Friday, December 19, 2003


I have discovered that if I did not know me I would think that these entries were made up...but nooo I do know me and my life simply is a soap opera. When it rains it pours. The newsest scoop is the lil guy (my nephew) came homefrom school on thursday happy as could be because they handed out gifts to all the kids. So he was in heaven. But after being home for about an hour or so, he complained about his left side hurting the minutes went by it was hurting him more and more. Now he is in tears...finally he lays on his stomach and goes to sleep. I wait until his mother gets here because I have no idea who his doctor is and I have no authorization to get him medical treatment. I called her at her office but alas she was gone...three hours later she decided to show up at home. God only knows where she was and I was thoroughly aggravated. We told her what was going on with the little one and she took him to the hospital. I tried to tell you that I thought it might be a gas pocket and get him to drink some 7-up. BUT nooo she does not want to listen-she wants to make a show of everything and runs off to the hospital. Well NINE hours later and the kid is fine. The doctor said "he probably had a gas pocket- next time give him something like 7-up" Well of course that threw her for a loop because I was right and she kept that baby up all night long. They did not get home until 6 in the morning. Now friday he woke up and is sick as a dog. I have no idea what came over him other than being in a waiting room for that long with so many people who had the flu. He has no voice left and is totally stuffed up. Needless to say I am not happy with his mother and I had nothing to say to her all day...I think she got the hint I was upset. Well...that was enough adventures for me. I am done with the excitement. My daughter and one son also woke up I think this Christmas everyone will be in bed...well that is different-PEACE!!!

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sonensmilinmon said...

I sure hope everyone is feeling a lot better soon. Sometimes life is one big soap opera that never ends.