Thursday, August 14, 2003


Okay..... my kids are growing like weeds and I thought I was past all the little elementary life things of school...well now my cute lil nephew just started school and yesterday was his first official day....what a trip. His mother got him all signed up and he was assigned a teacher and brought to his new classroom and then all HECK broke out.... he threw himself on the floor screaming and calling out for my daughter and dragging his body on the floor. It was a sight to be seen. But I received no phone calls from the school and he came home on the bus for the first time and did great! He loved the bus and all the whole thing of school. He loves his teacher and the kids and could not wait until today to do it again. Lord-a major fit for no reason...that boy sure knows how to use up energy. Other then that- the day was quiet and all else went without incident so that is a saving grace. I hope you all are having a great's raining here-PEACE!!!!!!!

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