Monday, October 9, 2006


I feel like I am losing track of my time...
News happening on the home front- and I am just trying to keep ahead of that.
Here are some highlights:
*Remember when my hunnie was stopped and given a ticket by the psycho female state trooper?
Well the court date was Oct 3rd. Allen happen to sitting next to a police officer that he is really good friends with.....Psycho trooper came by and stopped by Allen in the court room and said she has NEVER lost a case and she is gunning for him. (GEEZ---this chick is CRAZY). Well they go in front of the judge...Allen produces the paperwork to prove that he was right and she was wrong about his insurance...the judge dismisses the case and the ticket...psycho trooper yells damn...and Allen turns to her and says he never loses either...SHE WAS NOT HAPPY!!!
Oh well--maybe she should not have been so DAMN rude. Allen's friend said that she made her way to the top of the food chain by sleeping away with those that counted...her reputation is quite well is nice to know others on the inside. She had no idea that Allen knew the officer next to him.
BTW--have not seen psycho trooper work this area since that day she gave Allen the ticket...hmmm I wonder why.
*My son, Eric, finally has been sworn into the army life and has received his official reporting date which will be November 1st.
He goes to Fort Sill in Oklahoma for the first nine weeks and then off to Fort Wachula (something like that) in Arizona for 33.5 weeks. Eric scored high enough to qualify to do intel work...interrogations and during those 33 weeks he will be learning also a new language (arabic) and cultural protocol. I am nervous...but happy for him because he is just busting to go.
*Allen went back down south to pick up Eric so he could help him work on two motors...totally switching out motors and such...AGAIN the damn truck broke down. I am so done with vehicles.
They made it home, but Allen has no idea what is wrong with the truck...
*Allen was outside cutting weeds down around our fence...and not an hour later, his eyes started swelling. Well by the time he returned from picking up Eric...his eyes were totally shut. He looks terrible..hopefully today he will get in to see the doc.
*One day last week I was just sitting at my puter, minding my own business and my daughter comes home from school. I do not immediately look at her until she says: "Mom--something happen to me at school today" So of course I turn around and this is what I see:
Then the brain child started laughing and told me it was make up put on by a professional to encourage high school students to pursue a career in it...(career day at school). She aged me a good 10 years and I do not think my heart will ever be the same. Her father thought it was cool and could not wait to take her to the store (to pick up a few things) to see people's reactions...which BTW--everyone thought she was in a terrible accident and needed help.
So now I have caught you all up on the exciting life in my lil corner of the world...
I Wish You All Enough.....!!!


onestrangecat said...

oh my goodness.  that doesn't look like make up to me!  i know you freaked!!!!

sounds like your son will be moving up the ladder with the military.  doing interrogations would be better than being in combat!


wfhbear said...

That is a scary picture. I was starting to "freak" before I read what was going on. I'm glad that Eric is excited about going in the Service. I was when I went and I enjoyed my whole time in (even the year in Viet Nam). My Regards, Bill

my78novata said...

OH my so much going on in your life sorry about your car trouble but that daughter of yours would have given me a heart attack!!!!! thta make up looks so real

tendernoggle said...


csandhollow said...

I would have freaked also!