Sunday, December 21, 2003


WOW...counting down to Christmas and I am definitely not ready yet. It seems like I just cannot get it together enough to get ready. Well the flu is still running wild here. It seems like someone starts feeling well one day then it is twice as worse the next day.  I feel bad for my kids because this is a terrible way to spend the holidays. Have I mentioned yet that the dog saga is not over with. Yes it can get worse... now the other female pup and the grown female dog are both in heat. Well I cannot take all the hormones flying around this house. Our male dog is going nuts...and he is definitely not easy to calm down. But what would a day be like without something insane going on at my house. That is why I keep a journal I think. I just have to write down all these incidences so that I can look back and say WOW I survived all that...LOL. Well believe it or not I have not gone to bed yet and it is about 6 in the morning I am making this one short...I am falling asleep at the keyboard. But I should be returning-hopefully just to write about borning things...LOL I really do not think I can take much more excitement.  PEACE!!!!


dymphna103 said...

SOunds like you are having fun. Great I love it...john

sonensmilinmon said...

Stopping by to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Sounds like you are in for a bit of a challange, like myself. We'll pull it off, right? LOL