Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Hi Everyone--yes it is me and I am back...I do apologize from the bottom of my heart...sometimes when things are chaotic I tend to withdraw. It is a bad habit of mine that I am trying to improve upon...but I would like to THANK all of you that leave such GREAT messages for me under my entries and another THANKS to those of you that wrote to me reminding me to move my tushie...it is so APPRECIATED. Now Believe it or not I have been trying to write this entry for two days and everytime I do-I either get kicked off or an error message...so I am hoping that it goes through this time. Well now life here has gotten totally out of hand...the company that is staying with us (remember?) well alot of issues are coming up and alot of conflicts. It is causing life in the house to be awkward. I am trying to resolve all this asap but I am afraid my hunnie will lose his cool before I come up with something. Anyway.... we are officially down to one vechicle-and this is causing alot of rescheduling and shuffling around. More chaos. Hunnie is off for the next two weeks (THANK GOD) I love having him around 24/7. So he is working on his bronco to get it going so things won't be so nuts. Like I said I love having him around but the only negative thing is that another one of our puters has bitten the dust. Right now we do not have the money to get it fixed. So now my hunnie is sharing mine and that is cutting into my online time...THIS definitely adds stress to me. My puter is one of my major contacts to the outside world because I really cannot go anywhere unless it is highly preplanned and well prepared. The best news is that my daughter who had my first grandchild sent me pics.... as soon as I figure out how to scan with this darn machine I will post the pic...that was the BEST christmas present I could have ever gotten. More later--PEACE!!!!!


dymphna103 said...

I do hope things get resolved. My prayers are with you..john

tp1012 said...

I MISSED YOU!! Keep strong
luv Tami

sonensmilinmon said...

So GOOD to see you back ... you were MISSED!!! Our prayers are with you that all is resolved.