and I cleaned up her puter area putting things away and now it is all organized... and she put all her new mini teddies and porcelain dolls on the shelves all nice and organized.... WOW I can actually feel like hanging out in there....LOL Well that went on for 3 hours... she hated me being in there but LOVED  the results I think she feels it was all well worth it. Then I came back to my puter and did the thing with AOL.... it seemed like it took forever and I reinstalled and now my mailbox works great. I am so excited I don't know what to do.I want to jump for joy but with my luck I would hurt myself. Now the downside is that I was unable to save any of my paint shop pro tutorials or my poems...which breaks my heart... but I can always start collecting again... I am trying to look at the bright side.

Have I mentioned yet that I collect business cards... that is a story in itself but I did get new business card trades in the mail so I was again very excited. Crystalyn and I belong to a postcard trading club so today we got our first 10 trades.... we were both too excited and this really is becoming alot of fun. PEACE!!!!!!!!!

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alandcj4u said...

One of these days I will remember to take your business cards to the post office and mail them to you. One would think I collect them as many as I have for you. I'm guessing that envelope now has over 500. Won't that be a nice surprise if it ever actually gets mailed. lol